Crossword Clues for ALGERIA

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Clue Source Date
African country The Telegraph Quick 19 Sep 2022
Where Camus's 'The Plague' is set New York Times 31 Jul 2022
African nation Thomas Joseph 20 Jun 2022
Largest Arab country by area Newsday 14 May 2022
Neighbor of Libya Eugene Sheffer 02 May 2022
A current number, note, recalled old French colony The Times Cryptic 16 Mar 2022
Morocco neighbor Newsday 23 Jan 2022
Africa’s largest country The Times Specialist Sunday 21 Nov 2021
Assia Djebar's country USA Today 28 Aug 2021
Country's odd-looking regalia The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Aug 2021
Libya neighbor Thomas Joseph 11 Aug 2021
North African country The Sun Two Speed 29 May 2021
State regalia remade The Sun Two Speed 29 May 2021
Strange regalia of a North African state Irish Times Simplex 19 Mar 2021
Country of origin for the author Assia Djebar The Washington Post Sunday 06 Dec 2020
Largest country bordering the Mediterranean Jonesin 07 Jul 2020
Reviews broadcast, for example, from the foreign country on the Mediterranean Irish Times Crosaire 09 May 2020
State regalia altered The Sun Two Speed 07 May 2020
North African country The Times Concise 30 Nov 2019
World’s largest Arab country Wall Street Journal 21 Nov 2019
Largest country bordering the Mediterranean Wall Street Journal 12 Feb 2019
African country The Telegraph Quick 25 Jan 2019
World's largest Arab country
Largest country bordering the Mediterranean
Country show, say, US city rejected The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Oct 2018
Country fair e.g. laird might hold back The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Jul 2018
Regalia adapted for country on Med The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Jun 2018
Morocco neighbor Newsday 16 Feb 2018
Africa's largest nation Wall Street Journal 06 Feb 2018
Neighbor of Morocco Eugene Sheffer 20 Nov 2017
North African nation Newsday 01 Nov 2017
State raising show for one US city The Times Cryptic 15 Jun 2017
Neighbor of Morocco Jonesin 23 May 2017
Land in Africa, having changed regalia The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Mar 2017
Morocco neighbor Wall Street Journal 21 Jan 2017
Largest nation in Africa Wall Street Journal 03 Sep 2016
Constantine's country The Washington Post 07 Aug 2016
Largest country in Africa New York Times 30 Mar 2016
Oran's land Eugene Sheffer 19 Nov 2015
Neighbor of Tunisia Universal 11 Oct 2015
Fancy regalia on one side of the Mediterranean Irish Times Crosaire 01 Aug 2015
Country in the Maghreb
Neighbor of Tunisia
African country bordering 16-Across
Largest country in Africa since the breakup of Sudan in 2011
Arab League member since 1962
Arab League member since 1962
Barbary Wars participant, now
With 40-Across, royal emblems in North Africa?
African country that was a French colony
Mauritania neighbor
Neighbor of Morocco
Morocco neighbor
Largest Arab country in the world
African country
Largest Mediterranean country
Morocco neighbor
Neighbor of Libya
Largest African country
Neighbor of Libya
Largest African country
Neighbor of Morocco
Oran locale
An Atlas Mountains locale
Atlas Mountains locale
Land in the Barbary Wars
Oran's land
Second-largest country in Africa by area
Atlas Mountains country
Moroccan neighbor
Atlas Mountains country
Camus's birthplace
Camus's birthplace
Morocco neighbor
Birthplace of Camus
One of the Barbary States
Niger neighbor
Oran's land
Camus' birthplace
Constantine is its third-largest city
North African land
It gained independence from France in 1962
Neighbor of Tunisia
Morocco neighbor
Setting for Camus's "The Plague"
Neighbor of Libya
Its president wants France to write off some debts
Home of rai singers
Atlas Mountains site
Neighbor of Libya
Neighbor of Libya
Camus's birthplace
"The Plague" setting
Former French colony
Berber home
Berber's home
Casbah country
Ben Bella's home
Batna's country
Mali neighbor
Tunisia's neighbor
A neighbor of Mali
French-controlled land: 1847–1962
Loser to U.S. in 1815
Land of the casbahs
African land
Medit. republic
African republic.
Country traversed by the Atlas range.
Country in headlines.
Scene of cease-fire accord.
African country in the headlines.
Country in the headlines.
Country on the Mediterranean.
Colony granted equality by De Gaulle.
Mediterranean country.
Gaillard's colonial problem.
Part of Africa.
Where Philippeville is.
Berber's land.
Where Tebessa is.
Country of the Atlas range.
Country between Tunisia and Morocco.
Where Oran is.
Where Bone and Oran are.
French colony in Africa.
North African country.
Where the Berbers live.
Site of Allied invasion.
French colony, North Africa.
Strategic country in North Africa.
French Mediterranean colony.
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