Crossword Clues for ALIENS

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Clue Source Date
Earth visitors Wall Street Journal 12 Sep 2022
1986 science fiction film starring Sigourney Weaver The Guardian Weekend 20 Aug 2022
Second film in a franchise starring Sigourney Weaver The Times Specialist Sunday 31 Jul 2022
Jumble sale in extraterrestrials? The Guardian Quiptic 25 Jul 2022
Mork and E.T., e.g Universal 08 Jun 2022
Space invaders in a position over the poles Irish Times Crosaire 07 Jun 2022
1986 sequel directed by James Cameron Wall Street Journal 25 May 2022
Strangers in a story by Poles The Times Cryptic 29 Apr 2022
1986 Sigourney Weaver sequel set in space Universal 18 Apr 2022
Creatures from another planet Irish Times Simplex 11 Apr 2022
'Arrival' beings USA Today 22 Mar 2022
"Independence Day" beings Universal 18 Mar 2022
Sci-fi beings Newsday 02 Mar 2022
Scary 1986 sequel LA Times Daily 13 Nov 2021
Visitors from outer space USA Today 07 Nov 2021
Extraterrestrials USA Today 29 Oct 2021
Their existence is debatable New York Times 17 Oct 2021
1986 sequel set on the moon LV-426 Wall Street Journal 02 Oct 2021
Visitors from space Thomas Joseph 16 Sep 2021
Invaders in some sci-fi movies USA Today 07 Aug 2021
Flying saucer contingent Newsday 27 Jun 2021
Science-fiction beings Newsday 07 Jun 2021
Creatures from another planet Irish Times Simplex 19 May 2021
UFO crew Newsday 09 May 2021
Sci-fi threat Thomas Joseph 08 Apr 2021
UFO crew Wall Street Journal 20 Mar 2021
Foreigners The Telegraph Quick 04 Feb 2021
Foreigners Canadiana 25 Jan 2021
1986 sci-fi sequel set in deep space New York Times 18 Jan 2021
Sci-fi film staples The Washington Post 04 Dec 2020
Sci-fi film staples LA Times Daily 04 Dec 2020
1986 sci-fi film sequel New York Times 04 Dec 2020
Sci-fi invaders The Washington Post 28 Oct 2020
Sci-fi invaders LA Times Daily 28 Oct 2020
Venusians or Martians Universal 22 Oct 2020
Science-fiction creatures Irish Times Simplex 05 Oct 2020
They're not from around here The Washington Post 25 Sep 2020
They're not from around here LA Times Daily 25 Sep 2020
They've come a long way in anime Newsday 05 Sep 2020
1986 sci-fi movie starring Sigourney Weaver Universal 23 Jul 2020
Extraterrestrials The Telegraph Quick 14 Jul 2020
Crop-circle artists, maybe The New Yorker 01 Jun 2020
“Men in Black” antagonists Wall Street Journal 13 May 2020
Sign makers in 'Signs' The Washington Post Sunday 03 May 2020
Extra-terrestrials The Telegraph Quick 04 Feb 2020
They may eat meals in saucers Universal 27 Jan 2020
Ones from afar The Washington Post 08 Nov 2019
Ones from afar LA Times Daily 08 Nov 2019
Some sci-fi characters Universal 03 Oct 2019
'Futurama' figures New York Times 12 Aug 2019
ET and such Premier Sunday 11 Aug 2019
Sequel in which Ripley returns to LV-426 Wall Street Journal 13 Jul 2019
Saucer riders USA Today 30 Jun 2019
Extraterrestrials Eugene Sheffer 07 Jun 2019
Foreigners or extraterrestrials Irish Times Simplex 31 May 2019
Sci-fi beings Newsday 01 May 2019
UFO pilots Premier Sunday 21 Apr 2019
Many sci-fi characters Wall Street Journal 20 Apr 2019
Ones supposedly eligible for, but never yet seen in, the Miss Universe pageant New York Times 23 Mar 2019
Extraterrestrials Irish Times Simplex 23 Feb 2019
''Ancient'' visitors in an A&E series Newsday 19 Jan 2019
1986 sci-fi sequel The Washington Post 04 Jan 2019
1986 sci-fi sequel LA Times Daily 04 Jan 2019
1986 sci-fi sequel
"Futurama" figures
Many sci-fi characters
Ones supposedly eligible for, but never yet seen in, the Miss Universe pageant
Saucer riders
Sequel in which Ripley returns to LV-426
Some sci-fi characters
American lines out with foreigners Irish Times Crosaire 21 Dec 2018
'Little green men'? The Telegraph Quick 21 Dec 2018
Green-card holders Newsday 21 Oct 2018
Sci-fi characters Newsday 18 Oct 2018
Sci-fi creatures Universal 19 Aug 2018
Sci-fi staples Universal 01 Aug 2018
Extra-terrestrial beings The Telegraph Quick 05 Jul 2018
Foreigners The Times Concise 31 May 2018
Contents of a saucer, maybe New York Times 27 May 2018
'War of the Worlds' invaders The Washington Post 06 May 2018
"War of the Worlds" invaders LA Times Daily 06 May 2018
Outsiders in Sale are characters to be shifted The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Apr 2018
Men from 6-Across USA Today 08 Feb 2018
Space race? New York Times 27 Jan 2018
"Arrival" visitors USA Today 18 Jan 2018
"Resident" or "non-resident" visitors USA Today 14 Jan 2018
"The X-Files" subjects USA Today 11 Jan 2018
"Resident" or "non-resident" visitors
Sci-fi creatures
Space race?
"War of the Worlds" invaders
Men from 6-Across
"The X-Files" subjects
Contents of a saucer, maybe
"Arrival" visitors
Sci-fi staples
Extra-terrestrials Irish Times Simplex 02 Dec 2017
Subjects of some conspiracy theories New York Times 01 Dec 2017
"Little green men" USA Today 23 Nov 2017
UFO pilots Universal 23 Oct 2017
Sigourney Weaver horror sequel Universal 11 Sep 2017
Creatures at Area 51, some believe USA Today 28 Jun 2017
Stereotypically green creatures USA Today 26 May 2017
Xenophobes' fear New York Times 10 May 2017
Visitors from space Thomas Joseph 01 May 2017
They're out of this world Wall Street Journal 22 Apr 2017
Abductors, in tabloids USA Today 19 Apr 2017
Stereotypically green creatures
"Little green men"
Abductors, in tabloids
Creatures at Area 51, some believe
Xenophobes' fear
Subjects of some conspiracy theories
UFO pilots
Sigourney Weaver horror sequel
Foreigners The Guardian Quick 03 Dec 2016
One of the eggs used in this 1986 film is now exhibited at the Smithsonian New York Times 17 Nov 2016
Foreigners' right to inhabit outskirts of Athens The Telegraph Toughie 10 Nov 2016
All Martians Universal 17 Oct 2016
All Martians
One of the eggs used in this 1986 film is now exhibited at the Smithsonian
Otherworldly types The Washington Post 30 Dec 2015
Those out of this world, in sale, perhaps The Sun Two Speed 06 Nov 2015
Strangers The Sun Two Speed 06 Nov 2015
1986 sequel set on the planet LV-426 Wall Street Journal 24 Oct 2015
Saucer fliers Thomas Joseph 01 Oct 2015
Creatures from outer space Universal 22 Sep 2015
Visitors from afar Thomas Joseph 13 Jul 2015
Little green men USA Today 25 Jan 2015
Visitors from afar Universal 20 Jan 2015
Flying-saucer crew Newsday 05 Jan 2015
Flying-saucer crew
Visitors from afar
Creatures from outer space
1986 sequel partly set on the planetoid LV-426
Sigourney Weaver classic
Klingons, e.g.
Klingons, e.g LA Times Daily 01 Jan 2015
1986 sequel set on the planet LV-426
Little green men
"Men in Black" targets
Vulcans, e.g.
Visitors from space
Ellen Ripley's foes
Beings from another planet
Far-out bunch?
Abductors in a tabloid story
Many Astounding Stories cover subjects
Time Lords on "Doctor Who," e.g.
Little green men
Martians and such
Martians and such
Little green men
Visitors from Mars
Roswell visitors, supposedly
1986 sci-fi sequel
1986 James Cameron film
1986 sci-fi sequel with Paul Reiser in a rare "villain" role
Hit film directed by James Cameron
"Men in Black" figures
Figures in TV's "V"
Science-fiction characters
Sci-fi invaders
1986 Sigourney Weaver film
1986 Sigourney Weaver thriller
Martians and Venusians
Sci-fi invaders
1986 film shot partly in a decommissioned power plant
UFO crew
They exist, to Blink-182
Green-card holders
"V" extras
"The X-Files" figures
They're out of this world
Sci-fi characters
Sigourney Weaver sequel
UFO crew members
Sci-fi invaders
UFO personnel
"Men in Black" extras
Sci fi invaders
Classic sci-fi film of 1986
Sci-fi sequel of 1986
"Men in Black" extras
Seven-Oscar nominee in the '80s
"Men in Black" figures
Vulcans and Romulans
They're worlds apart?
They can be resident or non-resident
23 Across students
Bradbury beings
Science fiction staples
Ufologist's concerns
Science fiction staples
1986 sci-fi sequel
To us, they're worlds apart
1986 sci-fi movie sequel
Sigourney sequel
Sci-fi villains
1986 sci-fi sequel
Sequel set on the moon LV-426
Second film in a sci-fi series
1986 Weaver sequel
Border patrol concerns
Mork and Alf
UFO crew
"Star Wars" extras
1986 sequel
They're green, stereotypically
1986 sequel with the tagline "This time it's war"
1986 sci-fi sequel
Mork and Alf, e.g.
"Star Wars" extras
UFO crew
"Men in Black" foes
1986 Weaver thriller
Roswell visitors, supposedly
They're not from around here
Saucer contents
One line at passport control
Tabloid newsmakers
UFO crewmen
UFO pilots
Little green men?
Otherworldly types
Ones who are worlds apart
Sigoumey Weaver film of '86
Beings from another planet
Beldar Conehead and family, e.g.
Sigourney Weaver sequel of 1986
Venusians, e.g.
Little green men or green card holders
Saucers may hold them
Men from Mars and women from Venus
Green-card holders
Men from Mars and women from Venus
Sci-fi creatures
Sigourney Weaver film of '86
Tabloid subjects
They're out of this world
Tabloid subject
24-Across and others
Otherworldly types
"The X-Files" subjects
Sigourney Weaver sequel
Otherworldly types
Little green men
UFO crew
Weaver thriller
Weaver film
Tabloid subjects
Ones with green cards
Border patrol concerns
Bradbury beings
29-Across fliers
UFO crew
Little green men
Green card holders
Sigourney Weaver thriller
Holders of green cards
They upset xenophobes
Weaver movie
Saucer contents, perhaps
Undocumented ones
Sequel of 1986
Who "they" are in the movie "They Live"
"Star Trek" characters
Men from Mars and women from Venus
U.F.O. crew
They're out of this world
Martians and such
Klingons and Vulcans
Border patrol concern
Bigheaded ones?
Green card holders
Sci-fi staples
Some US residents
Green card carriers
They're out of this world
UFO occupants
Sigourney sequel
James Cameron film
Classic 1986 sci-fi movie
Sigourney's foes
UFO crewmen
1986 sci-fi sequel
Sci-fi figures
Roswell visitors?
UFO crew
Saucer contents
Klingons and Vulcans
1986 Sigourney Weaver thriller
The Coneheads, e.g.
Outer space dwellers
Bradbury beings
Frequent 24-Down subject
1986 sci-fi hit
Visitors from Mars
Little green men
Sci-fi sequel starring Sigourney Weaver
1986 James Cameron thriller
1986 Sigourney Weaver thriller
Visitors from afar
Sci-fi group
Green-card holders
10-Across and others
Alf and E.T.
Ellis Islanders, once
Far-out visitors
Science fiction characters
U.F.O. crewmen
A 1986 film
E.T. et al.
Certain sci-fi hostiles
Xenophobe's fear
E.T. and friends
Extraterrestrial beings
Americans in Paris.
Issei, for example.
Quota immigrants.
Visitors from abroad.
McCarran Act subject.
Potential citizens in U. S.
Guests of Ellis Island.
They are cleared through Ellis Island.
Ellis Island, transients.
Unnaturalized residents.
1986 film that takes place in the colony LV-426
Some of them have big heads
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