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Word "ALIVE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
capable of erupting
the volcano is very much alive

Part of Speech:
possessing life
the happiest person alive
the nerve is alive
doctors are working hard to keep him alive
burned alive

Part of Speech:
mentally perceptive and responsive
alert, awake
alive to what is going on

Crossword Clues for ALIVE

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Clue Source Date
Still kicking Universal 11 Feb 2021
Vivacious The Sun Two Speed 08 Feb 2021
Four into the beer and bubbly The Sun Two Speed 08 Feb 2021
Full of energy Universal 04 Feb 2021
Still in the game Universal 28 Jan 2021
Still surviving New York Times 18 Jan 2021
Not out of the tournament yet The Washington Post Sunday 17 Jan 2021
__ and kicking (robust) Newsday 07 Dec 2020
Vibrant Newsday 29 Nov 2020
Vital wrong answer must be reversed The Telegraph Toughie 19 Nov 2020
Local chipper gets a vile review Irish Times Crosaire 13 Nov 2020
Animated, on the ball Irish Times Simplex 10 Nov 2020
___ and kicking Universal 31 Oct 2020
Vivacious quartet into beer The Sun Two Speed 18 Oct 2020
Animated The Sun Two Speed 18 Oct 2020
Kicking partner? LA Times Daily 12 Oct 2020
Quartet into beer and bubbly The Sun Two Speed 27 Sep 2020
__ and kicking Newsday 26 Aug 2020
Still with us USA Today 19 Aug 2020
Spirited one very into beer The Sun Two Speed 13 Aug 2020
Not dead The Telegraph Quick 16 Jul 2020
Still in the running USA Today 10 Jul 2020
Still a possible winner Newsday 28 Jun 2020
Four into the drink - bubbly? The Sun Two Speed 08 Jun 2020
Kicking partner Eugene Sheffer 10 Apr 2020
Spirited quartet taking beer outside The Sun Two Speed 14 Mar 2020
Full of verve Thomas Joseph 22 Feb 2020
Not out of the running USA Today 19 Dec 2019
Partner of well The Washington Post 16 Dec 2019
''Crying cockles and mussels, ..., ..., oh'' (Molly Malone) Irish Times Simplex 28 Nov 2019
Existent The Telegraph Quick 24 Nov 2019
Still breathing New York Times 29 Oct 2019
In contention USA Today 28 Jul 2019
Still around New York Times 13 Jul 2019
With different blood group, woman is surviving The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Jun 2019
Still competitive Newsday 28 May 2019
Animated quartet into drink The Sun Two Speed 03 May 2019
Boxer on day of victory demonstrating chi? The Telegraph Toughie 30 Apr 2019
Still in contention Newsday 28 Apr 2019
Teeming (with) The Times Concise 14 Apr 2019
Still having a chance to win Wall Street Journal 29 Dec 2018
Not yet out of the game New York Times 26 Dec 2018
___ and well Universal 30 Nov 2018
In play New York Times 30 Nov 2018
Breathing Eugene Sheffer 17 Nov 2018
Full of zip USA Today 28 Oct 2018
Spirited quartet into beer The Sun Two Speed 11 Jul 2018
Existing Universal 28 May 2018
Up and about Jonesin 15 May 2018
Still in the tourney Universal 26 Apr 2018
Not dead yet Universal 16 Apr 2018
Partner of kicking USA Today 22 Mar 2018
Quick to have a drink around four The Sun Two Speed 20 Feb 2018
Pearl Jam's debut single Jonesin 14 Nov 2017
Unlike zombies Thomas Joseph 31 Oct 2017
Highly animated Newsday 31 Jul 2017
Animate, breathing The Times Concise 09 Jun 2017
A wrong righted in operation The Telegraph Toughie 08 Jun 2017
Still in the playoffs USA Today 22 May 2017
Still in play The Washington Post 22 Feb 2017
Filled with energy Thomas Joseph 07 Jan 2017
No. 51 in avenue becomes animated The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Dec 2016
One very captivated by alcohol -- bubbly? The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Sep 2016
Opposite of dead Family Time 04 Sep 2016
Still in existence Universal 18 Jul 2016
Full of vigor Wall Street Journal 15 Jun 2016
With a pulse Universal 13 Jun 2016
Well's partner USA Today 09 Jun 2016
Aboveground? Universal 10 Feb 2016
A sign of wickedness rising full of beans Irish Times Crosaire 18 Jan 2016
Animated with a vile concoction The Sun Two Speed 11 Jan 2016
Word on Old West wanted posters LA Times Daily 27 Nov 2015
Living The Telegraph Quick 15 Oct 2015
Not yet eliminated Universal 13 Oct 2015
-- and kicking The Telegraph Quick 09 Oct 2015
Energetic LA Times Daily 06 Oct 2015
Filled with animation Universal 05 Oct 2015
Wanted poster word of old Universal 15 Sep 2015
It's a sign of wickedness rising full of beans Irish Times Crosaire 24 Aug 2015
Attentive way to look? USA Today 21 Aug 2015
Quick answer -- and survive! The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Aug 2015
Still in the race Newsday 22 Jul 2015
Hanging in there Jonesin 07 May 2015
Not out of the game LA Times Daily 04 Apr 2015
Buzzing Newsday 21 Mar 2015
Pearl Jam's first single
Full of spirit
"It's ___!" (horror movie exclamation)
Among the quick
"It's ___!" (Dr. Frankenstein's cry)
Still in competition
Not eliminated, as in a pool
How a villain might want a superhero brought to him
One way to be wanted
Kicking companion?
"Stayin' ___" (disco hit)
"Stayin' ___" (Bee Gees hit)
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.