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Word "ALLOY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a mixture containing two or more metallic elements or metallic and nonmetallic elements usually fused together or dissolving into each other when molten
brass is an alloy of zinc and copper

Part of Speech:
lower in value by increasing the base-metal content

Part of Speech:
the state of impairing the quality or reducing the value of something

Crossword Clues for ALLOY

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Clue Source Date
Bronze or brass Thomas Joseph 10 Feb 2021
Brass or steel USA Today 30 Dec 2020
Mixed metal Eugene Sheffer 14 Dec 2020
Metal mixture The Times Concise 27 Nov 2020
Kind of friend to include love in the mix The Telegraph Toughie 12 Nov 2020
Metallurgist's amalgam The Washington Post Sunday 04 Oct 2020
Bronze, e.g New York Times 02 May 2020
Metallic mix Wall Street Journal 19 Nov 2019
Alnico or chromel New York Times 29 Sep 2019
Alnico, e.g New York Times 28 Aug 2019
Metal amalgam The Sun Two Speed 25 Jun 2019
Associate gets round in combination The Sun Two Speed 25 Jun 2019
Bronze, say The Telegraph Quick 03 May 2019
Combine New York Times 07 Mar 2019
Brass or bronze Universal 06 Mar 2019
Brass or pewter USA Today 13 Feb 2019
Metallurgist's creation Wall Street Journal 16 Jan 2019
Alnico, e.g.
Mixture of two metals Universal 29 Nov 2018
Brass, for one The Washington Post 29 Sep 2018
Bronze, but not silver or gold New York Times 16 May 2018
Blend of metals Newsday 15 May 2018
Metallic mixture The Washington Post 10 Apr 2018
Brass or pewter, e.g The Chronicle of Higher Education 01 Dec 2017
Mixture of metals Universal 24 Nov 2017
Brass or steel, e.g Universal 24 Aug 2017
Mix of metals Newsday 24 Jul 2017
Steel, e.g The Washington Post 09 Jul 2017
Solder or pewter USA Today 17 May 2017
Brass, e.g The Washington Post 14 May 2017
Result of a metallic mixture Universal 29 Jan 2017
Brass or steel, e.g.
Steel, e.g.
Brass, e.g.
Brass or pewter, e.g.
Cupronickel, e.g New York Times 25 Dec 2016
Amalgam, e.g Jonesin 22 Nov 2016
Brass or bronze, for example Family Time 03 Oct 2016
Cockney's welcome tip for military brass maybe The Times Cryptic 26 Feb 2016
Metal mix Universal 17 Jan 2016
Cupronickel, e.g.
Mixture of different metals Family Time 27 Dec 2015
Solder, for one LA Times Daily 18 Jan 2015
Metallic blend
Brass or bronze, e.g.
Solder, say
Pewter, e.g.
Solder, e.g.
Steel, for one
Many a filling material
Dental gold, e.g.
Heterogeneous union
Pewter or brass
Amalgam, e.g.
Product of fusion
Bronze or steel
Solder or steel
Sterling silver, say
Bronze, e.g.
Magnalium, e.g.
Cast iron, e.g.
Solder, for example
Fusion of metals
Stainless steel or brass, e.g.
Metal compound
Cupronickel, for one
Pewter, for one
White gold, e.g.
Stainless steel or brass
White gold, for one
Pewter or bronze
Metallic combo
Metallurgy mixture
Steel or pewter
Alnico or brass
Steel or brass
Aluminum, for one
Mix, in a way
Compound of metals
Fusible metal
Brass is one
Bronze, for one
Pewter, for one.
Solder, for one.
Mixture of metals.
Metal mixture.
Metallic mixture.
Pewter, for example.
Metal combine.
Bronze or steel.
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