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Crossword Clues for ALOFT

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Clue Source Date
Up New York Times 23 Jan 2021
High up USA Today 04 Jan 2021
Up in the air USA Today 01 Jan 2021
One of the overheads for a space in The House Irish Times Crosaire 26 Nov 2020
High in the sky Newsday 19 Oct 2020
High in the air Newsday 06 Oct 2020
Flying The Washington Post 11 Sep 2020
Up in the sky Newsday 02 Sep 2020
Off the ground Premier Sunday 30 Aug 2020
In the air USA Today 13 Aug 2020
Flying back, taking in Lima and Quito finally The Telegraph Toughie 06 Aug 2020
In flight Newsday 26 Jul 2020
Overhead Wall Street Journal 08 Jul 2020
High overhead Newsday 21 Mar 2020
Flying high Newsday 26 Dec 2019
In the sky Universal 18 Nov 2019
In the clouds USA Today 25 Sep 2019
Little Alfred with time to receive oxygen at height The Sun Two Speed 12 Aug 2019
On high Canadiana 05 Aug 2019
Among the clouds USA Today 01 May 2019
High in the 19-Across USA Today 15 Mar 2019
Floating in the air Universal 02 Mar 2019
Like a Frisbee in motion USA Today 23 Nov 2018
Floating on high Universal 26 Oct 2018
Peal of thunder restricts flying The Sun Two Speed 23 Aug 2018
Over your head Newsday 09 Jun 2018
If there's no milk in milk float - how is that one of the overheads? Irish Times Crosaire 07 Jun 2018
Skyward Newsday 20 May 2018
Like a kite in flight Universal 25 Mar 2018
Like a drone in operation USA Today 10 Feb 2018
A place to keep things up The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Dec 2017
Soaring Eugene Sheffer 18 Nov 2017
Part of a barn The Washington Post Sunday 24 Sep 2017
In the air, overhead Irish Times Simplex 07 Sep 2017
On the wing USA Today 06 May 2017
Suffix with real New York Times 26 Jan 2017
Flying or floating high Family Time 23 Jan 2017
On a paraglider, say USA Today 21 Jan 2017
Floating high in the air Universal 28 Dec 2016
Female pinched by many in the air The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Nov 2016
Floating among the clouds Universal 06 Nov 2016
Like an active kite Universal 22 Oct 2016
Like an eagle in flight Universal 19 Aug 2016
Into the rigging Wall Street Journal 30 Jan 2016
No milk in milk float? That's up in the air! Irish Times Crosaire 04 Jan 2016
Floating among the clouds, e.g Family Time 03 Jan 2016
Far above the ground Newsday 06 Dec 2015
Utilizing a parasail Universal 26 Oct 2015
High New York Times 02 Aug 2015
Floating high in the sky Universal 12 Jun 2015
Front of fearlessness many will keep up The Times Cryptic 18 Feb 2015
Hovering aboveground
Floating above the rooftops
Hovering in the sky
Floating above ground
Calling for a lookup?
Over one's head
Floating on air
Drifting above
Floating over one's head
Up in the rigging
Up high
On the masts
How a kite may be held
Into the air
Winging it?
High, as a kite
Up there
Like dirigibles
Like a hot air balloon in use
Where flies go
Like Lucy, in the sky?
Not grounded?
Heading for space
Soaring, perhaps
High above
At a great height
At altitude
Higher up
Toward the upper rigging
Floating on thermals
Above ground
On a glider
Way up high
Walking on air?
Up yonder
Place for a pilot
Apt anagram for 39-Across
Where eagles go
Where jets soar and roar
Pilot's residence
In the stratosphere
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.