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Word "ALPACA" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
domesticated llama with long silky fleece; believed to be a domesticated variety of the guanaco
lama pacos

Part of Speech:
a thin glossy fabric made of the wool of the Lama pacos, or made of a rayon or cotton imitation of that wool

Part of Speech:
wool of the alpaca

Crossword Clues for ALPACA

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Clue Source Date
Camel cousin Newsday 25 Mar 2021
Long-haired mammal related to the llama Irish Times Simplex 08 Mar 2021
Andean relative of a camel Universal 27 Feb 2021
Llama's cousin Thomas Joseph 25 Feb 2021
Recalled a better article about large animal The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Feb 2021
Andean animal valued for its wool New York Times 22 Feb 2021
Llama kin Universal 12 Feb 2021
Woolly mammal Wall Street Journal 27 Jan 2021
Mountain, cold in two areas, and beast there? The Sun Two Speed 13 Jan 2021
Andean animal The Sun Two Speed 13 Jan 2021
Llama relative USA Today 09 Jan 2021
Andean beast of burden The Guardian Speedy 20 Dec 2020
Source of silky wool LA Times Daily 18 Dec 2020
Source of wool in Alabama, Pennsylvania and California Irish Times Crosaire 18 Dec 2020
Llama regularly working to carry endless burden? Something like that The Telegraph Toughie 17 Dec 2020
Andean camelid, as primarily seen on mountain? The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Sep 2020
Andean condor prey Newsday 11 Jul 2020
Llama's kin Thomas Joseph 19 Jun 2020
Source of fine wool New York Times 06 Jun 2020
Source of the robe material for Incan royalty New York Times 24 May 2020
Animal from mountain area: tailless cat The Telegraph Cryptic 19 May 2020
Woolly pack animal Universal 14 May 2020
Wool provider Eugene Sheffer 09 May 2020
Andean camelid The Times Concise 29 Apr 2020
Andean beast The Sun Two Speed 25 Mar 2020
Animal better left in two areas sent north The Sun Two Speed 25 Mar 2020
S American mammal in the llama family Irish Times Simplex 05 Mar 2020
Top US city turned up a source of wool The Sun Two Speed 21 Feb 2020
Source of some South American wool
Llama-like animal with long black hair Irish Times Simplex 21 Dec 2019
Mountain, cold in two areas, and beast there The Sun Two Speed 06 Nov 2019
Seen looking to the north in zodiac, a playful animal The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Nov 2019
Godfather actor not in old American material The Telegraph Toughie 03 Oct 2019
Woolly petting zoo animal USA Today 05 Aug 2019
Wool-yielding pack animal USA Today 15 Jul 2019
Source of fleece Newsday 30 May 2019
Source for fine sweaters New York Times 24 May 2019
Llama cousin Universal 12 Apr 2019
Relative of a llama New York Times 17 Jan 2019
Hypoallergenic wool The Washington Post 22 Dec 2018
Fleecy fabric Jonesin 23 Oct 2018
Wool source Wall Street Journal 08 Aug 2018
Andean source of fleece USA Today 26 Jul 2018
South American camelid The Telegraph Quick 21 Jun 2018
Long-haired type from America produces Greek starter without hot preserve that's not finished Irish Times Crosaire 12 Mar 2018
Fine wool source New York Times 08 Mar 2018
Llama-like mammal The Washington Post 27 Feb 2018
Camel's South American cousin Newsday 21 Feb 2018
Andean source of wool USA Today 17 Dec 2017
Wool-yielding creature Universal 31 Oct 2017
Llama lookalike USA Today 21 Oct 2017
Relative of the llama The Times Concise 12 Jul 2017
Camel-like creature Universal 19 Apr 2017
A hat the French female brought back in fleecy wool The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Apr 2017
Andean grazer Wall Street Journal 11 Feb 2017
American actor no longer in love with a woolly brute The Telegraph Toughie 09 Dec 2016
Relation of the llama The Times Concise 30 Nov 2016
Mountain rescuers gathering cold animal The Telegraph Toughie 11 Oct 2016
Camel cousin of the Andes The Washington Post 10 Aug 2016
Fleece source Newsday 04 Aug 2016
Silky wool source Jonesin 12 Jul 2016
A lake by which dad hugs a cold animal The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Jun 2016
Shaggy South American beast The Washington Post 05 Jan 2016
Peruvian wool bearer Universal 20 Dec 2015
Clap play in dry establishment with long-haired type from America Irish Times Crosaire 05 Dec 2015
Camel kin Premier Sunday 29 Nov 2015
What could make a cape in mountain area? The Times Cryptic 25 Nov 2015
On a high mountain, one can nearly see a llama The Sun Two Speed 17 Nov 2015
Llama's relative The Sun Two Speed 17 Nov 2015
Cloth of highest grade Henry's left for Bill? The Times Cryptic 23 Sep 2015
Gangster, old man, 100, and a beast The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Jul 2015
Wool-bearing Peruvian Universal 15 Jan 2015
Woolly Andes grazer
Mammal like a camel
Animal with prized fiber
Source of hypoallergenic wool
Camel's cousin
Andean spitter
Beast of the Andes
Llama look-alike
Guanaco relative
Llama bred for its fleece
Petting zoo animal
Camel-like mammal
Guanaco kin
Andean herd member
Peruvian pack animal
Hypoallergenic fiber
Camellike mammal
Petting-zoo animal
Camel's kin
Source of fine fleece
Woolly beast
Vicuna's cousin
Highlands beast
Guanaco's cousin
Silky-fleeced llama relative
Llamalike mammal
South American fleece source
Animal prized for its wool
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.