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Crossword Clues for AMAT

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Clue Source Date
Last of a Latin trio Wall Street Journal 08 May 2021
Latin 101 word Eugene Sheffer 12 Mar 2021
"I __ my wit's end!" LA Times Daily 04 Jan 2021
'I __ my wit's end!' The Washington Post 04 Jan 2021
Amo, amas, __ LA Times Daily 08 Dec 2020
Part of a Latin trio Canadiana 19 Oct 2020
Amo, amas, ___ Universal 09 Oct 2020
She loves, in Latin Universal 18 Sep 2020
Latin 101 verb Wall Street Journal 01 Jul 2020
Amo, amas, — Premier Sunday 31 May 2020
Latin 10 Eugene Sheffer 13 May 2020
'He loves,' in Latin Wall Street Journal 30 Jul 2019
He loves, she loves, or it loves: Lat New York Times 19 Feb 2019
Part of a Latin 101 conjugation New York Times 17 Feb 2019
"He loves," in Latin
He loves, she loves, or it loves: Lat.
Amo, amas, ___ .. New York Times 18 Jun 2018
'I -- your service' Premier Sunday 10 Jun 2018
Word in a Latin 101 lesson New York Times 07 Jun 2018
Bit of introductory Latin The Chronicle of Higher Education 13 Apr 2018
Latin love word Universal 22 Mar 2018
Amo, amas, ___ ...
Third in a familiar conjugation Wall Street Journal 01 Dec 2017
Part of a love-ly Latin trio Universal 31 Oct 2017
Latin trio part The Washington Post 04 Jun 2017
"Amo, amas, ___" Universal 07 May 2017
Member of a Latin lover's trio? The Chronicle of Higher Education 05 May 2017
Latin I verb LA Times Daily 22 Feb 2017
Basic Latin word LA Times Daily 31 Dec 2016
One of a Latin trio New York Times 19 Oct 2016
''I __ my wit's end!'' Newsday 05 Jun 2016
Chip mfr. with global reach Canadiana 23 May 2016
Basic Latin conjugation word LA Times Daily 16 Mar 2016
Part of a Latin I conjugation Wall Street Journal 13 Jul 2015
He loves: Lat Newsday 10 May 2015
''I __ my wit's end'' Newsday 15 Mar 2015
He loves: Lat.
"I __ my wit's end"
Bit of Latin conjugation
"I ___ your disposal"
Member of a loving trio?
Member of a Latin trio
Latin trio member
Bit of beginning Latin
"Amo, amas, ___ ..." (start of a Latin conjugation)
Not pro: Abbr.
She loves, in 10-Down
Latin primer word
One of an educational trio
Latin lesson word
'I -- your disposal'
Member of a loving trio
She loves: Lat.
"I __ a loss for words!"
Third part of a Latin conjugation
"I ___ my wit's end"
Amo, amas, --
"__ victoria curam" (victory loves preparation)
Latin I word
Last of a loving threesome
Common conjugation's third
'I -- my wit's end!'
Word from a Latin lover?
Part of a loving threesome?
Part of a Latin succession
Part of a Latin conjugation
Part of a Latin 101 trio
One of a loving trio?
Latin lover's word?
Word in a basic Latin conjugation
Basic Latin lesson word
Latin I conjugation part
Latin I conjugation
"Amas" follower in a Latin line
Third in a Latin series
One in a Latin trio
Latin trio word
Part of a Latin conjugation lesson
Last of a Latin I trio
Follower of "amas"
End of a loving trio
Latin "loves"
Elementary Latin inflection
Latin conjugation word
Third of a Latin trio
"Amo" follower
Part of a love triangle?
Loving Latin word
He loves, to Caesar
Third of a Latin sextet
Livy's "he loves"
She loves (Lat.)
Latin-I verb form
Part of a conjugative series
Amo, amas, ___ …
Latin learner's verb
Latin verb
Latin lover's word
Love in Latin I
Latin I verb form
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