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Crossword Clues for AMER

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Clue Source Date
OAS part: Abbr LA Times Daily 26 Feb 2021
From the U.S Eugene Sheffer 07 Jan 2021
Part of AAA Newsday 17 Dec 2020
Part of ASPCA: Abbr Newsday 11 Oct 2020
From the U.S.: Abbr Newsday 01 Jun 2020
The ''A'' in USA: Abbr Newsday 10 Dec 2019
The 'A' of U.S.A.: Abbr New York Times 29 Apr 2019
USA part: Abbr The Washington Post 26 Mar 2019
From the U.S.
The "A" of U.S.A.: Abbr.
USA part: Abbr.
The 'A' of OAS: Abbr Premier Sunday 28 Oct 2018
From the US Newsday 28 Mar 2018
Part of NAFTA: Abbr The Washington Post 03 Feb 2018
ABA or AMA part: Abbr Premier Sunday 28 Jan 2018
Part of NAFTA: Abbr.
From the States: Abbr The Washington Post 09 Oct 2017
The New World: Abbr New York Times 13 Aug 2017
The 'A' of ACLU: Abbr Premier Sunday 16 Apr 2017
AAA part: Abbr New York Times 15 Mar 2017
The New World: Abbr.
AAA part: Abbr.
From the States: Abbr.
Part of AMA Jonesin 22 Nov 2016
Part of 14-Across: Abbr LA Times Daily 25 Oct 2016
ACLU part: Abbr USA Today 23 Jun 2016
Part of ABC: Abbr LA Times Daily 05 May 2016
Continental abbr Wall Street Journal 02 Apr 2016
Part of an MD's diplomate designation Newsday 13 Feb 2016
ACLU part: Abbr.
Part of ABC: Abbr.
Part of 14-Across: Abbr.
U.S.-born Eugene Sheffer 30 Nov 2015
U.S Eugene Sheffer 12 Oct 2015
...wrote 'The Normal Heart' Wall Street Journal 26 Sep 2015
Western Hemisphere abbr Newsday 20 Aug 2015
NAFTA part Jonesin 20 Aug 2015
MLB league Wall Street Journal 03 Aug 2015
Part of BSA: Abbr Premier Sunday 01 Mar 2015
Part of DAR: Abbr LA Times Daily 13 Feb 2015
...wrote "The Normal Heart"
Part of BSA: Abbr.
Western Hemisphere abbr.
Part of DAR: Abbr.
The "A" of USA (abbr.)
The "A" of N.A. or S.A.: Abbr.
A.C.L.U. part: Abbr.
Part of USA: Abbr.
Part of AARP
U.S. native
From Hawaii, say: Abbr.
AMA member?: Abbr.
Part of USA
U.S.A. part: Abbr.
The "A" in U.S.A.: Abbr.
Part of A.M.A.: Abbr.
The "A" in USA
U.S. citizen
Part of USA: Abbr.
AKC part: Abbr.
US citizen
From CA, say
Born in the US
DH's league
Part of MPAA or RIAA
Part of AARP: Abbr.
Ascap part: Abbr.
Part of AMA: Abbr.
Part of ABA: Abbr.
Vista part: Abbr.
New World abbr.
C.S.A. part: Abbr.
A.M.A. member?: Abbr.
From the US: Abbr.
Part of AMEX: Abbr.
NAFTA part: Abbr.
One "A" of AAA
Part of 80-Down Abbr.:
USA part
Pt. of USA
Part of BSA
Div. of ABC?
Part of O.A.S.: Abbr.
Like Old Glory: Abbr.
AARP part: Abbr.
Part of ASPCA
Part of VOA: Abbr.
OAS part: Abbr.
Made in the U.S.
USA part (abbr.)
From the U.S. (abbr.)
Abbr. after N. or S.
Part of C.S.A.: Abbr.
Part of DAR
HUAC part
Part of AFL
OAS part
AFL part: Abbr.
Part of VOA (abbr.)
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