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Word "ANAGRAMS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a game whose object is to form words from a group of randomly chosen letters

Crossword Clues for ANAGRAMS

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Clue Source Date
Clay and Lacy, to one another? Universal 25 Mar 2021
Ruse, for sure, is one of these! The Sun Two Speed 20 Jul 2019
Letter puzzles The Sun Two Speed 20 Jul 2019
Word jumbles The Telegraph Quick 30 May 2019
Goes from vote to veto? Universal 17 Apr 2019
Lemon and melon, e.g Thomas Joseph 02 Jan 2019
Goes from Tokyo to Kyoto, say New York Times 16 Dec 2017
Words made by rearranging the letters of others Irish Times Simplex 29 Jun 2017
Puzzling conventions of letter-sorters The Times Cryptic 17 May 2017
Races and cares, for example The Washington Post 26 Jun 2016
''Vicar's themes'' and ''Christmas Eve'' Newsday 20 Dec 2015
They may make grandee enraged or angered The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Sep 2015
For Lois, Peter ordered profiteroles; and us, some mousse The Telegraph Toughie 21 Jul 2015
"Vicar's themes" and "Christmas Eve"
Word-forming game
What the three possible answers to each of 26-, 36- and 44-Across are, leading to 27 possible solutions to this puzzle
See circled letters
Quip, part 4
Letterman's favorite activity?
*Flashback and halfbacks
"Slot machines" and "cash lost in 'em," e.g.
Theme of the puzzle
Lettter rearrangements
Angered and enraged, e.g.
Lionel and O'Neill
Ones for the answers to 1-, 25-, 37- and 50-Across are hidden in their clues
Lemon and melon, e.g.
Clue to how "rate mortgage" is adjustable herein
Makes hikers shriek, e.g.
A hint for the "life insurance" options in this puzzle
Goes from angered to enraged?
Word game
The long entries in this puzzle, vis- -vis "securities"
Word games
Letter-rearranging game
30-Across and 48-Across to each other
Won and own, for now
23 & 41 Across; 78 & 100 Across; 58 Across and its clue
Popular word game
What doe and ode are to 24 Across
This puzzle's theme
See 29 Across
Word game.
Puns' partners.
Pre-Scrabble game.
Popular game.
Goes from prenatal to parental, e.g.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.