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Crossword Clues for ANAIS

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Clue Source Date
Writer Nin New York Times 07 Apr 2021
Nin of literature LA Times Daily 14 Mar 2021
Mitchell or Nin Universal 27 Feb 2021
Diarist first name with a diaeresis LA Times Daily 13 Dec 2020
Novelist Nin Premier Sunday 04 Oct 2020
'Henry and June' diarist Nin Jonesin 11 Aug 2020
Diarist Nin Universal 24 Jun 2020
___ Mitchell, creator of the Tony-winning musical 'Hadestown' New York Times 05 Apr 2020
Musician Mitchell who created 'Hadestown' The Washington Post Sunday 23 Feb 2020
“Hadestown” writer Mitchell Wall Street Journal 21 Nov 2019
"The Diary of ___ Nin" Universal 03 Nov 2019
'Delta of Venus' author Nin USA Today 16 Sep 2019
Nin of erotica New York Times 26 Aug 2019
Author Nin Premier Sunday 18 Aug 2019
'Hadestown' creator Mitchell Wall Street Journal 22 Jun 2019
With 64-Across, 'Henry and June' author The Washington Post 03 May 2019
With 64-Across, "Henry and June" author LA Times Daily 03 May 2019
First name in erotica New York Times 03 May 2019
With 26-Across, 'Delta of Venus' author The Washington Post 27 Apr 2019
With 26-Across, "Delta of Venus" author LA Times Daily 27 Apr 2019
'Seduction of the Minotaur' author Nin The Washington Post Sunday 24 Feb 2019
"Delta of Venus" author Nin Universal 14 Jan 2019
"Hadestown" writer Mitchell
"Hadestown" creator Mitchell
With 9 Down, French diarist Newsday 05 Aug 2018
Nin who wrote "Collages" USA Today 09 Feb 2018
Literary diarist's first name Newsday 26 Jan 2018
Memoirist Nin Wall Street Journal 07 Dec 2016
Name on the ''Delta of Venus'' byline Newsday 30 Sep 2016
French diarist Nin Newsday 02 Dec 2015
Nin with an erotic diary The Chronicle of Higher Education 10 Apr 2015
'Collages' writer Nin Wall Street Journal 13 Mar 2015
"Collages" writer Nin
"Nearer the Moon" author Nin
"Ladders to Fire" author Nin
Nin known for her journals
Horndog Nin
Nin who wrote
"Henry & June" role
"Under a Glass Bell" author Nin
First name in eroticism
Delta of Venus author Nin
"Henry & June "role
With 10-Down, "Collages" author
First name in erotic writing
"Henry & June" character
Nin in letters
Literary name with a dieresis
Journalist Nin
Maria's role in "Henry & June"
First name in diary writing
With 20-Across, writer who once lived with Gore Vidal
First name among diarists
1994 Noël Riley Fitch literary biography
Chronicler of Henry and June
Feminist author Nin
"This Hunger" author Nin
"Cities of the Interior" author Nin
With 3-Down, French-born diarist
First name in diaries
Friend of Henry and June
First name of a palindromically surnamed author
With 34 Across, French diarist
Name on many diaries
"Henry and June" role
Henry and June's friend, in a 1990 film
Pen pal of Henry
"Henry and June" first name
Diary keeper Nin
Risque writer Nin
Diary publisher Nin
Henry and June's friend in "Henry & June"
With 38 Across, "Collages" novelist
Nin the diarist
Name among diarists
Repeated, a Cacharel perfume
First name in journals
Henry & June character
"House of Incest" author Nin
Nin the poet
Nin, the diarist
"Ladders To Fire" author Nin
Avant-garde novelist Nin
With 16-Across, a famed diarist
Risqué writer Nin
First name in erotic journals
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.