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Word "ANEMIA" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a deficiency of red blood cells

Part of Speech:
genus of terrestrial or lithophytic ferns having pinnatifid fronds; chiefly of tropical America
genus anemia

Part of Speech:
a lack of vitality

Crossword Clues for ANEMIA

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Clue Source Date
Lack of vitality Thomas Joseph 07 Apr 2021
Fatigue-inducing blood disorder USA Today 19 Mar 2021
Blood condition USA Today 05 Dec 2020
Red blood cell deficiency Universal 03 Dec 2020
Condition that can cause dizziness USA Today 08 Nov 2020
Persistent weakness LA Times Daily 26 Jul 2020
Hemoglobin deficiency The Washington Post Sunday 14 Jun 2020
Lack of vigor Newsday 24 May 2020
Cause of fatigue New York Times 19 Apr 2020
Iron deficiency concern LA Times Daily 23 Mar 2020
Low-hemoglobin condition The Washington Post 15 Oct 2019
Feebleness New York Times 09 Aug 2019
Weakness Universal 17 May 2019
Common cause of fatigue USA Today 12 Apr 2019
Energy shortage Wall Street Journal 17 Jan 2019
Lethargy cause The Washington Post 06 Jan 2019
Lack of energy
Deficient blood condition Universal 21 Oct 2018
Result of iron deficiency USA Today 04 Aug 2018
Deficiency in red blood cells New York Times 29 Jan 2018
Iron-poor blood condition The Washington Post 28 Nov 2017
Lack of oomph New York Times 09 Jun 2017
Heavy metal shortage? New York Times 12 May 2017
Iron deficiency problem Universal 02 Apr 2017
Iron deficiency The Washington Post 20 Jan 2017
Sickle cell ___ Universal 09 Jan 2017
Lack of vim and vigor LA Times Daily 18 Oct 2016
Weak condition The Washington Post 21 Jun 2016
Lack of get-up-and-go LA Times Daily 06 May 2016
Absence of vigor Premier Sunday 24 Apr 2016
Ferrous sulfate target LA Times Daily 22 Apr 2016
Lack of punch New York Times 05 Mar 2016
Cause for a lack of vitality Universal 26 Jan 2016
Cause of weakness Universal 29 Nov 2015
Lack of pep The Washington Post 15 Nov 2015
Lifelessness Premier Sunday 08 Mar 2015
Iron supplements may treat it New York Times 29 Jan 2015
Cause of weakness, perhaps
Vigorless state
Literally, "want of blood"
Absence of oomph
Weak state
Iron target
Shortage of iron
Blood disorder causing weakness
Hemoglobin-deprived condition
Blood disorder that causes weakness
Blood deficiency that causes weakness
Vigorless condition
It may cause dizziness
Condition requiring iron supplements
Pallor cause
State of weakness
Shortage of punch
Iron-deficiency problem
Energy problem
Condition that literally means "lack of blood"
Result of vitamin B12 deficiency
Common blood problem
What a deficiency of folic acid causes
Lack of pizazz
Deficiency of red blood cells
Rundown condition
Result of iron deficiency, perhaps
Hematology concern
Cause of pallor
Cause of breathlessness
Energy shortage?
Energy lack
Lack of hemoglobin
Hemoglobin shortage
What Procrit may treat
Geritol target
Lack of power
Iron shortage
Lack of zip
Hemoglobin deprivation
Paucity of pep
Possible cause of pallor
Physical weakness
Liver is good for it
Condition treated with ferrous sulfate
Certain lack
Dieter's concern
Blood disease
Lack of power or vigor
Result of Dracula's attentions?
Lack of vivacity
Blood defect
Blood ailment
Lack of vigor.
Lack of vitality.
Lack of red blood.
Relative of "tired blood."
Weak condition.
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