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Word "ANIMUS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a feeling of ill will arousing active hostility
animosity, bad blood

Crossword Clues for ANIMUS

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Clue Source Date
Bad blood LA Times Daily 01 Jan 2021
Ill will Eugene Sheffer 05 Dec 2020
Hostility, ill will Irish Times Simplex 11 Jun 2020
Hostility The Times Concise 02 Jun 2020
Intense loathing Universal 18 May 2020
Strong hostility The Washington Post Sunday 23 Feb 2020
Negative feeling The Washington Post 23 Nov 2019
Feeling of ill will Irish Times Simplex 26 Aug 2019
You'll find it in beef The New Yorker 22 Apr 2019
Target incorporating North American hatred The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Jan 2019
Strong dislike New York Times 29 Oct 2018
Hostile attitude Family Time 11 Jun 2018
Personal enmity New York Times 31 Jan 2018
Ill feeling New York Times 15 Oct 2017
Hostility to one Ulster commitment isn't finished Irish Times Crosaire 24 Jun 2017
Enmity New York Times 19 Jul 2016
Hatred The Guardian Speedy 27 Mar 2016
Loathing New York Times 26 Dec 2015
Hostility; ill-feeling The Times Concise 23 Apr 2015
Christian, I must squash this hostility The Telegraph Cryptic 27 Feb 2015
Heat recalling result after an international The Telegraph Toughie 29 Jan 2015
Feeling of hatred
Hostile feeling
A feeling of enmity
Bitter hostility
Strong hatred.
Ill will.
Hostile intent.
Feeling of hatred.
Jungian part of some personalities
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.