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Crossword Clues for ANS

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Clue Source Date
Reply (Abbr.) Eugene Sheffer 27 Feb 2021
T or F, e.g.: Abbr New York Times 21 Jan 2021
Part of Q&A: Abbr Universal 01 Jan 2021
Q&A part: Abbr LA Times Daily 19 Nov 2020
"Jeopardy!" clue: Abbr Universal 06 Nov 2020
T or F, at times Wall Street Journal 02 Sep 2020
It's found in a key: Abbr New York Times 19 Jul 2020
It comes before the ques. on "Jeopardy!" LA Times Daily 18 May 2020
It comes before the ques. on 'Jeopardy!' The Washington Post 18 May 2020
Reply to a ques The Washington Post 10 May 2020
One in a tchr.'s key The Washington Post 19 Mar 2020
Response to a ques Universal 31 Aug 2019
FAQ snippet The Washington Post 22 Jun 2019
Puzzle sol Wall Street Journal 19 Jun 2019
Solution: Abbr Wall Street Journal 18 May 2019
A, B, C or D, in multiple choice: Abbr New York Times 17 Feb 2019
Solution: Abbr.
Puzzle sol.
FAQ response
Response to a ques.
A, B, C or D, in multiple choice: Abbr.
Years, to Yves Wall Street Journal 08 Dec 2018
Response: Abbr Wall Street Journal 23 Oct 2018
Q and A part: Abbr The Washington Post 14 Oct 2018
Age units, in Arles Wall Street Journal 13 Sep 2018
Derisive New York Times 05 Jul 2018
Reply: Abbr New York Times 06 Jun 2018
T or F, maybe The Washington Post 22 Apr 2018
T or F, e.g Jonesin 03 Apr 2018
Y or N, maybe New York Times 04 Feb 2018
Years, in France
Response: Abbr.
T or F, frequently: Abbr.
Reply: Abbr.
Reply to a ques.
Q&A part: Abbr.
Q and A part: Abbr.
Part of Q and A: Abbr The Washington Post 31 Dec 2017
Ques.'s opposite Wall Street Journal 27 Sep 2017
Q&A part USA Today 03 Jul 2017
True or false: Abbr New York Times 16 Mar 2017
Years, to Pierre Wall Street Journal 07 Feb 2017
Ques. response LA Times Daily 23 Jan 2017
True or false: Abbr.
Part of Q and A: Abbr.
Ques. follower Thomas Joseph 08 Sep 2016
Short reply? LA Times Daily 28 Jul 2016
Key part: Abbr New York Times 19 Jun 2016
Q and A part (Abbr.) Universal 30 May 2016
Puzzle hunt?: Abbr New York Times 13 May 2016
Part of "Q and A" USA Today 05 Mar 2016
Key part: Abbr.
Solution (Abbr.) Eugene Sheffer 20 Nov 2015
The 'A' of Q&A: Abbr New York Times 26 Oct 2015
Mult.-choice choice Wall Street Journal 13 Oct 2015
RSVP request Wall Street Journal 30 Sep 2015
Clue on 'Jeopardy!': Abbr New York Times 08 Sep 2015
Ques. counterpart New York Times 04 Aug 2015
It may be filled in with a No. 2 pencil New York Times 26 Jul 2015
Brief reply? Wall Street Journal 24 Apr 2015
SAT fill-in: Abbr New York Times 28 Feb 2015
"T" or "F" (Abbr.) USA Today 20 Feb 2015
The "A" of Q&A: Abbr.
SAT fill-in: Abbr.
Clue on "Jeopardy!": Abbr.
T or F
RSVP, e.g.
Ques. opposite
T or F, e.g.
T or F, perhaps: Abbr.
R.S.V.P., e.g.: Abbr.
Quiz response: Abbr.
Part of a filled-out survey: Abbr.
Key component: Abbr.
Comeback: Abbr.
"Jeopardy!" monitor display: Abbr.
Abbreviated reply
Comic ___
Question's opp.
Years, in Tours
Key entry: Abbr.
A or B on a test, maybe: Abbr.
Q&A pt.
True or false (Abbr.)
"Jeopardy!" ques., really
Interview seg.
All of the above, e.g.: Abbr.
Crossword entry: Abbr.
Ques. follow-up
SAT's A, B, C or D
T or F: Abbr.
Part of a Q&A: Abbr.
Part of Q and A
A, B or C, perhaps: Abbr.
One on a teacher's key (abbr.)
Reply (abbr.)
Mult. choice choice
FAQ tidbit (abbr.)
T or F, often
Opposite of a ques.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.