Word "ANTARCTIC" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
at or near the south pole

Part of Speech:
the region around the south pole: Antarctica and surrounding waters
antarctic zone, south frigid zone

Crossword Clues for ANTARCTIC

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Clue Source Date
South Pole region Eugene Sheffer 29 Sep 2022
Where to view The Penguin in the Deep South? Irish Times Crosaire 24 Mar 2022
Frozen continent The Guardian Quick 11 Nov 2021
Worker coming to one cold region or another The Times Cryptic 18 Oct 2021
'An -- Mystery', a two-volume novel by Jules Verne The Telegraph General Knowledge 12 Apr 2021
Of the southern polar region The Times Concise 06 Jul 2020
Region around the south pole Irish Times Simplex 08 May 2019
Of a polar region Universal 19 Jan 2019
Of a polar region
Freezing river adopting a new course The Telegraph Toughie 06 Dec 2018
Southern, and then some New York Times 04 Oct 2018
Southern, and then some
Lark circling seaman on cape in coldest area The Times Cryptic 29 Jun 2017
A northern course circling radius for polar region The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Apr 2017
South Pole's region Newsday 17 Jan 2017
Polar region The Guardian Quick 17 Dec 2016
South polar region The Times Concise 16 Mar 2015
Far south?
South Pole continent, with "the"
South Pole continent, with "the"
Pole position?
One of the five major circles of latitude
Ocean comprising the southernmost parts of the 38-Across, Atlantic and Indian
South Pole region
Region Byrd explored
Hill dweller's overshoe?
Icy area
Region of the penguins.
Locale of Sir Edmund Hillary's latest feat.
Locale of the Ross Sea.
Scene of a proposed colony.
Penguins' home.
Where Bay of Whales is.
Where Adélie Land is.
Site of Little America.
Admiral Byrd's favorite hibernation spot.
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