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Word "APHID" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
any of various small plant-sucking insects

Crossword Clues for APHID

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Clue Source Date
Gardener's annoyance New York Times 06 Apr 2021
American gets third degree hiding intelligence bug Irish Times Crosaire 02 Apr 2021
Climbing pea's tips concealed garden pest The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Mar 2021
Sucker gets help outside pub The Sun Two Speed 08 Feb 2021
Garden bug The Sun Two Speed 08 Feb 2021
Rose pest LA Times Daily 18 Dec 2020
Garden pest The Times Concise 09 Nov 2020
Garden nuisance LA Times Daily 06 Nov 2020
Secretary returning concealed bug The Sun Two Speed 16 Oct 2020
Sap-sucking pest Newsday 01 Oct 2020
Rose garden pest Universal 28 Sep 2020
Horticultural pest Wall Street Journal 05 Sep 2020
Insect a Greek character had The Sun Two Speed 15 Jul 2020
Pest needs help outside pub The Sun Two Speed 07 Jun 2020
Plant pest Eugene Sheffer 13 May 2020
Pressure husband coming in to assist sucker? The Sun Two Speed 31 Dec 2019
Ladybug prey The Washington Post 29 Nov 2019
Sap sucker Wall Street Journal 15 Oct 2019
Rosebush pest Newsday 13 Oct 2019
Ladybug's prey USA Today 10 Oct 2019
Ladybug's snack Universal 22 Apr 2019
Parasite gets help outside pub The Sun Two Speed 18 Apr 2019
Agricultural pest The Washington Post 14 Mar 2019
Pest in a garden Universal 17 Nov 2018
Rose-eating insect Newsday 22 Oct 2018
Rose petal eater Newsday 19 Oct 2018
Tiny sap sucker Universal 25 Sep 2018
Pest wants assistance outside pub The Sun Two Speed 10 Sep 2018
Insect born pregnant Universal 22 Aug 2018
Fruit-grower's bane Universal 13 Aug 2018
Ladybug food The Washington Post 24 Jul 2018
Rosebush-infesting bug USA Today 01 May 2018
Ladybug's lunch The Washington Post 15 Apr 2018
Plant sucking insect Canadiana 02 Apr 2018
Insect concealed under a plant's head The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Mar 2018
News provider concealed bug The Telegraph Toughie 21 Feb 2018
One with a plant-based diet New York Times 16 Feb 2018
Minute crop pest Wall Street Journal 19 Dec 2017
Rose garden insect Newsday 05 Dec 2017
Plant-sucking insect The Washington Post 28 Nov 2017
Sap-sucking insect USA Today 14 Jul 2017
Honeydew producer New York Times 22 Jun 2017
Enemy of a gardener Universal 19 Jun 2017
Garden intruder Eugene Sheffer 20 Apr 2017
Insect that's born pregnant New York Times 11 Mar 2017
Greenfly The Telegraph Quick 01 Feb 2017
Sap-sucking bug USA Today 01 Feb 2017
Bug a sort of doctor about onset of illness The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Jan 2017
Greenhouse pest Newsday 25 Dec 2016
Louse lay low beneath a piano The Telegraph Toughie 01 Dec 2016
Food for a ladybug Universal 27 Sep 2016
Rose-garden pest Newsday 21 Sep 2016
Bug that secretes honeydew USA Today 17 May 2016
Prey for a ladybug USA Today 12 Apr 2016
Orchard pest USA Today 11 Apr 2016
Crop-destroying insect New York Times 14 Mar 2016
Small plant-sucking insect Irish Times Simplex 23 Feb 2016
Fruit tree's enemy USA Today 14 Jan 2016
Greenhouse louse Universal 12 Nov 2015
Small sap sucker Newsday 20 Jun 2015
Common insect pest USA Today 31 May 2015
Plant bug Universal 26 Mar 2015
Fruit tree pest USA Today 17 Feb 2015
Plant louse Canadiana 12 Jan 2015
Treat for a ladybug
Rose's foe
Apple orchard pest
Greenfly, e.g.
Fruit grower's bane
Gardener's enemy
Plant-sucking pest
Munchie for a ladybug
Ladybug's morsel
Sap-sucking plant pest
Plant-eating pest
Destructive insect
Green bug
Horticultural headache
Begonia's bane
Farm pest
Lousy creature
Gardener's pest
Creature often killed with a spray
Vegetable crop pest
Ladybug's lunch, at times
Green garden bug
Morsel for a ladybug
Destructive pest
Rose petal pest
Green-bellied sap sucker
Gardener's bane
Sucker of sap
Pest for a rose
Nuisance to gardeners
Plant-eating insect
Insect called a greenfly in Britain
Honeydew source
Windborne pest
Greenfly, for one
Ladybug fodder
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.