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Word "APIECE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
to or from every one of two or more (considered individually)
each, for each one, from each one, to each one

Crossword Clues for APIECE

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Clue Source Date
Pricing word LA Times Daily 21 Mar 2021
Sharing word LA Times Daily 19 Mar 2021
For just one Newsday 28 Jan 2021
Each Newsday 18 Jan 2021
For each Thomas Joseph 05 Dec 2020
Per person USA Today 16 Nov 2020
Per unit Premier Sunday 25 Oct 2020
For each one The Times Concise 19 Sep 2020
Per item Universal 15 Sep 2020
A coin from each one The Telegraph Cryptic 14 Sep 2020
Each one comprehending what's easy? The Telegraph Toughie 11 Sep 2020
Uncombined Newsday 14 Mar 2020
Individually Thomas Joseph 11 Mar 2020
Unit cost word USA Today 17 Jun 2019
Each dish one eats The Telegraph Toughie 07 May 2019
Each dish eaten by one The Telegraph Cryptic 05 May 2019
Separately The Washington Post 30 Dec 2018
Fine service, including baked dish for each person The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Nov 2018
Per The Washington Post Sunday 11 Nov 2018
In America, a gun each The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Oct 2018
A bit each The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Oct 2018
Each pasty's excellent to eat The Telegraph Toughie 04 Oct 2018
Unit pricing word USA Today 03 Jul 2018
Per each one Universal 24 Jun 2018
Taken singly Newsday 13 Aug 2017
Each copy, namely carbon, included The Telegraph Cryptic 14 May 2017
By the unit Wall Street Journal 01 May 2017
Singly LA Times Daily 10 Jun 2016
Severally New York Times 20 Feb 2016
Unit-pricing word LA Times Daily 16 Feb 2016
Not together New York Times 23 Jul 2015
Opposite of "together"
Opposite of "for all"
Each, in pricing
Divvying word
Equal-share word
For one
Division word
Divvying-up word
Not collectively
For each thing
By the item
94 Down synonym
Allotment word
Allocation word
To or from each
See 69 Across
Sale specification
Equality word
Get __ of the action
Unmonopolistic word
For every one
Not as a group
Not in quantity
"What ___ of work is a man!": Hamlet
Get ___ of the action
Give ___ of one's mind
Distributive word
For each.
For each one.
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