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Word "APPLET" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a Java application; an application program that uses the client's web browser to provide a user interface

Crossword Clues for APPLET

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Clue Source Date
Online program Eugene Sheffer 17 Dec 2020
Mini-program New York Times 29 Oct 2020
Short program The Washington Post 20 Sep 2020
Small computer program USA Today 28 Mar 2020
Java product
Small-scale program Wall Street Journal 12 Oct 2019
A small piece of software which runs within another The Times Specialist Sunday 09 Jun 2019
Tablet download The Washington Post 27 Jan 2019
Little software program? Universal 11 Oct 2018
Father restricted by drink takes temperature with computer application Irish Times Crosaire 06 Aug 2018
Small program Wall Street Journal 19 May 2018
Java creation The Washington Post 08 Apr 2018
Small computer program that runs with another application The Telegraph General Knowledge 21 Jan 2018
Bit of Java programming USA Today 13 Nov 2017
Small piece of software which often operates as a plug-in The Times Specialist Sunday 27 Aug 2017
Miniprogram for computers Universal 29 Mar 2017
Small Java program Universal 11 Feb 2017
Tech company techie's opening small program The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Aug 2016
Computer application for a dog roaming the place Irish Times Crosaire 29 Jul 2016
Smartphone download Newsday 18 Apr 2016
Small program usually written in Java The Telegraph General Knowledge 24 Jan 2016
In-browser program Wall Street Journal 28 Nov 2015
Computer miniprogram Universal 05 Apr 2015
Word coined in PC magazine in 1990
Java creation, perhaps
Browser module
Mini computer program
It might require Java
Task-oriented program
Java program
Java-based program, often
Narrowly defined software component
Java program, perhaps
Program written in Java, e.g.
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