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Word "APTLY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
with competence; in a competent capable manner
ably, capably, competently

Crossword Clues for APTLY

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Clue Source Date
In a fitting way Universal 13 Apr 2021
In a relevant manner USA Today 20 Feb 2021
In a suitable manner USA Today 02 Oct 2020
Suitably The Times Concise 14 Aug 2020
In a relevant way The Washington Post 02 Aug 2020
In a proper way Eugene Sheffer 19 Mar 2020
In a fitting manner USA Today 19 Aug 2019
As is fitting Premier Sunday 10 Feb 2019
Because it fits The Washington Post 22 Dec 2018
In a well-put way USA Today 12 May 2018
Fittingly lay about outside exercise class The Sun Two Speed 09 Mar 2018
Fittingly The Sun Two Speed 09 Mar 2018
With good timing Newsday 21 Sep 2017
In an appropriate way The Guardian Speedy 17 Jul 2016
A permit legally voided -- in a way that's how it should be The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Feb 2016
In a suitable way Newsday 17 Nov 2015
In the right way New York Times 03 Apr 2015
In an appropriate manner
With relevance
In a capable manner
In a germane manner
In fitting manner
As is proper
How author Charles Reade is named?
With competence
In a competent manner
With appropriateness
With great insight
How things may be "put" with competence
In a befitting way
With cogency
How many successful products are named
How golf's Gary Player was named?
In a quick manner
With felicity
With precision
With suitability
With correctness
In fitting fashion
On the mark
In a fit manner
"Furn.," said Tom ___
To a tee.
In a suitable manner.
With quick wit
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