Crossword Clues for APTS

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Clue Source Date
High-rise units: Abbr New York Times 16 Mar 2022
Bldg. units Thomas Joseph 19 Feb 2022
Rms. for rent Newsday 20 Jan 2022
They may have EIKs LA Times Daily 09 Jan 2022
Rental units: Abbr. New York Times 08 Jan 2022
Bldg. divisions LA Times Daily 22 Dec 2021
Much urban housing: Abbr The Washington Post 23 Jul 2021
Much urban housing: Abbr LA Times Daily 23 Jul 2021
Tenants' dwellings: Abbr Newsday 20 Jul 2021
Rms. for rent Wall Street Journal 14 Jul 2021
Homes in multiunit bldgs Wall Street Journal 28 Jun 2021
Some living qtrs Wall Street Journal 20 Feb 2021
Rental units (Abbr.) Eugene Sheffer 19 Jan 2021
Some Craigslist listings: Abbr New York Times 26 Dec 2020
Bldg. units The Washington Post 03 Dec 2020
Bldg. units LA Times Daily 03 Dec 2020
Rental units: Abbr New York Times 01 Nov 2020
Rental units: Abbr Universal 29 Sep 2020
Complex units: Abbr New York Times 13 Jun 2020
Many NYC dwellings Universal 05 Jun 2020
Some vacation rentals, for short USA Today 01 May 2020
Bldg. units attended to by supers LA Times Daily 23 Mar 2020
Bldg. units attended to by supers The Washington Post 23 Mar 2020
Many city housing listings, for short Universal 11 Mar 2020
Penthouses, e.g.: Abbr LA Times Daily 14 Feb 2020
Penthouses, e.g.: Abbr The Washington Post 14 Feb 2020
Bldg. units Wall Street Journal 25 Sep 2019
Rms. for rent Newsday 22 Aug 2019
Units with nos Jonesin 06 Aug 2019
Bldg.'s rental units Newsday 13 May 2019
Bldg. units Universal 11 May 2019
Some Craigslist listings: Abbr.
Bldg. units
Bldg. units
Rented living spaces: Abbr Premier Sunday 29 Jul 2018
1-BR listings The Washington Post 05 Jun 2018
1-BR listings LA Times Daily 05 Jun 2018
Stacked quarters?: Abbr New York Times 31 May 2018
Tenants' qtrs LA Times Daily 21 May 2018
Tenants' qtrs The Washington Post 21 May 2018
Stacked quarters?: Abbr.
1-BR listings
Bldg. units
Tenants' qtrs.
Rms. for rent Wall Street Journal 04 Nov 2017
Bldg. units, at times Wall Street Journal 04 Mar 2017
Co-ops, maybe: Abbr New York Times 16 Jan 2017
Tenants' dwellings: Abbr Newsday 02 Jan 2017
Co-ops, maybe: Abbr.
List in a 36-Down: Abbr New York Times 20 Feb 2016
Bldg. units New York Times 05 Jan 2016
Bldg. units
They may have EIKs LA Times Daily 31 Dec 2015
Some bldg. units Wall Street Journal 10 Dec 2015
Rental dwellings: Abbr Newsday 01 Dec 2015
Rented units in a bldg Wall Street Journal 15 Sep 2015
Flats: Abbr New York Times 27 Aug 2015
Many rented homes: Abbr Premier Sunday 12 Jul 2015
Flats, in the U.S LA Times Daily 28 Jun 2015
Many urban homes: Abbr New York Times 23 Jun 2015
Rental units: Abbr Newsday 27 May 2015
Flats, for short Newsday 23 Apr 2015
Flats: Abbr.
They may have EIKs
Flats, in the U.S.
Classified listings (abbr.)
Many rented homes: Abbr.
Flats, for short
Rental dwellings: Abbr.
Rental units: Abbr.
Many urban homes: Abbr.
Some bldg. units
Rented units in a bldg.
Rms. for rent
Tenants' dwellings: Abbr.
See 33-Across
Complex gp.?
Rental units (abbr.)
Rented residences: Abbr.
Some studios, for short
Complex units (abbr.)
Residential bldg. units
Bldg. units
Residential bldg. units
Watergate units: Abbr.
Places for rent: Abbr.
Rented living qtrs.
Bldg. units
Bldg. units
Complex gp.
Many NYC residences
Complex gp.
Some have EIKs and WICs
Some rentals, in ads
Some rentals, in ads
Bldg. units
Some dwellings: Abbr.
Places for rent (Abbr.)
Supers oversee them: Abbr.
Many NYC homes
2-BR listings, perhaps
2-BR listings, perhaps
Studios, maybe (abbr.)
Many NYC homes
Where to find rms.
Some studios, in ads
Complex units: Abbr.
Some 2-BR listings
Real est. listings
Real est. listings
Some studios, in ads
Rented dwellings: Abbr.
High-rise homes: Abbr.
Many want-ad offerings: Abbr.
Craigslist rentals: Abbr.
Many N.Y.C. residences
Condos and co-ops: Abbr.
Condo units: Abbr.
Many NYC living quarters
Places for rent: Abbr.
Many N.Y.C. residences
Living units: Abbr.
City dwellings: Abbr.
Tenants' rms.
Real estate rentals, in ads
Building units: Abbr.
Units in a high rise (Abbr.)
Real est. offerings
Real est. units
Highrise dwellings: Abbr.
Park Ave. abodes
Some residences with EIKs
Bldg. units
Some bldg. units
Condos and co-ops: Abbr.
Rentals: Abbr.
Rental units: Abbr.
NYC homes, often
Real est. listings
Urban dwellings: Abbr.
Many NYC residences
Many NYC abodes
EIK sites
What supers supervise: Abbr.
Real est. listings
Studios, maybe: Abbr.
Complex grp.
Rental residences: Abbr.
Some classified listings (Abbr.)
Condos, e.g.: Abbr.
Most N.Y.C. dwellings
Real estate sect. listings
They're expensive in NYC
NYC homes
Want ad listings: Abbr.
Some dwellings, for short
Condos: Abbr.
Housing units: Abbr.
Some studios (abbr.)
Real est. listings
Real est. offerings
Agt.'s offerings
City housing: Abbr.
Watergate units: abbr.
Real estate page abbreviation
Some 3-BR listings
Certain living qtrs.
Living qtrs.
Many N.Y.C. dwellings
Rented abodes, briefly
High rise units: Abbr.
Close quarters?
Classified listings: Abbr.
Many N.Y.C. dwellings
Housing units: abbr.
Many NYC residences
Rented dwellings (abbr.)
Places for rent: Abbr.
Many N.Y.C. homes
Want ad listings: Abbr.
Digs: abbr.
Little flats
Some rms.
N.Y.C. residences
Small flats
Some condos
Co-ops, e.g.
Lodgings (abbr.)
Some are co-ops
Urban dwellings: Abbr.
Condos or co-ops
"__ for Rent"
Flats, for short
Abodes: Abbr.
Certain pads, for short
Living quarters: Abbr.
"___ 4 Rent"
Classified abbr.
Classified-ad offerings
Residence units: Abbr.
Dwelling units: Abbr.
Housing units: Abbr.
Classified ad wds.
Things to let: Abbr.
Residences: Abbr.
Flats, for short.
Abbreviation in ads.
Items for rent: Abbr.
Certain homes: Abbr.
Suites, for short.
Dwellings: Abbr.
Realtor's abbreviation.
Suites: Abbr.
Advertised items: Abbr.
Classified ad items: Abbr.
Places to live: Abbr.
Classified advertising items.
Ancient Egyptian cubic measures.
craigslist postings: Abbr.
Co-ops: Abbr.
Super's units: Abbr.
Some co-ops: Abbr.
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