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Word "ARBORETUM" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a facility where trees and shrubs are cultivated for exhibition
botanical garden

Crossword Clues for ARBORETUM

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Clue Source Date
A garden of trees from Burma to re-organise (9)
Randomly rob mature trees here (9)
Shady botanical garden
Botanical garden The Guardian Quick 17 Nov 2023
Tree garden The Telegraph Quick 21 May 2023
Tree garden Wall Street Journal 28 Sep 2022
Botanical tree garden The Times Concise 17 Sep 2022
A right turn-off, corporation’s tree plantation The Times Cryptic 06 Sep 2022
Place in which to find a set of bays? The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Jul 2022
Garden of trees? Lily taking in mine heading for terrace The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Jul 2022
A right turn-off: stomach botanic garden The Times Cryptic 16 Jun 2022
Weary time in plant garden with elders The Times Cryptic 24 May 2022
Tree garden run well in a corporation The Times Cryptic 20 Dec 2021
But roamer may get confused in this tree garden The Times Cryptic 10 Dec 2021
Flower beds carried first of tulips in botanical garden The Telegraph Cryptic 16 May 2021
Area for the study of trees The Guardian Speedy 24 Mar 2019
Men overwhelmed by silent support back in garden The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Jan 2018
Where elders may be seen between services? The Telegraph Cryptic 26 Oct 2017
Run well within a corporation, there's high growth
First of birches in mature or developing tree garden
Pal leaves perambulator around the trees The Telegraph Toughie 14 Feb 2017
An initially rude, tiresome person's to stomach botanical garden
Lily endured time inside botanic garden The Telegraph Toughie 01 Feb 2017
A right tedious type starts to tell us much in a site of botanical interest
Take a gamble embracing men in a strange garden The Times Cryptic 09 Nov 2016
Literally, ''tree plantation'' Newsday 16 Jul 2016
Rare ombu tree initially cultivated here? The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Oct 2015
Adult tolerated temperature surrounded by odd collection of plants
Perennial rings brought forth tons in e.g. Kew feature
Botanical garden
Place where trees are studied
Ornamental showplace
Site where trees are displayed
Botanical site
Type of botanical garden.
Botanical garden of trees.
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