Crossword Clues for ARCHES

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Clue Source Date
National park in Utah LA Times Daily 11 Aug 2022
National park with Devils Garden New York Times 15 Jul 2022
Curves over openings Irish Times Simplex 09 Apr 2022
Forms a curve, as with one's back The Washington Post Sunday 20 Feb 2022
Utah national park LA Times Daily 12 Dec 2021
Curved shapes in pollarded trees The Guardian Cryptic 09 Nov 2021
Inner parts of feet The Times Concise 16 Mar 2021
Utah national park New York Times 13 Dec 2020
Curved parts of feet Newsday 14 Sep 2020
Viaduct features The Washington Post Sunday 09 Aug 2020
Curves over openings Irish Times Simplex 20 May 2020
McDonald's trademark LA Times Daily 23 Apr 2020
McDonald's trademark The Washington Post 23 Apr 2020
Foot parts USA Today 28 Mar 2020
Utah national park Thomas Joseph 16 Mar 2020
Features of Gothic windows USA Today 04 Nov 2019
Curved entryways Newsday 25 Mar 2019
Features of Gothic windows
McDonald's emblem Eugene Sheffer 24 Nov 2018
Golden things of fast food Universal 28 Jun 2018
Pointed features of Gothic-style buildings The Washington Post Sunday 24 Jun 2018
McDonald's symbols Universal 29 Apr 2018
Podiatrist concerns Newsday 08 Mar 2018
McDonald's logo Universal 01 Mar 2018
McDonald's symbols
Golden things of fast food
McDonald's logo
McDonald's sign pair USA Today 22 Dec 2017
Foot parts Universal 30 Aug 2017
Bridges in border area defaced The Times Cryptic 01 Aug 2017
Foot parts
McDonald's sign pair
McDonald's trademark Universal 21 Nov 2016
McDonald's golden symbol The Washington Post 14 Jan 2016
Curves The Telegraph Quick 26 Jul 2015
McDonald's golden symbol
Parts of feet
Utah national park
Some have keystones
McDonald's trademark
Parts of feet
___ National Park
Vault features
Bends over backward
Some are golden, others fallen
Desert landforms
Symbol of McDonald's
Golden logo
National park in Utah
St. Louis and Paris features
McDonald's symbol
Ogees, e.g.
Shoe parts
Curved foot parts
Podiatric concern
Curved foot parts
Utah national park
Utah national park
Foot features
National park near Moab, Utah
Formal entryways
Parts of feet
Pedal parts
Foot parts
Fast food symbols
Bends backward
McDonald's are golden
St. Louis and Paris features
Bends backward
Fallen features
Dam constructions
Ogees, e.g.
Some have fallen
Foot parts
Foot features
London's Marble and Admiralty
Ogee and ogive
Ornamental structures.
Decorative structures.
Fallen ___.
Curved structures.
Certain monuments.
Found in Washington Square, Champs Elysées, and Hyde Park.
Triumphal structures.
Structural members.
Foot supports
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.