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Word "AREOLA" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
small circular area such as that around the human nipple or an inflamed area around a pimple or insect bite
ring of color

Part of Speech:
small space in a tissue or body part such as the area between veins on a leaf or an insect's wing

Crossword Clues for AREOLA

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Clue Source Date
Colored part of the iris New York Times 03 Mar 2021
Anatomical ring LA Times Daily 18 Feb 2021
Iris feature New York Times 26 Dec 2020
Ring of color LA Times Daily 27 Nov 2020
Colorful ring The Washington Post 08 Oct 2020
Colored ring New York Times 09 Aug 2020
Iris ring The Washington Post 02 Aug 2020
Iris part New York Times 10 May 2020
Colored ring of the iris Premier Sunday 03 Nov 2019
Small colored feature of the body New York Times 25 Oct 2019
Colorful ring of anatomy Premier Sunday 20 Oct 2019
Biological ring Universal 07 Jul 2019
Pupil surrounder The Washington Post 28 Mar 2019
Colored body part New York Times 30 Aug 2018
Shaded ring New York Times 11 Aug 2018
Anatomical ring raises historic period for old American city Irish Times Crosaire 12 Jan 2018
Pupil border New York Times 02 Dec 2017
Colorful ring in the eye Premier Sunday 15 Oct 2017
Ring of the iris Premier Sunday 12 Mar 2017
Ring surrounding the pupil The Washington Post 09 Feb 2017
Ring around the pupil Wall Street Journal 15 Mar 2016
Eye ring Premier Sunday 26 Jul 2015
Part of the iris New York Times 15 Apr 2015
Biological halo
Dark ring
Colored circle around the pupil
Biological ring of color
Site of some piercings
Dark circle
10-Across area
Pupil ringer
Painful thing to pierce
Ocular ring
Colorful anatomical ring
Colorful ring of the eye
Part of the iris bordering the pupil
Small hollow in a surface, in biology
Nipple ring
Eye component
Ring around a pupil
Ring of color, as around the human nipple
Colorful ring in anatomy
Nipple ring?
Darkish circle
Ring around a pupil, e.g.
Colorful iris ring
Circle of color
Colorful eye ring
Small biological interstice
Portion of the iris
Colorful circle
Small ring of color
Space on a leaf
Small space in connective tissue
Part of the eye's iris
Space between leaf veins
Fiber interstice
Botanical interstice
Small open space
Ring around the iris
Ring about a pupil
Interstice on an insect's wing
Small space
Leaf area
Small interstice
Tiny interstice
Biological hollow
Space between a leaf's veins
Small, open space
Anatomic interstice
Tiny opening
Leaf interstice
Eye-pupil border
Small hollow
Botanical space
Ring around a vesicle
Narrow space
Small space.
Small area.
Small interstice.
Part of the eye's iris.
Portion of the iris.
Part of the iris.
Space between leaf-veins.
Portion of the iris bordering the pupil.
Small surrounding area.
Red spot?
Nipple halo
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.