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Word "ARGON" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a colorless and odorless inert gas; one of the six inert gases; comprises approximately 1% of the earth's atmosphere
ar, atomic number 18

Crossword Clues for ARGON

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Clue Source Date
Inert gas in the atmosphere Newsday 18 Jan 2021
One of the noble gases LA Times Daily 11 Jan 2021
Inert gas The Times Concise 30 Dec 2020
Playing organ: it's a gas The Sun Two Speed 16 Dec 2020
Gaseous element The Sun Two Speed 16 Dec 2020
Element below neon on the periodic table USA Today 07 Dec 2020
Noble gas that’s about 1% of the atmosphere Wall Street Journal 16 Nov 2020
Most abundant noble gas in the atmosphere Wall Street Journal 17 Oct 2020
Noble gas Thomas Joseph 16 Oct 2020
Chemical element The Telegraph Quick 28 Sep 2020
Vacuum tube filler Wall Street Journal 05 Aug 2020
Noble gas in the atmosphere Universal 20 Jul 2020
Inert gas in the air Newsday 06 May 2020
About 1% of the Earth's atmosphere Jonesin 28 Apr 2020
Element named from the Greek for “lazy” Wall Street Journal 23 Apr 2020
A little bit of atmosphere picked up among oceanographers Irish Times Crosaire 28 Mar 2020
Noble gas in air Universal 18 Mar 2020
Playing organ is a gas The Sun Two Speed 16 Mar 2020
Element in fluorescent lights Universal 08 Mar 2020
Gas in some lasers The Washington Post 09 Feb 2020
Fluorescent bulb filler
Noble gas used in lasers USA Today 10 Dec 2019
Neighbor of krypton on the periodic table New York Times 09 Oct 2019
Fluorescent tube filler The Washington Post Sunday 06 Oct 2019
Most common noble gas New York Times 09 Aug 2019
Gas used in lasers Wall Street Journal 06 Jun 2019
Bulb gas Thomas Joseph 10 Apr 2019
Gas used in light tubes Jonesin 28 Aug 2018
Third-most abundant gas in the atmosphere New York Times 08 Jul 2018
Organ could produce gas The Sun Two Speed 30 Apr 2018
Wee bit of air Universal 29 Apr 2018
Most common of the noble gases Wall Street Journal 07 Mar 2018
Colorless gas Universal 25 Feb 2018
Trace atmospheric element Newsday 25 Jan 2018
Element giving awful groan The Sun Two Speed 25 Dec 2017
This, on the periodic table New York Times 10 Oct 2017
Fluorescent bulb gas Jonesin 18 Jul 2017
Gas in fluorescent bulbs The Chronicle of Higher Education 05 May 2017
Inert element Premier Sunday 02 Apr 2017
Earth's most abundant noble gas Newsday 02 Mar 2017
Chlorine's periodic table follower LA Times Daily 25 Feb 2017
Incandescent bulb gas LA Times Daily 19 Feb 2017
Most abundant inert gas USA Today 05 Jan 2017
About 1% of air Newsday 30 Sep 2016
About 1% of the atmosphere Newsday 02 Sep 2016
Lightbulb gas Family Time 18 Jul 2016
Most common inert gas Universal 27 May 2016
Common inert gas The Washington Post 02 Mar 2016
Old vessel laid by nitrogen or another gas The Telegraph Cryptic 28 Feb 2016
A noble gas Universal 29 Oct 2015
Inert elemental gas Universal 08 Oct 2015
Electric-bulb gas Eugene Sheffer 30 Sep 2015
Roughly 1% of the earth's atmosphere New York Times 29 May 2015
An inert gas Universal 08 May 2015
Third most common gas in Earth's atmosphere
Vacuum-tube gas
Fluorescent-lamp filler
Noble gas, and a homophonic hint to how this puzzle's four longest answers are formed
Element #18
You just inhaled some
About 1% of what you just inhaled
Gas in incandescent bulbs
Radio-tube element
Vacuum tube gas
Common inert gas in the atmosphere
About 1 percent of the Earth's atmosphere
It lights up when it's excited
Gas in a vacuum tube
Inert gas used in welding
Most common inert gas in the atmosphere
Fluorescent tube gas
.93% of the earth's atmosphere
Element under neon on the periodic table
#18 on the periodic table
Light bulb gas
Light-bulb gas
Common noble gas
First noble gas discovered
Element immediately below neon on the periodic table
Gas used in incandescent lamps
Composition of some plasmas
Gas in incandescent lamps, perhaps
Third-most common gas in the atmosphere
Element whose name roughly means "lazy"
Element in air
Almost 1% of the Earth's atmosphere
Rare gas
Gas in bulbs
Element whose name comes from Greek for "inactive"
Laser gas
It's inert
Gas used in arc welding
Odorless, colorless, inert gas
Atomic number 18
Roughly 1% of the atmosphere
Light gas
The most abundant noble gas on earth
Light bulb filler
Tube gas
About one percent of air
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.