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Word "ARMADA" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a large fleet

Crossword Clues for ARMADA

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Clue Source Date
Some in Braemar mad about ships The Sun Two Speed 06 May 2021
Naval fleet The Sun Two Speed 06 May 2021
Fleet of warships Wall Street Journal 19 Apr 2021
Doomed 16th-century force The Washington Post 17 Apr 2021
Navy member, nothing without leader The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Mar 2021
Some in Gibraltar mad about fleet The Sun Two Speed 19 Mar 2021
Flotilla The Sun Two Speed 19 Mar 2021
Warship fleet Premier Sunday 14 Mar 2021
Upsets the eldest artist in The Fleet Irish Times Crosaire 23 Jan 2021
Wartime fleet USA Today 22 Jan 2021
Ships millions hoarded by a school for actors The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Jan 2021
Rising male artist in naval force The Sun Two Speed 21 Dec 2020
Navy flier circling Sandhurst area The Telegraph Toughie 09 Dec 2020
Force at sea New York Times 13 Sep 2020
Fighting fleet Universal 04 Sep 2020
Weapon for Spain's Philip II LA Times Daily 21 Aug 2020
Gun woman in 1588 fleet The Sun Two Speed 06 Aug 2020
Weapon an American lawyer ships The Sun Two Speed 04 Jul 2020
Seagoing force LA Times Daily 28 Jun 2020
Give woman gun in flotilla The Sun Two Speed 17 Jun 2020
Fleet of armed ships Irish Times Simplex 18 May 2020
Fleet New York Times 19 Apr 2020
Gun woman in flotilla The Sun Two Speed 15 Feb 2020
Spanish fleet Thomas Joseph 15 Oct 2019
Rising male artist shows naval force The Sun Two Speed 11 Sep 2019
16th-century fleet The Washington Post Sunday 28 Jul 2019
Spanish invasion fleet The Times Concise 25 Jul 2019
Fleet of ships The Times Concise 14 Jul 2019
Give woman gun in flotilla? The Sun Two Speed 27 Apr 2019
Duke of Medina Sidonia's 1588 command Wall Street Journal 18 Apr 2019
Seals leave Dar es Salaam with the fleet Irish Times Crosaire 02 Jan 2019
Large war fleet The Times Concise 18 Sep 2018
Spanish ___ New York Times 24 Jul 2018
Spain's fleet Thomas Joseph 14 Jul 2018
In section of sea, notice a large fleet The Telegraph Cryptic 01 May 2018
Ill-fated force of 1588 USA Today 25 Mar 2018
Philip II's fleet The Washington Post 28 Jan 2018
Formidable fleet
Large flotilla The Guardian Speedy 05 Nov 2017
Fear mad admiral is impeding fleet The Telegraph Cryptic 19 Sep 2017
Fleet of 12-Downs USA Today 14 Sep 2017
Ill-fated fleet of 1588 USA Today 29 Aug 2017
Navy member — nothing without leader The Times Cryptic 31 Jul 2017
Spanish war fleet The Times Concise 20 Jul 2017
Group of war ships Universal 22 Jun 2017
Historic Spanish fleet The Washington Post 29 May 2017
Engaged in war, Madagascan navy The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Jan 2017
Fleet destroyed by the Protestant Wind LA Times Daily 31 Dec 2016
Naval force heading for Algiers -- not all there captured by artist The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Dec 2016
Large fleet The Telegraph Quick 29 Nov 2016
Oceanic force Newsday 29 Oct 2016
Spain's ill-fated force USA Today 27 Oct 2016
Fighting flotilla Newsday 09 Oct 2016
A Sandhurst lawyer displaying a lot of craft The Times Cryptic 24 Aug 2016
Doomed Spanish fleet LA Times Daily 26 Jul 2016
A jolly woman in navy The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Jun 2016
Round the bend in a river, a collection of warships The Telegraph Cryptic 15 May 2016
Fleet defeated in 1588 USA Today 09 May 2016
Military flotilla USA Today 29 Jan 2016
Ships in a drama, destroyed The Sun Two Speed 15 Dec 2015
Fleet member with palindromic name The Telegraph Cryptic 10 Nov 2015
Fighting force Universal 21 Oct 2015
Oceangoing force Universal 06 Oct 2015
Fleet opposed by Sir Francis Drake New York Times 22 Sep 2015
Spanish fleet of 1588 New York Times 29 Jun 2015
Many ships girl's seen by inlet The Telegraph Toughie 05 May 2015
16th-century Spanish fleet LA Times Daily 17 Feb 2015
Doomed 1588 fighting force LA Times Daily 04 Feb 2015
Naval fighting fleet
Big naval group
Fleet of fighting ships
Spanish force of 1588
Fleet of 1588
"Superstylin" Groove ___
Philip II's force
Old Spanish sailing force
Military fleet
Royal Navy foe of 1588
Assemblage of warships
Naval force
Maritime force
Duke of Medina Sidonia's command
Groove ___
Electronic duo Groove ___
Naval group
It may include destroyers
A destroyer may be in one
Loss of 1588
Floating fighting force
Force defeated in 1588
Noted 1588 loser
Large group of vehicles
1588 loser
Loser of 1588
Force in the ocean
Force commanded by the Duke of Medina Sidonia
Pride of Philip II
Fleet flop of 1588
Spanish force of old
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