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Crossword Clues for ARP

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Clue Source Date
Dadaist Jean Universal 07 Apr 2021
Dada co-founder Jean Family Time 21 Mar 2021
Strasbourg-born Dadaist LA Times Daily 19 Mar 2021
Ernst collaborator Wall Street Journal 19 Dec 2020
"Leaves and Navels" artist LA Times Daily 13 Dec 2020
'Leaves and Navels' artist The Washington Post 13 Dec 2020
His “Birds in an Aquarium” is in MoMA’s collection Wall Street Journal 10 Dec 2020
Dada co-founder LA Times Daily 08 Dec 2020
Artist Jean also known as Hans Wall Street Journal 12 Oct 2020
“Constellation According to the Laws of Chance” artist Wall Street Journal 30 Sep 2020
Famous Dadaist painter Jean Family Time 03 Aug 2020
Dada pioneer New York Times 02 Aug 2020
Dada pioneer Jean The Washington Post 08 Jun 2020
Big name in Dadaism New York Times 25 Mar 2020
Dadaist artist Eugene Sheffer 17 Feb 2020
Dada artist Jean Premier Sunday 06 Oct 2019
Artist who created 'chance collages' New York Times 13 Sep 2019
Artist who created "chance collages"
Dalí contemporary The Washington Post 29 Aug 2019
Unesco Building muralist Jonesin 27 Aug 2019
One of the first artists to incorporate random chance New York Times 09 Aug 2019
Cabaret Voltaire member The New Yorker 22 Jul 2019
Picasso contemporary Newsday 05 Jul 2019
Artist Jean New York Times 24 Mar 2019
Dadaism cofounder Family Time 21 Jan 2019
Sculptor Jean Universal 16 Jan 2019
Artist known as Jean or Hans Newsday 13 Jan 2019
Artist Jean ___ Family Time 17 Dec 2018
Acclaimed Dadaist Universal 04 Dec 2018
Dada VIP Jean Universal 27 Nov 2018
Dada dada Universal 08 Nov 2018
'Crumpled Papers' artist Jean Jonesin 16 Oct 2018
Surrealist Jean The Washington Post Sunday 30 Sep 2018
Duchamp contemporary New York Times 14 Sep 2018
Strasbourg-born Jean (or Hans) ____ was a 20th-century poet, sculptor and abstract artist The Times Specialist Sunday 02 Sep 2018
'Birds in an Aquarium' artist New York Times 19 Aug 2018
'Mustache Hat' artist Jean New York Times 03 Jul 2018
Ernst colleague Universal 02 Jul 2018
'Collage With Squares Arranged According to the Laws of Chance' artist New York Times 20 May 2018
'Sculpture to Be Lost in the Forest' sculptor The Washington Post Sunday 06 May 2018
Artist known as both Jean and Hans Wall Street Journal 16 Apr 2018
Duchamp praised his works as ''nonsense'' Newsday 17 Feb 2018
Outré artist in torn paper Newsday 10 Feb 2018
"Mustache Hat" artist Jean
"Collage With Squares Arranged According to the Laws of Chance" artist
"Birds in an Aquarium" artist
French artist Jean Premier Sunday 10 Dec 2017
Abstract artist Jean or Hans Newsday 26 Oct 2017
Sculptor/collagist Jean New York Times 08 Oct 2017
Klee contemporary Universal 15 Sep 2017
Dada artist Premier Sunday 03 Sep 2017
'A Navel' artist, 1923 New York Times 20 Aug 2017
Big name in Dada art Family Time 09 Jul 2017
Dada daddy? The Washington Post 09 Jul 2017
French Dada artist Jean Premier Sunday 02 Jul 2017
French painter Jean Universal 10 Jun 2017
'Dachshund Doll' sculptor Wall Street Journal 07 Jun 2017
His 'Enak's Tears' is on display at MoMA Wall Street Journal 27 May 2017
Artist Jean who pioneered in Dadaism New York Times 26 Apr 2017
Jean ___, father of Dadaism New York Times 27 Feb 2017
"Shirt Front and Fork" artist LA Times Daily 06 Jan 2017
"A Navel" artist, 1923
Painter Jean New York Times 11 Dec 2016
French abstract artist Newsday 19 Nov 2016
French Dadaist Jean The Washington Post 06 Oct 2016
Dadaist pioneer Universal 14 Sep 2016
French Dadaist New York Times 11 Sep 2016
Sculptor who described art as 'a fruit that grows in man' New York Times 09 Sep 2016
Ernst contemporary Wall Street Journal 15 Jul 2016
Renowned Dadaist Jean Universal 11 Jul 2016
Painter/poet Jean ___ New York Times 28 Mar 2016
Sculptor who described art as "a fruit that grows in man"
Jean who sculpted 'Cloud Shepherd' The Washington Post 19 Dec 2015
Dada painter Premier Sunday 13 Dec 2015
'Mountain, Navel, Anchors, Table' artist, 1925 New York Times 12 Dec 2015
Alsatian dadaist LA Times Daily 11 Nov 2015
Jean of Dada Wall Street Journal 30 Oct 2015
'Mountain, Navel, Anchors, Table' artist The Chronicle of Higher Education 09 Oct 2015
Colleague of Ernst Wall Street Journal 31 Jul 2015
"Head and Shell" artist LA Times Daily 26 Apr 2015
Dadaism founder LA Times Daily 19 Mar 2015
Dadaist sculptor USA Today 10 Feb 2015
"Mountain, Navel, Anchors, Table" artist, 1925
Dada cofounder Jean
"Mountain, Navel, Anchors, Table" artist
Dadaist Jean or Hans, who couldn't make up his mind about his name apparently
Kandinsky contemporary
Dada movement co-founder
Pioneering Dadaist
Dada papa?
Alsace-born artist
A founder of Dadaism
"Dada" Jean
French avant-garde artist Jean
Dada founder
A father of Dada
Dadaist artist Jean
Dadaism pioneer
Artist known as either Jean or Hans
He painted "Mustache Watch" and "Mustache Hat"
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.