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Crossword Clues for ARRIBA

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Clue Source Date
Excited Spanish cry Universal 12 Aug 2020
Exuberant cry south of the border New York Times 08 Apr 2020
Exuberant ''exclamación'' Newsday 26 Oct 2019
Cry from a toon sombrero wearer The Washington Post 09 Aug 2019
Spanish cry of elation The Washington Post Sunday 21 Apr 2019
Enthusiastic Spanish cry New York Times 21 Apr 2019
Gleeful cry in Granada The Chronicle of Higher Education 12 Jan 2018
Shout from Speedy The Washington Post 22 Apr 2017
Speedy Gonzales cry LA Times Daily 07 Dec 2016
Exuberant cry in Mexico Premier Sunday 20 Nov 2016
Certain Looney Tunes shout of approval Newsday 11 Jun 2016
Exuberant Mexican exclamation New York Times 20 Nov 2015
Speedy exhortation
Exuberant Spanish exclamation
Spanish shout of joy
Exultant Spanish shout
Mexican shout of elation
Spanish cheer
Speedy Gonzales exclamation
Spanish cry of exuberance
Seville shout
It's up to Speedy Gonzales?
Exuberant Spanish cry
"¡That's great!"
Above, in Bolivia
Upstairs, in Uruguay
Above, in Spanish
Upstairs: Span.
Upstairs: Sp.
Madrid's Falangist newspaper.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.