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Word "ARTERY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the body
arteria, arterial blood vessel

Part of Speech:
a major thoroughfare that bears important traffic

Crossword Clues for ARTERY

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Clue Source Date
Blood line Eugene Sheffer 02 Jan 2021
Throughway, e.g New York Times 15 Nov 2020
Lose the head in traffic close to highway - an important major road Irish Times Crosaire 10 Nov 2020
Circulatory vessel Universal 06 Nov 2020
Vessel from the heart USA Today 18 Sep 2020
Blood vessel The Times Concise 22 Jul 2020
Way to one's heart? LA Times Daily 14 Jun 2020
Major blood vessel Irish Times Simplex 03 Jun 2020
Vein counterpart Universal 03 Mar 2020
Major road Newsday 19 Jan 2020
Major route The Telegraph Quick 30 Nov 2019
Aorta, for one Universal 17 Nov 2019
Type of blood vessel Newsday 09 Sep 2019
Major thoroughfare Newsday 05 Jun 2019
Prince with no crown must protect the empty blood line The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Jan 2019
Place for a stent USA Today 01 Sep 2018
Place for a 41-Across USA Today 23 Aug 2018
Main transport route The Sun Two Speed 06 Jul 2018
Blood supplier using M1? The Sun Two Speed 06 Jul 2018
Line from the heart Universal 18 Jun 2018
Main road Thomas Joseph 02 Jun 2018
Search party loses chaps - your heart would go out to one of them Irish Times Crosaire 15 May 2018
Travel channel Newsday 28 Apr 2018
It comes from the heart Wall Street Journal 07 Apr 2018
Blood carrier Family Time 10 Dec 2017
Circulatory system part USA Today 24 Nov 2017
Major highway New York Times 02 Oct 2017
Place for an angioplasty USA Today 29 Jul 2017
Blood vessel from the heart Family Time 17 Jul 2017
Pretentious, receiving the Queen in this vein? The Telegraph Cryptic 04 Feb 2017
Channel with many branches LA Times Daily 15 Jan 2017
Outgoing vessel Newsday 23 Dec 2016
Conduit for corpuscles USA Today 14 Nov 2016
Creative when Queen's on board vessel The Telegraph Toughie 21 Jul 2016
Vessel, pretentious in style, carrying Her Majesty The Times Cryptic 06 Apr 2016
Main lane Universal 03 Apr 2016
Major blood carrier Universal 27 Dec 2015
This comes from the heart - bloodthirsty figure can't wait to get his teeth into it! Irish Times Crosaire 26 Nov 2015
Angioplasty target USA Today 09 Aug 2015
Important blood vessel Irish Times Simplex 16 Jun 2015
Vessel's part in westbound journey retraced The Times Cryptic 11 May 2015
Felt amazement The Times Concise 13 Mar 2015
This comes from the heart - bloodthirsty type can't wait to get his teeth into it! Irish Times Crosaire 05 Mar 2015
It carries cars or blood
Carotid, e.g.
Vein's counterpart
Red vessel?
Vein's kin
One may service an organ
Main channel
Corpuscle conduit
Main line
I-5 through Los Angeles, e.g.
Main highway
Main thoroughfare
Ventricle's outlet
It may be coronary or pulmonary
Angiogram sight
Big highway
Boulevard, e.g.
Pulsing vessel
Major transportation route
Main conduit
Turnpike, e.g.
Main route
Red line?
Course through the body
Blood supplier
Blood transport
Aorta, e.g.
Heart line
One from the heart
52 Down, e.g.
Flaminian Way, e.g.
Through street
Main way
Blood conduit
Important vessel
A major thoroughfare
Traffic site
25-Down, e.g.
Big vessel
Auto route
Traffic conduit
Principal channel
Main street
Femoral or carotid
Cross-city roadway
Distributor of a kind
Route 1 is one
Channel of communication
Blood channel
Principal street
Main stream
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.