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Word "ASCOT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a cravat with wide square ends; secured with an ornamental pin

Crossword Clues for ASCOT

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Clue Source Date
Coast remodelled for racing venue The Sun Two Speed 01 Mar 2021
Berkshire town The Sun Two Speed 01 Mar 2021
Berkshire racecourse LA Times Daily 21 Feb 2021
Royal racecourse The Sun Two Speed 16 Feb 2021
Article with silly cost in Berkshire town The Sun Two Speed 16 Feb 2021
Flamboyant neckwear Newsday 14 Feb 2021
English race place LA Times Daily 07 Feb 2021
A Glaswegian perhaps in racing venue The Sun Two Speed 29 Jan 2021
Wide British scarf/tie Family Time 27 Dec 2020
Tosca terrible in Berkshire town The Sun Two Speed 19 Dec 2020
A UK citizen in a place with many races The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Dec 2020
Wide, fancy necktie Eugene Sheffer 21 Nov 2020
Fancy neckwear Thomas Joseph 20 Nov 2020
A northerner in racing venue The Sun Two Speed 19 Oct 2020
Part of a U.S. military full-dress uniform The Washington Post 10 Oct 2020
Broad neckwear Universal 06 Oct 2020
Fancy tie Thomas Joseph 30 Sep 2020
Knotted neckwear Premier Sunday 20 Sep 2020
Gold Cup venue Wall Street Journal 18 Sep 2020
Coats worn in Berkshire town The Sun Two Speed 18 Sep 2020
Racecourse near Runnymede Newsday 17 Sep 2020
Cravat cousin The Washington Post 11 Sep 2020
A small, young horse left shed for racecourse The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Aug 2020
Dressy neckband USA Today 15 Aug 2020
Broad cravat tied under the chin; a make of gas water heater popular from the 1930s to the 1950s The Times Specialist Sunday 09 Aug 2020
Company in a street in Berkshire town The Sun Two Speed 03 Aug 2020
Flamboyant tie Newsday 05 Jul 2020
Broad, fancy tie Family Time 29 Jun 2020
Adult Glaswegian say in racing venue The Sun Two Speed 27 Jun 2020
Foppish scarf Premier Sunday 21 Jun 2020
Natty neckwear New York Times 27 May 2020
Tie type Canadiana 25 May 2020
A UK resident popular with Arabians, of course Irish Times Crosaire 16 May 2020
Garment worn by Fred in 'Scooby-Doo' USA Today 11 May 2020
R. L. Stevenson, say, put on a course The Telegraph Toughie 05 May 2020
Place for a stickpin Newsday 30 Apr 2020
Dressy tie Premier Sunday 19 Apr 2020
Fred's neckwear on 'Scooby-Doo' New York Times 07 Apr 2020
Article of apparel that's an anagram of other articles of apparel New York Times 29 Mar 2020
A Glaswegian say in Berkshire town The Sun Two Speed 22 Mar 2020
Fancy neck accessory USA Today 17 Mar 2020
Royal meeting a highlander The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Feb 2020
Racecourse town The Telegraph Quick 13 Feb 2020
A Brit somewhere in the Home Counties The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Feb 2020
Broad bit of neckwear The Washington Post Sunday 19 Jan 2020
Bit of foppish attire
Tosca ruined in Berkshire town The Sun Two Speed 30 Dec 2019
Race course The Times Concise 14 Dec 2019
Broad necktie The Times Concise 27 Oct 2019
Racing venue The Telegraph Quick 26 Oct 2019
Austin Powers neckwear USA Today 27 Sep 2019
Dandifying neckwear Wall Street Journal 07 Sep 2019
More than a British islander, but less than a team symbol New York Times 05 Sep 2019
Noted British racecourse New York Times 02 Sep 2019
Horse-racing venue The Telegraph Quick 16 Aug 2019
Wide tie Newsday 12 Aug 2019
Dandyish necktie Wall Street Journal 12 Aug 2019
Foppish neckwear USA Today 25 Jun 2019
Silken accessory, often The Washington Post Sunday 09 Jun 2019
A Southern place for layers? The Telegraph Toughie 31 May 2019
Tie named for a race venue USA Today 23 Apr 2019
Broad neck scarf Universal 17 Apr 2019
Tied accessory The Washington Post 31 Mar 2019
Race town near Windsor Castle The Washington Post 28 Mar 2019
Tie, top hat de rigueur here once a year The Telegraph Toughie 28 Feb 2019
Wide neckwear Universal 21 Feb 2019
Broad tie Family Time 17 Feb 2019
Horse course near Windsor Castle Universal 24 Jan 2019
Princess Margaret Stakes venue Newsday 12 Jan 2019
Coast's fantastic racing venue The Sun Two Speed 13 Dec 2018
Racecourse, one in Ayr? The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Dec 2018
Racecourse near Windsor Castle New York Times 03 Dec 2018
English racing village Family Time 15 Oct 2018
Ornate neckwear Newsday 14 Oct 2018
Natty scarf Premier Sunday 09 Sep 2018
Tie named for a racecourse USA Today 08 Sep 2018
Way-fancy tie Universal 03 Sep 2018
Fancy necktie The Washington Post 28 Aug 2018
Coast's meandering racing venue The Sun Two Speed 20 Aug 2018
British race site Universal 26 Jul 2018
Neckwear named for a British racecourse The Washington Post 16 Jul 2018
Racecourse The Telegraph Quick 20 Jun 2018
Neckwear choice Thomas Joseph 16 Jun 2018
Bit of fancy attire New York Times 25 May 2018
English racing town Universal 13 Apr 2018
Tacos cooked for a town The Sun Two Speed 01 Apr 2018
Race meeting notable for formal and fashionable dress The Guardian Speedy 25 Mar 2018
Famed British racecourse Wall Street Journal 20 Feb 2018
Dandy's neckwear Wall Street Journal 10 Feb 2018
Formal accessory The Washington Post Sunday 04 Feb 2018
A British national racecourse The Telegraph Cryptic 30 Jan 2018
Alternative to a four-in-hand New York Times 24 Jan 2018
Natty tie Premier Sunday 21 Jan 2018
English horse-racing venue New York Times 16 Jan 2018
Necktie with a stick pin, often USA Today 02 Jan 2018
Neckwear for Fred in 'Scooby-Doo' The Washington Post 06 Nov 2017
Neckwear for Fred in "Scooby-Doo" LA Times Daily 06 Nov 2017
Kind of cravat USA Today 30 Oct 2017
English course including a non-English person The Telegraph Cryptic 29 Oct 2017
Neckwear with a morning suit, perhaps USA Today 20 Oct 2017
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