Crossword Clues for ASIANS

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Clue Source Date
Tibetans, e.g Eugene Sheffer 23 Dec 2021
No money in mayonnaises produced by the Chinese Irish Times Crosaire 20 Oct 2021
Majority of the world’s population Wall Street Journal 10 Oct 2021
Mongols and Mughals, for example New York Times 06 Oct 2021
See 45-Across USA Today 14 Sep 2021
Natives of largest continent The Telegraph Quick 12 Aug 2021
Most people Newsday 18 Jul 2021
South Koreans and others Universal 11 Jun 2021
Balinese, e.g LA Times Daily 10 Jun 2021
Balinese, e.g The Washington Post 10 Jun 2021
Tibetans, e.g Eugene Sheffer 17 May 2021
More than half of humanity New York Times 09 May 2021
Chinese and Indians The Washington Post 03 Apr 2020
Chinese and Indians LA Times Daily 03 Apr 2020
Thais and Tibetans Thomas Joseph 12 Mar 2020
The Japanese and Chinese Newsday 09 Jul 2019
Most humans Newsday 11 Apr 2019
Absent from San Sebastian and from Tokyo Irish Times Crosaire 10 Apr 2019
Indians and Indonesians, e.g Wall Street Journal 25 Mar 2019
Indians and Bangladeshis Universal 17 Mar 2019
Indians, for example Wall Street Journal 02 Feb 2019
Koreans and Japanese Newsday 15 Jan 2019
About 60 percent of humans Universal 12 Jan 2019
Indians, for example
About 60 percent of humans
Indians and Indonesians, e.g.
Indians and Bangladeshis
'Crazy Rich ___' (hit 2018 movie) New York Times 03 Sep 2018
Six out of ten people Wall Street Journal 07 Mar 2018
Thais and Taiwanese Newsday 07 Mar 2018
Roughly 37% of U.S. immigrants New York Times 17 Feb 2018
"Crazy Rich ___" (hit 2018 movie)
Roughly 37% of U.S. immigrants
Natives of e.g. India The Telegraph Quick 22 Dec 2017
21-Across natives, e.g USA Today 04 Dec 2017
Most people LA Times Daily 27 Sep 2017
Most people The Washington Post 27 Sep 2017
Japanese and Chinese, e.g Universal 26 Jul 2017
Tibetans and Timorese Newsday 09 Jul 2017
Afghans, for example Newsday 30 Jun 2017
Dwellers east of the Urals New York Times 20 Jun 2017
Mongolians, e.g Premier Sunday 16 Apr 2017
Kazakhs and Koreans Newsday 12 Mar 2017
Most of the world's people The Washington Post 28 Feb 2017
Tibetans and Thais The Washington Post 07 Feb 2017
21-Across natives, e.g.
Dwellers east of the Urals
Japanese and Chinese, e.g.
Most people
Orientals absent from San Sebastian Irish Times Crosaire 24 Nov 2016
Most Hong Kong Airport travelers LA Times Daily 05 Nov 2016
Thais or Tibetans, e.g The Chronicle of Higher Education 14 Oct 2016
What most humans are Universal 18 Aug 2016
Koreans and Laotians Premier Sunday 22 May 2016
The Golden Horde, e.g New York Times 30 Apr 2016
Thais or Tibetans, e.g.
What most humans are
More than half of us all Newsday 30 Oct 2015
More than half of us all
They have lots of land
Chinese and Thai, e.g.
Ang Lee and Jet Li, e.g.
Japanese, e.g.
Uzbeks or Kazakhs
28-Across natives, e.g.
Australians, e.g., according to some claims
Koreans, e.g.
About 60% of the world's inhabitants
Japan natives, e.g.
Nagasaki natives
Chinese and Japanese
The majority of the world's population
More than 50% of humanity
Japanese or Javanese
Thais and Tibetans
Indians, e.g.
Laotians and Koreans, e.g.
Most people
Most of the world's people
Afghans, e.g.
Most people
Tibetans and Thais
Jackie Chan and others
About 60 percent of us
Jackie Chan and others
Most humans, geographically
Japanese and Javanese
Iranis, Iraqis, and others
Many 31-Across practitioners
Chinese, e.g.
Uzbeks, e.g.
Most people, statistically
Uzbeks, e.g.
Indians, e.g.
Taiwanese, e.g.
Taiwanese, e.g.
Bhutanese, e.g.
Koreans and Cambodians
Far Easterners
About 60 percent of us
Kurds and Nepalis
Japanese and Koreans
Cambodians and Sri Lankas
Cambodians and Iranis
Nepalese, e.g.
Indians, e.g.
Most people
Nepalese, e.g.
Indians, e.g.
Over half the world's population
Huns, e.g.
Indians, e.g.
Mongol horde, e.g.
Tamils and Thais
Most earthlings
People with the most people
Most people, really
Most earthlings
More than half of us
Some Turks
Singapore natives, e.g.
Thais and most tigers
Most Turks
Residents of the largest continent
Chinese or Japanese
Nagasaki natives
Most of the world's inhabitants
Tibetans and Thais
Mongols, e.g.
Most people
Iranis and Iraqis
Uzbeks, for example
More than half of all earthlings
Japanese or Chinese
Thais, e.g.
Most earthlings
Thais, e.g.
Some Russians
They occupy 30% of the earth's land
Indians and Indonesians
Tibetans, e.g.
About 60% of the world's population
Thais, e.g.
Indians and others
Thais, e.g.
More than 25% of immigrants to the U.S.
They have the most land
Tibetans, e.g.
Chinese, e.g.
Japanese, e.g.
Indians, Chinese and Syrians
Most numerous people
Mongolians, e.g.
Thais and Taiwanese
Japanese, e.g.
Indians and Iranis
Majority of humans
Most numerous continentals
Folks from Syria to Sarawak
Afghans, e.g.
Koreans and Laotians
Laotians, e.g.
Chinese, e.g.
Ah Sin and Miss Saigon
Filipinos, for example
Kurds and Turks
Nepal natives
Mao's followers
Thais and Taiwanese
Ho and Mao
Three-fifths of the world's people
Orientals, e.g.
Vietnamese and Nepalese, e.g.
Some Indians
More than half the world's population
Thais, e.g.
Their Monday is our Sunday
Burmese and Siamese
Tamils and Thais
Bhutanese, e.g.
Tai and Lai
Poona natives
Chinese and Japanese
Pakistanis, Burmese, etc.
Thais and Chinese, e.g.
Thais or Chinese
Eastern peoples
Eastern people
People of a world area
Peoples west of the Urals.
Burmese and Nepalese.
See 45 Across.
1,665,000,000 people.
Chinese and Japanese.
Far Easterners.
Faraway continentals.
Meeters at Bandung.
Pakistani and others.
Millions of the East.
1,251,983,000 people.
They're over a billion strong.
Mao, Nehru, Rhee, etc.
Koreans, Manchurians, etc.
People conquered by Genghis Khan.
Young Turks, e.g.
41-Down residents
Tamils, e.g.
49-Down residents
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