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Word "ASSETS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
anything of material value or usefulness that is owned by a person or company

Crossword Clues for ASSETS

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Clue Source Date
Positive traits USA Today 01 May 2021
They may be frozen The Washington Post Sunday 25 Apr 2021
Balance sheet category LA Times Daily 15 Apr 2021
Marketable traits USA Today 03 Feb 2021
Useful skills Newsday 29 Jan 2021
Cash and stocks, e.g USA Today 03 Jan 2021
Things in the plus column New York Times 18 Dec 2020
The plus side New York Times 06 Dec 2020
Estate Tax not quite covering debt at the end The Telegraph Toughie 02 Dec 2020
Pluses The Washington Post Sunday 22 Nov 2020
Stocks and such The Washington Post 18 Oct 2020
Idiots accepting leader of Tories' qualities The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Oct 2020
Siamese cats ignoring mice? A lot of pluses in that! Irish Times Crosaire 05 Oct 2020
They may be liquid or frozen Wall Street Journal 24 Sep 2020
Those hiding in Bahamas set sights on the balance sheet Irish Times Crosaire 27 Aug 2020
Cash, paid-off cars, stocks and such Family Time 27 Jul 2020
Listings in a calculation of one's net worth New York Times 06 Jul 2020
Holdings The Washington Post 11 Jun 2020
Inventory and cash Universal 06 Jun 2020
Things of value Newsday 18 May 2020
Total value of possessions Irish Times Simplex 05 May 2020
Brains and brawn Newsday 14 Mar 2020
Net worth component LA Times Daily 23 Feb 2020
Valuable possessions Irish Times Simplex 17 Dec 2019
Strengths New York Times 13 Dec 2019
One's valuable possessions Irish Times Simplex 10 Sep 2019
Characters in Arkansas set sights on the balance sheet Irish Times Crosaire 28 Aug 2019
'Plus' qualities Premier Sunday 18 Aug 2019
Great traits Premier Sunday 21 Jul 2019
Possessions from a place in the boat Irish Times Crosaire 12 Jul 2019
Resources The Telegraph Quick 02 Jul 2019
Goods The Telegraph Quick 22 Jun 2019
'Liquid' or 'frozen' things USA Today 07 Jun 2019
They're worth something Wall Street Journal 01 Jun 2019
Stocks and bonds, e.g USA Today 04 May 2019
They might be frozen Wall Street Journal 02 Apr 2019
When arranged start to sell property The Telegraph Toughie 26 Mar 2019
Items of value Newsday 20 Mar 2019
Strong points Eugene Sheffer 23 Feb 2019
Liabilities' opposites Universal 04 Feb 2019
Stocks and bonds, e.g.
"Liquid" or "frozen" things
Valuable qualities Premier Sunday 09 Dec 2018
One's valuables Irish Times Simplex 05 Dec 2018
Balance-sheet pluses Newsday 21 Nov 2018
Property The Times Concise 11 Nov 2018
Ledger column The Washington Post 24 Oct 2018
Possessions The Telegraph Quick 09 Sep 2018
Portfolio listings The Washington Post 26 Aug 2018
Desirable qualities Thomas Joseph 21 Aug 2018
A small clique's property The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Aug 2018
Helpful holdings The Washington Post 05 Aug 2018
Your money and your smile Universal 14 Jun 2018
Fine art and antiques, say The Washington Post 08 Jun 2018
Debts' opposites Universal 03 Jun 2018
Useful skills for a small group at school Irish Times Crosaire 04 Apr 2018
Balance sheet pluses Newsday 27 Mar 2018
Portfolio listing Wall Street Journal 03 Feb 2018
One side of a ledger New York Times 28 Jan 2018
Balance sheet items The Washington Post 26 Dec 2017
They may be liquid New York Times 22 Dec 2017
Black-ink items Universal 24 Nov 2017
Balance sheet listing Wall Street Journal 09 Sep 2017
''Liquid'' or ''frozen'' things Newsday 25 Aug 2017
Like groups offering worldly goods The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Aug 2017
Good traits Premier Sunday 13 Aug 2017
See 115-Down Premier Sunday 06 Aug 2017
Idiot's houses and French property The Telegraph Toughie 29 Jun 2017
Real estate, gold, silver, etc The Washington Post 29 Jun 2017
Accountant's list New York Times 14 May 2017
Real estate, gold, silver, etc.
Property stupid people distributed over time The Telegraph Cryptic 25 Dec 2016
Column heading in a financial statement The Washington Post 28 Nov 2016
Talents and owned properties, e.g Universal 22 Nov 2016
Fool holding company capital The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Oct 2016
Items of some worth, in the form of radios The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Sep 2016
What you own USA Today 29 Jul 2016
Portfolio items USA Today 01 Jun 2016
Resources needed by group on board a ship The Telegraph Cryptic 11 May 2016
Real estate and the like New York Times 08 May 2016
Collateral The Washington Post 01 May 2016
Building, inventory, cash on hand, etc New York Times 08 Mar 2016
Assassinate - taking away Asian resources Irish Times Crosaire 03 Mar 2016
Annual report list Wall Street Journal 02 Mar 2016
Talents and owned properties, e.g.
Cash, a winning smile, etc Universal 25 Nov 2015
Balance sheet column New York Times 30 Oct 2015
Advantages of test cases dropping, etc. Irish Times Crosaire 13 Oct 2015
Annual report listing Wall Street Journal 10 Oct 2015
Ban Ian leaving San Sebastian with valuable possessions Irish Times Crosaire 08 Oct 2015
Balance sheet heading Jonesin 24 Sep 2015
Valuables Canadiana 14 Sep 2015
Estate agent's beginning to value in seconds The Telegraph Toughie 15 Jul 2015
When class and society may show what one owns The Telegraph Toughie 04 Jun 2015
They may be intangible LA Times Daily 06 Mar 2015
Long suits Newsday 27 Feb 2015
Money and property, e.g Universal 30 Jan 2015
They may be frozen or liquid LA Times Daily 17 Jan 2015
A second TV's property worth having The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Jan 2015
Money and property, e.g.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.