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Word "ASTIR" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
on the move
the whole town was astir over the incident

Part of Speech:
out of bed
are they astir yet?

Crossword Clues for ASTIR

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Clue Source Date
Moving around LA Times Daily 28 Feb 2021
Moving New York Times 27 Feb 2021
Moving about The Washington Post Sunday 13 Dec 2020
In motion, poetically USA Today 05 Dec 2020
Up and about The Sun Two Speed 04 Dec 2020
Moving wine back to cellar The Sun Two Speed 04 Dec 2020
Up and at 'em LA Times Daily 17 Nov 2020
Excited New York Times 13 Nov 2020
Just waking up Newsday 14 Oct 2020
On the move The Washington Post 19 Sep 2020
Showing life Wall Street Journal 10 Jun 2020
Awake and up The Times Concise 27 Feb 2020
In motion; up and about The Guardian Speedy 09 Feb 2020
Showing signs of life Universal 25 Oct 2019
Awake and moving Family Time 19 Aug 2019
Dormant no longer Newsday 15 Jun 2019
Out of bed Universal 25 Jan 2019
Animated bubbly Romeo The Telegraph Toughie 07 Nov 2018
Shaking awake Universal 07 Nov 2018
No longer sleeping USA Today 26 Oct 2018
Tossing back the covers Universal 07 Sep 2018
Moving wine to back of cellar The Sun Two Speed 20 Aug 2018
Awake and out of bed The Sun Two Speed 20 Aug 2018
Freshly wakened Universal 26 Jun 2018
In motion Newsday 13 May 2018
Buzzing The Washington Post 28 Dec 2017
Bustling New York Times 26 Oct 2017
No longer dormant Universal 08 Aug 2017
No longer still Universal 29 Jul 2017
Up The Washington Post 28 Apr 2017
In motion pictures, ultimately absorbed by Ms Hayworth's comeback The Times Cryptic 03 Mar 2017
Not lifeless Premier Sunday 12 Feb 2017
Full of activity Universal 27 Dec 2016
Not inert Newsday 10 Dec 2016
Up and buzzing about Universal 19 Nov 2016
Moving out of bed The Telegraph Cryptic 15 Aug 2016
Buzzing with activity The Washington Post 02 Aug 2016
Up in the morning Universal 13 Jun 2016
Sparkling wine, right, not still The Times Cryptic 01 Apr 2016
Up and moving about Universal 15 Mar 2016
Not still anymore LA Times Daily 21 Feb 2016
Moving a jug The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Feb 2016
Moving melody holy man's penned The Times Cryptic 24 Dec 2015
Moving component of car — it's always rotating The Times Cryptic 15 Dec 2015
Moving busily about Universal 07 Nov 2015
Awake and moving about USA Today 29 Sep 2015
Up and around USA Today 24 Aug 2015
Actively moving white queen The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Aug 2015
On the go Newsday 14 May 2015
Active The Chronicle of Higher Education 13 Feb 2015
Up doing things
No longer in bed
Waking up
Resting no more
Prison in commotion?
Out of the sack
Not dormant
Buzzing about
Not still
Not motionless
No longer motionless
Sunrise state
Like households after daybreak
About in the morning
Ready to face the day
Not abed
Exhibiting activity
Still no more
Moving slightly
Like most households after daybreak
Still no longer
Out and about
In the wind
Not inactive
Active state
Up and doing
Not sleeping
Up and going
Doing things
One the move
On the prowl
Up and about.
Up and doing.
Out of bed.
On the move.
In motion.
In a state of activity.
Bustling about.
On the go.
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