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Crossword Clues for ATEAM

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Clue Source Date
Best of the best New York Times 11 Apr 2021
Prime players Wall Street Journal 06 Apr 2021
Top-flight crew Universal 19 Mar 2021
Likely roster for the big game LA Times Daily 17 Feb 2021
Group of top players Thomas Joseph 08 Jan 2021
All-star squad USA Today 11 Nov 2020
Opening day squad Wall Street Journal 10 Nov 2020
Top group of athletes Universal 06 Nov 2020
First string New York Times 01 Nov 2020
Top squad USA Today 27 Oct 2020
Preferred group on the field The Washington Post 25 Oct 2020
Starting lineup Newsday 08 Oct 2020
First-stringers New York Times 21 Sep 2020
Go-to crew The Washington Post 14 Sep 2020
Starters New York Times 11 Sep 2020
'The ___' (Mr. T series) The Washington Post Sunday 30 Aug 2020
Squad of best players Newsday 26 Aug 2020
Top crew Newsday 19 Jul 2020
Lineup of the best players USA Today 19 Jul 2020
Elite unit LA Times Daily 28 Jun 2020
Squad's best players Newsday 28 Jun 2020
It has no subs LA Times Daily 26 Jun 2020
Starting squad Universal 20 Jun 2020
Top squad of athletes Universal 28 May 2020
Best players on the squad USA Today 18 May 2020
Elite squad USA Today 09 May 2020
Elite group Wall Street Journal 07 Apr 2020
Mr. T's crew Universal 31 Mar 2020
√Člite unit The New Yorker 30 Mar 2020
All-star group Wall Street Journal 15 Feb 2020
Starting unit The Washington Post Sunday 29 Dec 2019
Top players Newsday 28 Dec 2019
First-string players Thomas Joseph 31 Oct 2019
Elite crew Newsday 29 Sep 2019
Prioritized players The Washington Post 31 Aug 2019
Starting players New York Times 02 Jul 2019
Best players Premier Sunday 02 Jun 2019
Squad bringing more than their B game? New York Times 02 Jun 2019
Subs aren't on it The Washington Post 12 May 2019
Mr. T's outfit, with 'the' USA Today 01 May 2019
Mr. T's squad Universal 09 Apr 2019
Taking part in debate, a marvellous group of top people The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Jan 2019
Key players? Universal 10 Jan 2019
Mr. T's outfit, with "the"
Main sports squad Newsday 17 Dec 2018
Mr. T's TV crew The Washington Post Sunday 24 Jun 2018
Elite military unit Universal 21 Jun 2018
Group of the best and the brightest The Chronicle of Higher Education 25 May 2018
High school starters Universal 05 May 2018
TV ex-military group led by Hannibal Smith The Washington Post 13 Mar 2018
Show starring Mr. T, with "the" USA Today 27 Jan 2018
Varsity group
Varsity's starting squad Universal 20 Dec 2017
Drink in the morning - it's the best you have, for starters Irish Times Crosaire 07 Dec 2017
Collection of the best talent Wall Street Journal 18 Nov 2017
Mr. T's TV squad (with "The") Universal 24 Oct 2017
Starting 2-Down USA Today 17 Sep 2017
First-string squad USA Today 30 Aug 2017
Mr. T's troop The Washington Post 20 Aug 2017
Prime-time players Wall Street Journal 20 May 2017
Elite commando unit USA Today 16 May 2017
TV series with Mr. T (with "The") Universal 28 Apr 2017
Col. Hannibal Smith and the boys Universal 14 Apr 2017
So-called 'father of Czech music' New York Times 13 Apr 2017
Special Forces unit USA Today 03 Feb 2017
Mr. T's TV unit Universal 26 Oct 2016
Elite squad convened? Wall Street Journal 23 Sep 2016
"The ___" (series starring Mr. T) Universal 19 Jun 2016
Group of top advisers Wall Street Journal 20 Feb 2016
Special Forces unit court-martialed for a crime they didn't commit New York Times 04 Feb 2016
Varsity Newsday 30 Jan 2016
Best crew LA Times Daily 21 Jan 2016
Athletic starters Wall Street Journal 04 Jan 2016
Varsity starters Universal 02 Jan 2016
TV group featuring Mr. T, with 'the' New York Times 21 Dec 2015
First-string athletic group Premier Sunday 01 Nov 2015
Starting group of players Wall Street Journal 27 Oct 2015
Col. Hannibal Smith and squad Universal 07 Aug 2015
Crack squad New York Times 24 Jul 2015
Top performers USA Today 28 Jun 2015
Group of starting players Newsday 09 Jun 2015
Neeson flick of 2010 (with "The") USA Today 15 May 2015
Mr. T and cohorts USA Today 04 Apr 2015
Field standouts New York Times 21 Feb 2015
The best of the best eat bananas in the morning Irish Times Crosaire 13 Jan 2015
Mr. T show Boy George made a cameo on
TV group featuring Mr. T, with "the"
Top-notch squad
Best squad
Crack commando unit sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit, before escaping to the Los Angeles underground where today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune, with "the"
Starters, in sports
"Crack commando unit" of '80s TV
Mr. T's TV show, with "The"
"Crack commando unit" of old TV
Ed Sheeran song about a smart girl?
TV/movie group associated with this puzzle's theme?
Top sports squad
Select group
Mr. T's group
Mr. T's TV outfit
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.