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Word "ATLAS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the 1st cervical vertebra
atlas vertebra

Part of Speech:
a figure of a man used as a supporting column

Part of Speech:
a collection of maps in book form
book of maps, map collection

Crossword Clues for ATLAS

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Clue Source Date
Celestial sphere supporter Wall Street Journal 10 Apr 2021
Hold-up man in downbeat LA suburb The Telegraph Cryptic 20 Mar 2021
He's got a lot on his shoulders New York Times 20 Mar 2021
Big book of maps USA Today 16 Mar 2021
Travel aid Thomas Joseph 11 Mar 2021
Some great lasagne for hold-up man? The Sun Two Speed 07 Mar 2021
Map collection The Sun Two Speed 07 Mar 2021
World record? Eugene Sheffer 06 Mar 2021
Wherein the world? Wall Street Journal 04 Mar 2021
He has the world at his fingertips Universal 24 Feb 2021
Reference with rivers The Washington Post Sunday 14 Feb 2021
Book finally appearing? Not quite The Telegraph Cryptic 11 Feb 2021
Rockefeller Center statue New York Times 11 Feb 2021
Book for a geography buff USA Today 10 Feb 2021
Charles ___, how Angelo Siciliano is better known New York Times 06 Feb 2021
Map-filled tome Newsday 27 Jan 2021
Book with insets LA Times Daily 20 Jan 2021
Tin from Atlantis produced by Greek with the world on his shoulders Irish Times Crosaire 20 Jan 2021
Oversized volume Newsday 17 Jan 2021
Work of cartography New York Times 13 Jan 2021
Book of maps for Argentine province going all the way back Irish Times Crosaire 29 Dec 2020
Book of maps The Times Concise 16 Dec 2020
Mythical lifter Newsday 15 Dec 2020
Hold-up man in neat LA suburb The Sun Two Speed 12 Dec 2020
Location location The Washington Post Sunday 06 Dec 2020
World view you might open up to? New York Times 29 Nov 2020
In which you'll find this mountain range? The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Nov 2020
Geographic reference book Universal 30 Oct 2020
Titan condemned to hold up the heavens Wall Street Journal 27 Oct 2020
Reference book with maps USA Today 18 Oct 2020
Book you might mark your place in? Universal 15 Oct 2020
Google Earth predecessor The Washington Post Sunday 11 Oct 2020
Sky-supporting Titan The Washington Post 29 Sep 2020
Book often stored horizontally New York Times 09 Sep 2020
Map source Premier Sunday 30 Aug 2020
Reference book named after a Titan USA Today 26 Aug 2020
Book of world maps Newsday 18 Aug 2020
Map book Newsday 17 Aug 2020
He carries the weight of the world on his shoulders Universal 17 Aug 2020
One for the road? New York Times 14 Aug 2020
Holder of the heavens Wall Street Journal 05 Aug 2020
Titan finally scratching back The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Aug 2020
Explorer’s reference Wall Street Journal 28 Jul 2020
Country album from Umiat lass The Sun Two Speed 20 Jul 2020
Geographical reference book Universal 16 Jul 2020
Titan who held up the sky Irish Times Simplex 15 Jul 2020
One of the Titans Thomas Joseph 08 Jul 2020
Collection of maps LA Times Daily 14 Jun 2020
Legendary lifter Newsday 14 Jun 2020
Review? Salt away from the start for one of the titans! Irish Times Crosaire 11 Jun 2020
Load-bearing Titan Universal 05 Jun 2020
World book Newsday 31 May 2020
A sailor returning country album? The Sun Two Speed 22 May 2020
Geographic collection USA Today 18 May 2020
Cartographic creation The Washington Post Sunday 17 May 2020
Mythical world-bearer Newsday 30 Apr 2020
Book of many places Family Time 12 Apr 2020
Book that's out of this world? New York Times 12 Apr 2020
Reference book containing insets USA Today 09 Apr 2020
Part of some encyclopedias New York Times 08 Apr 2020
Uplifting mythological figure? Universal 24 Mar 2020
Legendary book? The New Yorker 02 Mar 2020
At the least, remove teeth of legendary strongman Irish Times Crosaire 25 Feb 2020
Reference book about time isn't finished Irish Times Crosaire 11 Feb 2020
Certain geography book Universal 31 Dec 2019
Places reference facing up, way off stockpile The Telegraph Toughie 27 Dec 2019
Greek taken out of Great Lakes has a lot on his shoulders Irish Times Crosaire 24 Dec 2019
Brother of Prometheus Newsday 22 Dec 2019
A kind of pathfinder? Canadiana 02 Dec 2019
Rand McNally publication USA Today 21 Nov 2019
Book with legends USA Today 18 Oct 2019
Book ultimately missing conclusion The Telegraph Cryptic 08 Oct 2019
Oversize reference book Newsday 17 Sep 2019
Cartographical collection Newsday 15 Sep 2019
Supporter of the heavens USA Today 04 Sep 2019
Bodybuilder Charles tucks into meat lasagne The Sun Two Speed 01 Sep 2019
World book? Universal 29 Aug 2019
Ayn Rand's shrugger USA Today 25 Jul 2019
Traveler's reference Jonesin 09 Jul 2019
Bodybuilder in downbeat LA suburb The Sun Two Speed 04 Jul 2019
Book filled with maps Family Time 20 May 2019
Geographer's book Wall Street Journal 20 May 2019
Heavens supporter Thomas Joseph 17 May 2019
America's first ICBM New York Times 11 Apr 2019
Carrier of the heavens The Washington Post Sunday 07 Apr 2019
Rand McNally book Universal 28 Mar 2019
A sailor looking up country album? The Sun Two Speed 20 Jan 2019
Reference named for a Titan USA Today 15 Jan 2019
Heaven-supporting Titan Wall Street Journal 09 Jan 2019
Strongman in great lassitude The Sun Two Speed 04 Jan 2019
Bearer of the sky, in myth USA Today 19 Dec 2018
Book of places Universal 14 Dec 2018
Country album? The Sun Two Speed 11 Dec 2018
Titan with an ocean named after him The Chronicle of Higher Education 07 Dec 2018
Plain text? The Washington Post Sunday 25 Nov 2018
Geography tome USA Today 22 Nov 2018
Provider of worldly views Universal 14 Nov 2018
Book unfortunately includes typos at the start The Telegraph Cryptic 16 Oct 2018
Strongman's finally knocking off early The Telegraph Toughie 09 Oct 2018
Calypso's father Wall Street Journal 12 Sep 2018
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