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Crossword Clues for ATT

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Clue Source Date
ABA member LA Times Daily 05 Mar 2021
Letters in a major cellular carrier's URL Universal 26 Feb 2021
NFL passing stat Wall Street Journal 10 Feb 2021
DIRECTV parent LA Times Daily 30 Jan 2021
It might result in a TD or an INT Wall Street Journal 20 Jan 2021
Law firm fig LA Times Daily 19 Jan 2021
QB's passing stat: Abbr New York Times 17 Jan 2021
QB stat Wall Street Journal 13 Jan 2021
J.D. holder Eugene Sheffer 08 Jan 2021
QB's stat: Abbr New York Times 04 Dec 2020 (website plugging lines) Newsday 28 Nov 2020
One arguing in court: Abbr New York Times 18 Nov 2020
Part of D.A.: Abbr Universal 17 Nov 2020
Legal fig New York Times 06 Nov 2020
Mahomes' try: Abbr Universal 19 Oct 2020
QB stat: Abbr New York Times 27 Sep 2020
Court worker: Abbr Thomas Joseph 26 Sep 2020
Trial fig LA Times Daily 24 Sep 2020
Bar assoc. member Newsday 23 Sep 2020
QB's pass: Abbr New York Times 06 Sep 2020
T-Mobile competitor: Abbr New York Times 26 Aug 2020
1-800-CALL-___ (bygone collect call service) Jonesin 04 Aug 2020
T, on the NYSE LA Times Daily 19 Jul 2020
NFL pass, complete or not The Washington Post 22 Mar 2020
Court figure: Abbr Wall Street Journal 03 Mar 2020
Sports stat that counts tries (Abbr.) USA Today 03 Mar 2020
Motion maker: Abbr LA Times Daily 16 Feb 2020
A.B.A. member: Abbr.
Lawyer: Abbr Thomas Joseph 13 Jan 2020
Verizon competitor Wall Street Journal 16 Dec 2019
QB’s try Wall Street Journal 12 Dec 2019
LL.D. holder Newsday 24 Nov 2019
Bar assn. member Wall Street Journal 16 Nov 2019 (phone service site) Newsday 18 Oct 2019
QB's stat The Washington Post 03 Oct 2019
Court fig New York Times 25 Sep 2019
Part of D.A Jonesin 24 Sep 2019
Brief writer, briefly The Washington Post 07 Aug 2019 (cell service's site) Newsday 21 Jul 2019 (telecom company's website) Newsday 28 Apr 2019
Legal advocate: Abbr New York Times 27 Apr 2019
QB's try Universal 21 Apr 2019
Court V.I.P.: Abbr New York Times 04 Apr 2019, site with the category 'Cellphones & tablets' New York Times 27 Jan 2019
One half of a controversial merger The New Yorker 07 Jan 2019
Lawyer: Abbr., site with the category "Cellphones & tablets"
Legal advocate: Abbr.
Court fig.
Court V.I.P.: Abbr.
Law firm fig.
Member of the bar: Abbr Wall Street Journal 26 Nov 2018
Communications co. with a blue-and-white globe logo The Washington Post 31 Oct 2018
Trying person, for short Wall Street Journal 26 Jul 2018
Public defender, for one: Abbr The Washington Post 09 Jul 2018
Many a role on TV's 'Suits': Abbr New York Times 22 Jun 2018
Grisham hero, often: Abbr The Washington Post 07 Apr 2018
Co. that spawned Baby Bells The Washington Post 01 Apr 2018
Letters on a communications corp. logo The Washington Post 23 Feb 2018
One who's passed the bar: Abbr New York Times 28 Jan 2018
One with a J.D.
Member of the bar: Abbr.
QB's stat: Abbr.
One who's passed the bar: Abbr.
Many a role on TV's "Suits": Abbr.
Public defender, for one: Abbr.
Grisham hero, often: Abbr.
Courtroom fig Jonesin 29 Aug 2017
Brief writer, in brief Wall Street Journal 07 Aug 2017
D.A., for one Jonesin 25 Jul 2017 (website touting DIRECTV) Newsday 03 Jun 2017 (cellular service site) Newsday 07 May 2017
Phone inits New York Times 17 Mar 2017
Phone inits.
Part of D.A.: Abbr.
U-verse provider LA Times Daily 16 Dec 2016
Bar member (Abbr.) USA Today 08 Dec 2016
Now and then New York Times 02 Oct 2016
Baby Bells' parent The Washington Post 30 Aug 2016
Verizon rival, initially Jonesin 02 Aug 2016
QB's try: Abbr New York Times 12 Jun 2016
Bar fig The Washington Post 22 May 2016
Call letters? New York Times 19 Apr 2016
Verizon rival LA Times Daily 11 Apr 2016
'L.A. Law' character The Washington Post 30 Mar 2016
Brief filer: Abbr Wall Street Journal 25 Jan 2016
Short one at the bar? LA Times Daily 08 Jan 2016
QB's try: Abbr.
Hearing aide: Abbr Wall Street Journal 28 Nov 2015
Fig. in TV's "Suits" LA Times Daily 28 Aug 2015
Edgar Bergen's dummy of old radio New York Times 20 Aug 2015
Hearing aide: Abbr.
QB stat: Abbr.
Communications giant with a one-letter stock symbol
"Boston Legal" fig.
Settlement figure?: Abbr.
___ Gen.
Part of D.A.
Many a defender (Abbr.)
Communications giant (with "&")
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