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Crossword Clues for ATTAR

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Clue Source Date
Smell of a rose New York Times 14 Feb 2021
Fragrant oil Universal 12 Jan 2021
Fragrant floral oil Wall Street Journal 11 Aug 2020
Rose petal oil Premier Sunday 26 Jul 2020
Rose petal perfume The Washington Post 12 Jul 2020
Oil from rose petals Wall Street Journal 11 Jul 2020
Rose extract The Washington Post 03 May 2020
Rose oil LA Times Daily 15 Mar 2020
Essential oil from some flowers Family Time 25 Nov 2019
Perfumey oil obtained from flowers Family Time 11 Nov 2019
Rose petal extract Jonesin 20 Aug 2019
Oil in many perfumes Newsday 28 Jun 2019
Rose essence The Chronicle of Higher Education 30 Nov 2018
Essential rose oil The Washington Post 22 Oct 2018
Perfume ingredient Wall Street Journal 21 Apr 2018
Fragrant oil from flowers Family Time 25 Mar 2018
Perfume from flowers Universal 06 Mar 2018
Fragrant oil from petals
Perfumery oil Premier Sunday 17 Dec 2017
Fragrant rose oil Universal 28 Oct 2017
Essential oil Family Time 17 Sep 2017
Perfumer's ingredient The Washington Post 04 Aug 2017
It can come out smelling like a rose Universal 09 Jun 2017
Essential flower oil Universal 06 Jun 2017
Damask rose product Universal 28 Apr 2017
Floral perfume from roses Family Time 03 Apr 2017
Fragrant oil from rose petals Universal 15 Feb 2017
Essence from rose petals Jonesin 13 Dec 2016
Perfume obtained from flower petals Family Time 11 Dec 2016
Fragrant essence Wall Street Journal 10 Dec 2016
Perfume obtained from petals Universal 18 Nov 2016
Essential oil from roses Universal 15 Sep 2016
Essence of roses Universal 05 Sep 2016
Otto getting endless stick for turning back The Times Cryptic 24 Jun 2016
Floral oil Premier Sunday 29 May 2016
Floral perfume Family Time 07 Mar 2016
Petal product USA Today 16 Feb 2016
Perfume base Canadiana 08 Feb 2016
Oil of roses The Times Concise 28 Jan 2016
Natural perfume New York Times 14 Jan 2016
Oil from flowers USA Today 31 Dec 2015
Flower's essential oil USA Today 29 Dec 2015
Fragrant oil of roses The Times Concise 08 Dec 2015
Essential oil from flowers Universal 17 Nov 2015
Petal perfume USA Today 15 Sep 2015
Flower-petal oil Universal 28 Jul 2015
___ of roses New York Times 27 Jul 2015
Perfume from flower petals Premier Sunday 19 Apr 2015
__ of roses LA Times Daily 10 Apr 2015
Perfume from roses Universal 12 Mar 2015
Oil derived from petals
Rose fragrance
Flowery perfume
Perfume essence
Oil from flower petals
Fragrance of roses
Floral fragrance
Floral essential oil
Flower-petal perfume
Perfume oil
Fragrant extract
___ of roses (perfumed oil)
Perfume from petals
Fragrant essential oil
Sweet-smelling perfume
Flowery perfume ingredient
It makes scents?
Flower-based perfume
Perfume from rose petals
Oil obtained from flowers
Perfumer's distillation
Perfume base, perhaps
It may come out smelling like a rose
Rose-petal extract
It may smell like a rose
Certain perfume
Rosa damascena product
Scent source
Rose perfume
Floral essence
Rose oil, e.g.
Perfume essential
It makes scents
Perfume component
Petals' essence
Oil of rose petals, e.g.
Flower essence
Flower fragrance
Perfumery supply
Perfume source
Product of petals
Fragrant perfume
Essential fragrance
Flower-derived perfume oil
Oil of rose petals
Sweet-smelling substance
Perfume from damask roses
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.