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Crossword Clues for ATTLEE

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Clue Source Date
Wartime politician Clement The Sun Two Speed 26 Jan 2021
Leader once in battle epic The Sun Two Speed 26 Jan 2021
Postwar British prime minister Wall Street Journal 20 Oct 2020
Prime minister before and after Churchill Wall Street Journal 29 Jul 2020
Wartime leader Clement The Sun Two Speed 28 Jul 2020
Battle start delayed by English PM The Sun Two Speed 28 Jul 2020
Former prime minister The Times Concise 18 Apr 2020
Fight to oust second-class English PM The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Nov 2019
Heading off fight, English prime minister once The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Oct 2019
Clement —, PM The Times Concise 02 Oct 2019
Churchill's successor in 1945 New York Times 18 Jul 2019
British prime minister after WWII The Washington Post 05 Jun 2019
Labour party leader between Lansbury and Gaitskell The Times Specialist Sunday 03 Mar 2019
Churchill's 1945 successor The Washington Post 24 Nov 2018
Former British prime minister Clement Premier Sunday 04 Nov 2018
Clement ..., former British prime minister Irish Times Simplex 07 Aug 2018
1940s P.M New York Times 04 May 2018
1940s P.M.
Prime minister in the British Labour Party’s first majority government The Times Specialist Sunday 24 Sep 2017
Former PM The Times Concise 12 Apr 2017
Prime minister after and before Churchill The Washington Post 06 Sep 2016
Prattle endlessly, detaining former PM The Telegraph Cryptic 01 Sep 2016
Old British leader, a general on the wagon? The Telegraph Toughie 29 Jun 2016
Clement —, former PM The Times Concise 18 May 2016
P.M. after and before Churchill New York Times 03 Apr 2016
Truman's British counterpart The Washington Post 03 Jan 2016
Churchill's successor USA Today 01 Apr 2015
Truman's UK counterpart
Churchill successor
Truman's U.K. counterpart
'30s-'50s British Labour Party leader
British P.M. after Churchill
Postwar prime minister
Prime minister between Churchill's terms
Churchill's predecessor
Churchill's successor and predecessor
British Prime Minister Clement
Prime minister of 1945
Postwar British leader
Prime Minister between Churchill's terms
Churchill was his predecessor and successor
Churchill's predecessor and successor
British P.M. during the creation of Israel
1940s British P.M.
He came after Churchill
Labour Party leader from 1935 to 1955
He was preceded and followed by Churchill
Clement of Britain
Landslide election winner of 1945
Former British P.M. Clement ___
Prime minister before Churchill
Potsdam Conference attendee
About whom Churchill purportedly said "A modest man who has much to be modest about"
U.K. P.M. Clement
Churchill follower
Prime minister who served between Churchill's two terms
Post-WWII British prime minister Clement
Churchill's successor at Potsdam
"Twilight of Empire" autobiographer
British Labor prime minister
British prime minister, 1945-51
'50s' British prime minister
British Prime Minister
"As It Happened" memoirist, 1954
'50s British prime minister
Former British P.M. Sir Clement ___
Prime minister preceded by and followed by Churchill
Predecessor and successor of Churchill
'40s British prime minister
A Churchill successor
British PM: 1945-51
Churchill contemporary
British PM 1945-51
Postwar P.M.
Post-W.W. II Prime Minister
Leader of '45
British P.M.: 1945-52
Clement ___, British statesman
Churchill's successor as P.M.: 1945
Great Britain's P.M.: 1945–51
English prime minister: 1945–51
Churchill's successor: 1945
British Prime Minister: 1945–51
British P.M.: 1945–51
Laborite P.M.
Former British P.M.
British P.M.
British statesman
Former British P. M.
P.M. of 1945.
British statesman.
British notable.
Former Prime Minister.
Recent guest of Red China.
British political leader.
He speaks in Philadelphia on March 31.
British opposition leader.
Resident of 10 Downing Street.
British election figure.
Target of "Shadow Cabinet."
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