Word "AUCTIONEER" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
sell at an auction
auction, auction off

Part of Speech:
an agent who conducts an auction

Crossword Clues for AUCTIONEER

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Clue Source Date
Hammer handler Newsday 09 Sep 2021
One responsible for lots being sold? The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Jul 2021
Person selling to the highest bidder Newsday 03 Aug 2020
Persuade someone to buy ale with no head - presumably one has lots to sell? Irish Times Crosaire 17 Feb 2020
One with lots to sell
Gavel banger Family Time 25 Feb 2018
The man who proclaims with a hammer that he has picked a pocket with his tongue The Times Specialist Sunday 07 Jan 2018
A truce I arranged, including individual who has lots to offer? The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Sep 2017
Sell last pieces of fine Japanese silver? He would. The Telegraph Toughie 18 Oct 2016
He'll let you have lots at knock-down prices The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Dec 2015
Seller with a gavel Newsday 03 Aug 2015
Seller with a gavel
Sotheby's employee
Bid solicitor
Hammer wielder
Block head?
"Going, going, gone" guy
Bid hearer
Professional talker
Fast talker
One with lots to offer
Grown man who cries
Salesman of a sort.
Special kind of salesman.
One who sees to your bidding?
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