Word "AUNT" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
the sister of your father or mother; the wife of your uncle
auntie, aunty

Crossword Clues for AUNT

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Clue Source Date
___ May, Marvel Comics character New York Times 04 Feb 2023
Make fun of New York Times 02 Feb 2023
Many a godmother LA Times Daily 01 Feb 2023
Pop's sister Eugene Sheffer 05 Jan 2023
Dad's sister Eugene Sheffer 17 Dec 2022
Cheap babysitter, perhaps Wall Street Journal 13 Dec 2022
Parent's sister USA Today 09 Dec 2022
Uncle's wife Thomas Joseph 21 Nov 2022
Your daddy's sister Family Time 13 Nov 2022
Cousin's mom Eugene Sheffer 20 Oct 2022
Kate Middleton, to Archie and Lilibet LA Times Daily 19 Oct 2022
Pop's sister Eugene Sheffer 07 Oct 2022
Solange, to Blue Ivy Carter USA Today 06 Oct 2022
Tia, in English USA Today 04 Oct 2022
Talia Shire, to Nicolas Cage Wall Street Journal 15 Sep 2022
Cousin's mom Eugene Sheffer 07 Sep 2022
Dad's sister Family Time 05 Sep 2022
Relative The Telegraph Quick 03 Sep 2022
Mother's sister The Guardian Quick 24 Aug 2022
Mom's sister USA Today 12 Aug 2022
Em or Bee, e.g New York Times 17 Jul 2022
Relative who might be great Universal 24 Jun 2022
Family relative The Times Concise 17 Jun 2022
Head off to visit relative The Times Specialist 05 Jun 2022
Father's sister, maybe Universal 25 May 2022
Uncle's wife Thomas Joseph 25 May 2022
May, to Peter Parker Universal 28 Apr 2022
Kinswoman The Telegraph Quick 27 Apr 2022
Female relative The Guardian Speedy 24 Apr 2022
Most of those closing 13 down for a family member Irish Times Crosaire 22 Apr 2022
Mom's sister Newsday 20 Apr 2022
Woman with nieces Newsday 20 Mar 2022
Family member presents gold nugget hollowed out The Guardian Quiptic 14 Mar 2022
Dad's sister Newsday 08 Mar 2022
Polly, to Tom Wall Street Journal 26 Feb 2022
Relative is wasted being out of head
Vivian Banks, to the Fresh Prince USA Today 13 Dec 2021
Em, to Dorothy Premier Sunday 05 Dec 2021
Cousin's mom USA Today 02 Nov 2021
Female relative The Telegraph Quick 25 Oct 2021
Pop's sister Eugene Sheffer 16 Oct 2021
One who might dote on a nibling USA Today 08 Oct 2021
Relative having a cheerful manner without any frills
Mother's sister, say Universal 18 Sep 2021
Relative with a universal set of books The Telegraph Cryptic 18 Sep 2021
Reunion attendee LA Times Daily 14 Sep 2021
Reunion attendee The Washington Post 14 Sep 2021
Tia, in English USA Today 13 Sep 2021
Somewhat daunting relation
Family member such as Sally in the mnemonic PEMDAS USA Today 10 Aug 2021
Cousin's parent USA Today 06 Aug 2021
Julia Roberts, to Emma Roberts Universal 03 Aug 2021
Em, to Dorothy Wall Street Journal 02 Aug 2021
Cheap babysitter, perhaps Wall Street Journal 28 Jul 2021
One spoiling a nephew, perhaps USA Today 09 Jul 2021
Gilt books for relation The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Jun 2021
Your daddy's sister Family Time 30 May 2021
Reunion attendee Newsday 28 May 2021
Your parent's sister The Washington Post Sunday 23 May 2021
Tuna for the odd relative Irish Times Simplex 17 May 2021
Family female Newsday 09 May 2021
Relative is haggard — not good!
Dad's sister, to you Family Time 18 Apr 2021
Relative's husband leaving frequently visited place
May, to Peter Parker LA Times Daily 28 Mar 2021
May, to Peter Parker The Washington Post 28 Mar 2021
Bee, to Opie The Washington Post 24 Mar 2021
Bee, to Opie LA Times Daily 24 Mar 2021
Rosemary Clooney, to George Clooney New York Times 23 Mar 2021
Old gossip's reach, no time in disappearing
Female relative Irish Times Simplex 16 Mar 2021
Relative The Telegraph Quick 12 Mar 2021
Certain wedding guest The Washington Post Sunday 14 Feb 2021
Granny's daughter, maybe Newsday 04 Feb 2021
Six-footer who's only a few millimeters tall The Washington Post Sunday 31 Jan 2021
Uncle's wife Thomas Joseph 25 Jan 2021
Alexandra, to Scout, in 'To Kill a Mockingbird' The Washington Post Sunday 24 Jan 2021
Family member LA Times Daily 21 Jan 2021
Family member The Washington Post 21 Jan 2021
Family relative The Times Concise 14 Jan 2021
Father's sister, e.g Universal 14 Jan 2021
Cousin's mom Eugene Sheffer 13 Jan 2021
Family member who's an anagram of a fish USA Today 01 Jan 2021
Mother's sister, maybe Universal 30 Dec 2020
Mom's sister Newsday 09 Dec 2020
Polly or Em Thomas Joseph 27 Nov 2020
Uncle's mate Family Time 08 Nov 2020
Meghan, to George, Charlotte and Louis Wall Street Journal 07 Nov 2020
Family reunion attendee The Washington Post 25 Oct 2020
Family reunion attendee LA Times Daily 25 Oct 2020
Worker brought round uniform for kinswoman The Sun Two Speed 19 Oct 2020
Female relative The Sun Two Speed 19 Oct 2020
Pop’s sib Wall Street Journal 06 Oct 2020
Patty or Selma, to Bart USA Today 14 Sep 2020
Family reunion invitee USA Today 06 Sep 2020
Bee or Em Premier Sunday 06 Sep 2020
Many a godmother Universal 20 Aug 2020
Em, to Dorothy, in 'The Wizard of Oz' New York Times 17 Aug 2020
Family member USA Today 11 Aug 2020
Pop's sister Eugene Sheffer 04 Aug 2020
Worker embracing posh relative The Sun Two Speed 03 Aug 2020
Kinswoman The Sun Two Speed 03 Aug 2020
Rosemary Clooney, to George LA Times Daily 02 Aug 2020
Rosemary Clooney, to George The Washington Post 02 Aug 2020
Solange, to Blue Ivy Carter Wall Street Journal 29 Jul 2020
Godmother, often USA Today 26 Jul 2020
Family reunion attendee USA Today 10 Jul 2020
Petunia Dursley, to Harry Potter Universal 03 Jul 2020
Vi or Viv, on TV USA Today 30 Jun 2020
Solange, to Blue Ivy USA Today 24 Jun 2020
Hilda or Zelda, to Sabrina Spellman USA Today 17 Jun 2020
Becky, to D.J., on 'Full House' The Washington Post Sunday 14 Jun 2020
Patty or Selma, to Bart Universal 13 Jun 2020
Uncle's wife New York Times 08 Jun 2020
Petunia Dursley, to Harry Potter Wall Street Journal 28 May 2020
Meghan Markle, to Princess Charlotte USA Today 27 May 2020
Ena in 'Bambi,' e.g New York Times 22 May 2020
Bee or Em LA Times Daily 02 May 2020
Bee or Em The Washington Post 02 May 2020
Hill-dweller accommodates posh relative
Uncle's love The Washington Post 28 Apr 2020
Uncle's love LA Times Daily 28 Apr 2020
Kinswoman, thin, refusing starter The Sun Two Speed 17 Apr 2020
Talia Shire, to Nicolas Cage Wall Street Journal 15 Apr 2020
Relative Fauntleroy entertains The Sun Two Speed 27 Mar 2020
Sally of timeless mockery?
Woman with a 32-Down New York Times 21 Mar 2020
Female relative The Telegraph Quick 07 Feb 2020
Relative that probably doesn't live with you Family Time 19 Jan 2020
Soldier brought round uniform for kinswoman The Sun Two Speed 28 Dec 2019
Selma, to Lisa The Washington Post Sunday 22 Dec 2019
Mom's sister LA Times Daily 19 Dec 2019
Mom's sister The Washington Post 19 Dec 2019
Vivian, to the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air USA Today 09 Dec 2019
Woman with a niece Newsday 04 Dec 2019
Tante,in Terrebonne Canadiana 18 Nov 2019
Relative The Times Concise 06 Nov 2019
Your first cousin's mom Newsday 29 Oct 2019
Fritzi Ritz, to Nancy USA Today 27 Oct 2019
Polly, to Tom Sawyer USA Today 05 Oct 2019
Em, to Dorothy LA Times Daily 16 Sep 2019
Em, to Dorothy The Washington Post 16 Sep 2019
Dad's sister Newsday 24 Jul 2019
Relative taunts endlessly
Bee or Em New York Times 12 May 2019
Relative's uninitiated provocation
Good to avoid haggard kinswoman The Sun Two Speed 28 Apr 2019
Eller, in 'Oklahoma!' USA Today 30 Mar 2019
A parental sibling USA Today 29 Mar 2019
Whisking daughter away, intimidate family member
Title heard at family reunions USA Today 18 Mar 2019
Hilda or Zelda, to Sabrina Wall Street Journal 09 Mar 2019
Ena, to Bambi USA Today 21 Feb 2019
Relative to jeer at? Not at first The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Jan 2019
Polly, to Tom The New Yorker 21 Jan 2019
Family member is cow (not daughter)
Fauntleroy's relative? The Sun Two Speed 11 Jan 2019
Relative to stroll without a bit of jeopardy
Polly, to Tom Sawyer
Ena, to Bambi
Bee or Em
Uncle's wife
Fritzi Ritz, to Nancy
Title heard at family reunions
May, to Peter Parker
Hilda or Zelda, to Sabrina
Em, to Dorothy
Eller, in "Oklahoma!"
Mom's sister Wall Street Journal 31 Dec 2018
___ Jemima New York Times 31 Dec 2018
Mayberry's ___ Bee USA Today 12 Dec 2018
Relative paraded at the centre
Eller, to Laurey, in 'Oklahoma!' USA Today 04 Dec 2018
Female kin Premier Sunday 25 Nov 2018
Polly, to Tom LA Times Daily 25 Nov 2018
Polly, to Tom The Washington Post 25 Nov 2018
. Close relative checking out Florida, a show-off
Kinswoman in uniform soldier brought round The Sun Two Speed 23 Nov 2018
Relative loses head in frequent hangout spot
Babysitter, at times Newsday 02 Nov 2018
Mom's sister Universal 17 Oct 2018
Patty, to Bart Simpson Universal 16 Oct 2018
Title for Princess Anne beginning in 1982 New York Times 13 Oct 2018
Common family member Universal 13 Oct 2018
Social worker interrupted by superior female The Telegraph Cryptic 12 Oct 2018
Lady in the family Family Time 01 Oct 2018
Pawnbroker's wife?
___ Beast ('A Wrinkle in Time' character) The Chronicle of Higher Education 21 Sep 2018
Family female Universal 15 Sep 2018
Kinswoman, posh, embraced by six-footer The Sun Two Speed 02 Sep 2018
See 56-Across The Washington Post 26 Aug 2018
Em, to Dorothy USA Today 26 Aug 2018
See 56-Across LA Times Daily 26 Aug 2018
Play truant, partly missing with older relative Irish Times Crosaire 30 Jul 2018
Family member, thin, refusing starter The Sun Two Speed 18 Jul 2018
Woman in a family tree LA Times Daily 17 Jul 2018
Woman in a family tree The Washington Post 17 Jul 2018
Family title with two pronunciations New York Times 17 Jul 2018
Victim of a homophonic misunderstanding, in Roald Dahl's "Dirty Beasts" The New Yorker 02 Jul 2018
One who cries 'Uncle!'? New York Times 17 Jun 2018
Julia, to Emma Roberts USA Today 14 Jun 2018
Meghan, to Prince Louis Wall Street Journal 04 Jun 2018
Petunia, to Harry Potter Newsday 02 Jun 2018
May or Bee New York Times 20 May 2018
Uncle's spouse Family Time 20 May 2018
Baby sitter, sometimes Universal 11 May 2018
Duke absent — intimidate family member The Sun Two Speed 08 May 2018
Jackie, on 'Roseanne' Jonesin 08 May 2018
Duke being absent, intimidate family member The Telegraph Toughie 03 May 2018
Polly or Selma, e.g Universal 22 Mar 2018
Area in E London to search for relative
Family member Newsday 01 Feb 2018
Family reunion attendee Universal 31 Jan 2018
Family reunion attendee Newsday 28 Jan 2018
Reunion attendee Wall Street Journal 23 Jan 2018
Vivian, to Will, on 'The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air' The Washington Post Sunday 21 Jan 2018
Mom or dad's sister Premier Sunday 14 Jan 2018
One who cries "Uncle!"?
May or Bee
Julia, to Emma Roberts
Family title with two pronunciations
Mayberry's ___ Bee
Em, to Dorothy
Baby sitter, sometimes
Eller, to Laurey, in "Oklahoma!"
Woman in a family tree
___ Jemima
Title for Princess Anne beginning in 1982
Family reunion attendee
Mom's sister
Patty, to Bart Simpson
Family member
Polly, to Tom
See 56-Across
Common family member
Family female
Meghan, to Prince Louis
Uncle relative
Mom's sister
___ Beast ("A Wrinkle in Time" character)
First cousin's mom Newsday 25 Dec 2017
Partner of uncle Family Time 06 Nov 2017
May, to Peter Parker The Washington Post Sunday 01 Oct 2017
Bee in Mayberry, e.g The Washington Post 01 Sep 2017
Bee in Mayberry, e.g LA Times Daily 01 Sep 2017
Many a godmother USA Today 21 Aug 2017
Tot tender, sometimes Newsday 11 Aug 2017
Relative who can relieve agony
Not-so-distant relative New York Times 07 Jul 2017
May or Polly of fiction New York Times 19 Jun 2017
Agatha, to Bertie Wooster Universal 29 May 2017
Your father's sister, to you Family Time 07 May 2017
Female relative The Times Concise 15 Mar 2017
Uncle's mate The Washington Post 06 Mar 2017
Uncle's mate LA Times Daily 06 Mar 2017
Cousin's mom Family Time 06 Feb 2017
Father's female sibling, to you Universal 23 Jan 2017
Relative missing Japan in short trip
Bee in Mayberry, e.g.
Agatha, to Bertie Wooster
Uncle's mate
Many a godmother
Not-so-distant relative
May or Polly of fiction
Tom Sawyer's Polly, e.g USA Today 23 Dec 2016
Volunteer sitter, perhaps Newsday 15 Dec 2016
Female in the family Newsday 11 Dec 2016
Headless torment from previous generation in the family Irish Times Crosaire 10 Dec 2016
Wooster's bane Universal 08 Dec 2016
Uncle's spouse Newsday 05 Dec 2016
Jane, to Bridget The Washington Post 09 Oct 2016
Relation making visit 'abitually The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Sep 2016
Patty or Selma, to Maggie Jonesin 20 Sep 2016
May, to Spider-Man Newsday 01 Sep 2016
'Please excuse my dear ___ Sally' (math mnemonic) New York Times 03 Aug 2016
Relation's adieu not hollow
Sister of your father Universal 12 Jun 2016
Female relative The Guardian Speedy 29 May 2016
Skinny-looking -- not good? That's relative The Telegraph Cryptic 26 May 2016
Family tree female USA Today 15 May 2016
Counterpart of 44-Down Universal 10 May 2016
__ May (Spider-Man relative) Newsday 27 Apr 2016
Talia, to Nicolas Newsday 17 Apr 2016
Girl hides from harsh relative
___ Viv, caretaker of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air New York Times 03 Apr 2016
111-Across's partner New York Times 20 Mar 2016
Many a godparent Wall Street Journal 05 Mar 2016
Cousin bearer Universal 03 Mar 2016
Godmother, sometimes Universal 14 Feb 2016
Pop's sister Thomas Joseph 10 Feb 2016
Dad's mom's daughter Newsday 29 Jan 2016
Dad's sister Premier Sunday 24 Jan 2016
Mom's sister Eugene Sheffer 19 Jan 2016
Bee, to Opie Eugene Sheffer 18 Jan 2016
Six-footer embraces posh relative
Sister of your father
Tom Sawyer's Polly, e.g.
Wooster's bane
"Please excuse my dear ___ Sally" (math mnemonic)
Godmother, sometimes
Family tree female
Mother's sibling Wall Street Journal 24 Dec 2015
Uncle's other half Universal 24 Dec 2015
Relative lean and haggard? Not good The Telegraph Cryptic 22 Dec 2015
Cousin bearer Wall Street Journal 20 Nov 2015
Close relative LA Times Daily 15 Nov 2015
Marie, to Donny's sons LA Times Daily 05 Oct 2015
Talia Shire, to Sofia Coppola Wall Street Journal 26 Sep 2015
You may have a great one in your family New York Times 30 Aug 2015
A parent's sister The Times Concise 28 Aug 2015
Hestia, to Artemis New York Times 19 Jul 2015
Certain family member USA Today 14 Jul 2015
Tuna remake? USA Today 26 Jun 2015
Mom's sibling, to you Universal 26 Jun 2015
Member of the family USA Today 16 Jun 2015
Reunion attendee LA Times Daily 14 Jun 2015
Dad's sister Jonesin 12 May 2015
One of the kin Eugene Sheffer 05 May 2015
Volunteer babysitter, often Wall Street Journal 24 Apr 2015
Godmother, often Eugene Sheffer 21 Apr 2015
Relative of Nahum oddly left out by bible books
A book you reportedly hid inside for a relative
Father's sibling USA Today 26 Feb 2015
Reunion attendee Thomas Joseph 04 Feb 2015
Your cousin's mom USA Today 03 Feb 2015
In the family on both sides of Austrian president Irish Times Crosaire 24 Jan 2015
Hestia, to Artemis
Member of the family
Marie, to Donny's sons
Close relative
Polly, to Tom
Family member
Mom's sister
Reunion attendee
Esther, on "Sanford and Son"
Father's sibling
You may have a great one in your family
Volunteer babysitter, often
Talia Shire, to Sofia Coppola
Mother's sibling
Cousin bearer
Your cousin's mom
Tuna remake?
Reunion attendee
Uncle's other half
Mom's sibling, to you
Certain family member
Relative to visit repeatedly after hotel checkout
Maybe Agony caused a nut to go nuts
Fair Sally worked with her in 4
Godmother, at times
Bee, to Andy Taylor
Eller of "Oklahoma!," e.g.
Em, to Dorothy
Nefertiti, to Tut
Unpaid babysitter, perhaps
Reunion guest
Selma, to Bart
Babysitter, at times
Babysitter, perhaps
Family reunion attendee
May, in "Spider-Man"
Reunion invitee
Spoiler, maybe
Bertie Wooster's Agatha, for one
May, to Peter Parker
Member of the family
Tuna another way?
Bee of classic TV
Godmother, sometimes
Godparent, sometimes
Jemima, for one
Tuna metamorphosis
Uncle's sweetheart
Your cousin's mom, to you
Dahlia in Wodehouse novels, e.g.
Rhody, in an old song
Selma or Patty, to Bart
Either Abby or Martha in "Arsenic and Old Lace"
Em, to Dorothy
Esther, to Lamont Sanford
Uncle's partner
Uncle's mate
Em or Bee
Female in the family
Uncle's better half
Em, for one
Bonnie Bedelia, to Macaulay Culkin
Father's sister
Dad's sister
Louis Armstrong "___ Hagar's Blues"
First-cousin's mom
Selma or Patty, to Bart Simpson
Family title
Patty or Selma, to any Simpson child
Em, for one
Uncle's mate
Bee or Em
Doting one, perhaps
Polly, to Tom Sawyer
Bee's address?
Syd Barrett "Gigolo ___"
Bee, for one
Family gathering visitor
Family reunion attendee
Reunion attendee
Jemima or Millie
Female in the family
Bee, to Andy Taylor
Patty or Selma, to Bart Simpson
Family member
Female relative
Title for some sisters
Bee's address?
Bee, for one
Family gathering visitor
Family reunion attendee
Polly, to Tom
Possible babysitter
P. G. Wodehouse's ___ Agatha
Petunia Dursley, to Harry Potter
Pittypat, in "Gone With the Wind"
Dad's sister
Reunion attendee, perhaps
Godmother, often
Bee, to Andy
Mother's brother's wife
"Travels With My ___" (Graham Greene)
Sometime baby sitter
Bee or Em
Bee or Em
Bee, to Andy
Godmother, often
Pittypat, in "Gone With the Wind"
___ May, surrogate mother for Spider-Man
Agatha or Dahlia, to Bertie Wooster
Mother's sister
Jemima on a pancake box
Your cousin's mom
Patty or Selma, to Bart
Jemima or Bee
Cousin's mom
Bee, to Andy Taylor
Bee Taylor, for one
Bee, to Opie
Cousin's mom
Jane Fonda, to Bridget
Petunia, to Harry Potter
Cousin's mom
Bee, to Andy
Bee or Polly
Polly, to Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer's Polly, e.g.
Patty or Selma, to Lisa Simpson
Your cousin's mom
Woman with a niece
"Travels With My ___" (Graham Greene novel)
First cousin's mom
25-Across's wife
Polly of literature, e.g.
Unpaid sitter, perhaps
Patty or Selma, to Bart
Polly, to Tom Sawyer
Em, for one
Family member
Patty or Selma, to Lisa Simpson
Selma or Patty, vis-á-vis Bart and Lisa
Family tree she
Female relative
Dad's sister
Woman with a niece
Uncle's mate
"Travels With My ___" (Graham Greene)
Polly or Pittypat
Mom's sister
Uncle's partner
See 39-Down
Chloe in "Uncle Tom's Cabin," e.g.
Jessica Simpson, to Bronx Mowgli Wentz
Clara on "Bewitched," for one
Talia Shire, to Nicolas Cage
Bee, to Opie
Bee, to Opie
Bee's title
Jemima, e.g.
Female kin
"Travels With my ___" (Graham Greene novel)
Twain's Polly, e.g.
Rosemary Clooney, to George
Rhody, in an old song
Nefertiti, to Tut
Em or Pittypat
Bluebell or Clara
Bee's title
Spider-Man's ___ May
Uncle's wife
Jane, to Bridget
Bee, to Andy Taylor
With 85 Across, "Oklahoma!" character
Jane, to Bridget
Polly, to Tom
Andy Griffith's Bee
Mom or dad's sister
Jemima, notably
Family member
Godmother, often
Potential baby sitter
Bee, to Opie
"Charley's __": Brandon Thomas farce
Member of the wedding, sometimes
Cousin's mom
West End classic "Charley's ___"
"Charley's __": Brandon Thomas farce
"Charley's ___" (Jack Benny film)
Cousin's mom
Polly, to Tom
Sister's title, perhaps
"Travels With My ___" (Graham Greene novel)
Sister's title, perhaps
Bee of classic TV
Family reunion attendee, maybe
Godmother, perhaps
Member of many families
Uncle's other half
Volunteer baby sitter, sometimes
Em or Bee
Family lady
Bee or Em
Maiden __
Em or Bee
Bee, to Andy
Family reunion attendee
Volunteer babysitter, maybe
Reunion attendee, perhaps
Close relative
Em, to Dorothy
One slightly higher in a tree
Agatha, to Bertie, e.g.
Tia, to Juana
Cousin bearer
Polly, to Tom Sawyer
Family member
"Travels With My ___"
Esther, to Lamont Sanford
Family tree member
Tom's Polly or Dorothy's Em
Harriet, on "Batman"
Bee or Polly
Jemima, for one
Jane, to 9 Down
Eller, in "Oklahoma!"
Bee or Polly
Carson's ___ Blabby
Em, for one
Dad's sib
Eller of "Oklahoma!," for one
May in "Spider-Man,” for one
Free babysitter, maybe
Polly, to Tom
Em, to Dorothy
Your father's sister
Eller of "Oklahoma!", e.g.
Mom's sister
Close relative
Close relative
Tuna metamorphosis
With 119 Across, 'The Andy Griffith Show' matron
Em, to Dorothy
Polly, to Tom Sawyer
Cousin's mother, to you
Jemima or Bee
Cousin's mom
"Charley's ___"
Zelda, to Sabrina
Bee or Polly
Jane, to Bridget
Millie or Jemima
Bee of old TV
Mame, to Patrick
First cousin's mother
Cousin's mother
Bee, to Opie
Polly, to Tom Sawyer
Dorothy's Em
Bee or Em
Em or Bee
Reunion attendee
Vargas Llosa novel "___ Julia and the Scriptwriter"
Mom's sister
Tom's Polly
One in a certain tree
Cousin's mom
Close relative
Family woman
Jemima, e.g.
Esther, to Lamont Sanford
Bee or Em
Rosemary, to George Clooney
Familial female
Jack Benny film "Charley's _____"
Jemima or Millie
Mom's sib
Polly, to Tom
Female kin
16 Across' mom
Reunion attendee
Mame or Em
Jemima, e.g.
___ Sally (old throwing game)
Familial female
Polly or Pittypat
Christmas visitor, maybe
Granny's daughter
Dad's sister
Cousin's parent
Bee or Polly
Bee Taylor, for one
"Travels With My _____" (Graham Greene)
Anne, to Wills and Harry
Uncle's wife
Most of a taunt?
Godparent, sometimes
Fritzi, to Nancy
Dorothy's is Em
Polly, to Tom
Em, to Dorothy
Godmother, sometimes
Polly, Em or Rhody
Jemima, for one
Classic TV's Bee, for one
Grandma's daughter
Cousin's mother
Ma's sister
Agatha, to Bertie Wooster
Em to Dorothy
Tom Sawyer's Polly
Polly or Em
Dionne Warwick, to Whitney Houston
Ethel, to John, Jr.
Tuna remake?
Cousin's mom
12-Down partner
Bluebelle, e.g., in old TV ads
Bee, to Opie
Rhody, in an old song
Clara, e.g., on "Bewitched"
Cousin's mother
Polly to Tom Sawyer
Mom's sister
Fritzi Ritz, to Nancy
Mame to Patrick
Pittypat e.g.
Eller or Em
West End classic "Charley's ___"
Jemima, for one
Alcott's Jo, for one
Polly, to Tom Sawyer
Family member
Greene's "Travels With My ____"
Genealogy figure
Fritzi, to Nancy
Em or Polly
"Go Tell ____ Rhody"
Mayberry's Bee Taylor, e.g.
Mom's sibling
Godmother, often
Fritzi Ritz, to Nancy
Ethel, to John Jr.
Granny's other daughter
Polly or Pittypat
Tante translation
Charley's Donna Lucia
Uncle's mate
Warwick, to Houston
Unpaid sitter
Polly, to Sawyer
Anagram for tuna
"Charley's ___"
Woman with a niece
Pittypat in "G.W.T.W."
Tia or tante
A relative
Em or Pittypat
Bee, to Andy
Margaret, to Charles
Charley had one
Mitchell's Pittypat
Polly, to Tom Sawyer
Tía or tante
Pittypat or Polly
Margaret, to the Prince of Wales
Sawyer's Polly
Anagram for a fish
Relative in a Brandon Thomas play
Elizabeth II, to Lady Sarah
Dad's sister
Dad's sister, e,g,
Uncle's counterpart
Dad's sister, e.g.
Relative for Charley
Close relative
Charley's Dona Lucia
Gloria or Ruth, to Amy
Cousin's parent
Potential sitter
Polly or Eller
Minnie or Polly
Polly or Sally
Kissing kin
Tom Sawyer's Polly
Charley's relative
"Go Tell ___ Rhody"
Family member.
Feminine title.
Clan member.
Chloe, for one.
Charley's impersonation.
See 10 Across.
Polly or Chloe.
Chloe or Polly.
Member of the family.
Potential baby sitter.
Potential babysitter.
"Charley's ___."
Mame, for one.
Charley's Brazilian visitor.
Benevolent elderly lady.
Dinah or Polly.
Polly or Dinah.
One of the family.
Close relation.
Female relative.
Tom Sawyer's Polly.
Twain's Polly.
Polly, to Tom Sawyer.
Minnie or Tillie.
Margaret to Anne.
Charley's relative.
Ray Bolger impersonated one.
Recently impersonated by Ray Bolger.
What Margaret Rose is.
Ray Bolger's role.
Gertrude's relationship to Hamlet.
"Charley's ___," Jack Benny's role.
"Charley's ___.”
Charley's ___.
Viv on "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," e.g.
___ Beru (Luke Skywalker's adoptive mom)
Wedding guest
Mom's sister
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