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Word "AVIAN" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
pertaining to or characteristic of birds

Crossword Clues for AVIAN

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Clue Source Date
Like a lark Newsday 16 Apr 2021
Winged, perhaps LA Times Daily 26 Mar 2021
Bird-based Wall Street Journal 08 Mar 2021
Of birds The Telegraph Quick 13 Feb 2021
Birdlike Eugene Sheffer 12 Feb 2021
Relating to birds Irish Times Simplex 20 Oct 2020
Pertaining to birds The Times Specialist Sunday 18 Oct 2020
Bird-related Wall Street Journal 12 Oct 2020
Like rails and stilts New York Times 01 Oct 2020
Like the modern descendants of dinosaurs New York Times 29 Sep 2020
Briefly, enthusiastic worker is cut short by type of flu Irish Times Crosaire 29 Aug 2020
Bird-related ... four of them have landed at the ends of the answers to starred clues LA Times Daily 24 Aug 2020
Like ducks and geese Universal 12 Aug 2020
For the birds Newsday 30 Jul 2020
For the birds? Universal 12 Jul 2020
Like rails and quails Wall Street Journal 24 Jun 2020
Flighty? New York Times 21 Jun 2020
Related to ravens The Washington Post Sunday 07 Jun 2020
Like some kites New York Times 22 May 2020
Like a hawk The Washington Post 08 Mar 2020
Like larks The Washington Post Sunday 23 Feb 2020
Interesting to ornithologists Wall Street Journal 21 Dec 2019
Of interest to Audubon Newsday 24 Nov 2019
Like a 20-Across USA Today 05 Nov 2019
Like kiwis and emus USA Today 05 Oct 2019
Of pigeons and petrels Newsday 15 Aug 2019
Like pelicans and penguins USA Today 01 Jul 2019
Like ornithologists' studies New York Times 02 Jun 2019
All birdy Universal 12 Dec 2018
Like Audubon's art subjects USA Today 03 Dec 2018
Like nonhuman tweeters USA Today 29 Sep 2018
Of interest to ornithologists USA Today 01 Sep 2018
Like a roc The New Yorker 09 Jul 2018
About birds Canadiana 18 Jun 2018
Like puffins The Washington Post Sunday 17 Jun 2018
Like the theme creatures Universal 18 May 2018
Like emus and rheas USA Today 15 Apr 2018
Like Audubon's subjects USA Today 01 Apr 2018
Like many squawkers The Washington Post 02 Mar 2018
Like an albatross The Washington Post Sunday 04 Feb 2018
Like grebes and grackles USA Today 05 Jan 2018
Like many nest-builders The Washington Post 19 Sep 2017
Regarding birds Newsday 27 Jul 2017
Like cranes, but not derricks The Chronicle of Higher Education 26 May 2017
Ornithological Newsday 09 Mar 2017
All about birds Universal 17 Dec 2016
Pertaining to or characteristic of birds The Guardian Speedy 11 Dec 2016
Adjective for auks Newsday 29 Sep 2016
Ian follows a number of birds The Telegraph Cryptic 16 May 2016
Like many fliers LA Times Daily 13 Feb 2016
Concerning birds USA Today 29 Oct 2015
Having to do with birds USA Today 05 Jul 2015
Like fine feathered friends New York Times 25 Mar 2015
Like a booby or a loon
All about birdies
Like Audubon's interests
Flu variety
Of feathered friends
Pertaining to any 4-Down
Kind of zoo exhibit
Like many who tweet
Like doves and hawks
Like cardinals
Like some who tweet?
Like hawks and doves
Type of bone syndrome experienced by Jack's gold-digging girlfriend on "30 Rock"
Like rails
Like a coot
To do with birds
Like flycatchers
Oriole-related, e.g.
Related to robins
Dovish or hawkish, e.g.
___ flu
Like most cardinals
Like some who tweet
Like much of New Zealand's native fauna
Like 8-Down and 43-Down
Kind of flu
Dove or hawk, e.g.
Like a bird
Like a roc?
Like hawks or auks
Like kites and stilts
Like some flu strains
Flu type
Like a cardinal
Like owls
Like a booby or a gooney
Of the birds
Like some zoo collections
Feathered, say
Like Tweety
Like hawks and auks
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