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Word "AWASH" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
covered with water
afloat, flooded, inundated, overflowing
the main deck was afloat (or awash)
the monsoon left the whole place awash

Crossword Clues for AWASH

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Clue Source Date
Knee-deep (in) The Washington Post 17 Mar 2021
In Austria was Handel inundated? The Sun Two Speed 23 Feb 2021
Flooded The Sun Two Speed 23 Feb 2021
Overflowing Thomas Joseph 17 Feb 2021
Up to one's neck LA Times Daily 05 Feb 2021
Overflowing (with) Newsday 27 Jan 2021
In Moria was hobbit covered with water? The Sun Two Speed 19 Jan 2021
Completely submerged Family Time 17 Jan 2021
Flooded with water The Times Concise 04 Jan 2021
Inundated Newsday 31 Dec 2020
Up to one's ears Newsday 13 Dec 2020
Teeming Wall Street Journal 12 Nov 2020
Packed whiskey when going in a hospital The Telegraph Cryptic 24 Jul 2020
Swimming (in) New York Times 24 Feb 2020
'It's ___' ('We're about even') USA Today 10 Dec 2019
Crowded area considered flipping hot The Telegraph Toughie 27 Sep 2019
Inundated with water Family Time 19 Aug 2019
Well-supplied Newsday 13 Jul 2019
In sea was Hesperus flooded? The Sun Two Speed 16 Jun 2019
A dhow ultimately remains flooded The Sun Two Speed 23 May 2019
Flooded (with) Newsday 10 Apr 2019
Teeming (with) Universal 28 Feb 2019
Submersed (in)
Covered in water Universal 09 Nov 2018
Inundated (with) The Washington Post Sunday 23 Sep 2018
Drenched New York Times 18 Sep 2018
Overrun (with) Jonesin 21 Aug 2018
Teeming part of sea was hostile The Telegraph Cryptic 17 May 2018
Crowded Newsday 28 Apr 2018
Up to one's ears in water Family Time 15 Apr 2018
Overflowing with Universal 03 Apr 2018
Covered, as by flooding USA Today 18 Mar 2018
Covered by water Universal 24 Feb 2018
Covered with water New York Times 14 Jan 2018
Overflowing (in) Newsday 13 Sep 2017
Completely overrun Wall Street Journal 22 Aug 2017
Under water Wall Street Journal 05 Aug 2017
Overflowing with water Universal 28 Nov 2016
Up to one's ears (in) LA Times Daily 11 Oct 2016
Flooded (in) Premier Sunday 10 Jul 2016
Stayed in elevated hot area, saturated The Telegraph Toughie 24 Mar 2016
Flooded area used to be source of hope The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Feb 2016
A waterway initially remains flooded The Telegraph Cryptic 02 Feb 2016
Like a sloop in a storm USA Today 27 Nov 2015
Immersed in water USA Today 15 Oct 2015
Covered by waves Universal 08 Oct 2015
Used to be in a hospital that's packed The Times Cryptic 17 Jul 2015
Underwater academy was in front of hotel Irish Times Crosaire 10 Jun 2015
You'd need half of 6 down for this underwater Irish Times Crosaire 27 May 2015
Radar plane's caught out leader from Hamas in flood The Times Cryptic 21 Apr 2015
Afloat USA Today 16 Mar 2015
Saturated (with) Newsday 04 Jan 2015
Up to one's neck (in)
Partly submerged
Helplessly inundated
Packed to the gills
Besieged by floodwater
Tossed by the waves
Like a deck covered with water
Above water, barely
Just above the water
Soaked (in)
Up to one's elbows
Ready to sink
Covered (in)
Abundant (with)
Running over
Up to one's 4-Down
Filled (with)
Covered (with)
Barely above water
A machine load floating?
Bathed in
Almost underwater
Up to the gunnels
Barely floating
Floating on the water.
Covered with water.
Cast about by waves.
Under water.
Overflowed by water.
Floating in the water.
Almost wholly submerged.
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