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Word "BAIL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
(criminal law) money that must be forfeited by the bondsman if an accused person fails to appear in court for trial
bail bond, bond
the judge set bail at $10,000

Part of Speech:
deliver something in trust to somebody for a special purpose and for a limited period

Part of Speech:
empty (a vessel) by bailing

Crossword Clues for BAIL

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Clue Source Date
Temporary release from the extremities of Lion of The Punjab, going all the way back Irish Times Crosaire 08 May 2021
___ reform, cause for the Marshall Project New York Times 11 Apr 2021
Renege (on) Premier Sunday 11 Apr 2021
Flake out USA Today 28 Feb 2021
Exit in a hurry LA Times Daily 04 Feb 2021
Release money Eugene Sheffer 06 Jan 2021
Cancel your plans, slangily Universal 15 Dec 2020
Leave abruptly, slangily Universal 04 Dec 2020
Pretrial court payment Newsday 01 Dec 2020
Leave suddenly USA Today 29 Nov 2020
Try to prevent a sinking Universal 28 Oct 2020
Cut out early LA Times Daily 06 Oct 2020
Prisoner's concern Canadiana 28 Sep 2020
Can opener, of a sort Wall Street Journal 03 Sep 2020
Can opener? Wall Street Journal 30 Jul 2020
Free money? New York Times 24 Jul 2020
Money for release Thomas Joseph 02 Jul 2020
Might criminal jump this wooden bar? The Sun Two Speed 14 Jun 2020
Court security The Sun Two Speed 14 Jun 2020
Leave USA Today 29 May 2020
It can get you out of a place it rhymes with New York Times 27 May 2020
Bowled? Bother -- this drops The Telegraph Cryptic 21 Apr 2020
Try to stay afloat, perhaps New York Times 16 Apr 2020
Release harvest bundle, did you say? The Telegraph Cryptic 09 Feb 2020
Temporary release of one awaiting trial The Times Concise 28 Dec 2019
Leave in a hurry, slangily USA Today 17 Nov 2019
Temporary release of an accused person on conditions Irish Times Simplex 16 Nov 2019
Try to avert a sinking USA Today 27 Oct 2019
Scram from danger Newsday 06 Oct 2019
Abandon an effort, in slang New York Times 25 Sep 2019
Leave quickly, informally Newsday 22 Sep 2019
Scoop out water Newsday 18 Sep 2019
Help (out) New York Times 18 Aug 2019
It's a crime to skip it USA Today 16 Aug 2019
Totally abandon one's plan New York Times 30 Jun 2019
Attend to a leaking boat The Washington Post 13 Mar 2019
Leave suddenly, slangily Newsday 21 Feb 2019
Flee, so to speak Newsday 27 Jan 2019
It gets set by a judge The Washington Post Sunday 02 Dec 2018
Remove water from a boat Family Time 12 Nov 2018
Accused person's bond Canadiana 17 Sep 2018
Target of reform for the Philadelphia district attorney, Larry Krasner The New Yorker 06 Aug 2018
Depart unceremoniously, in slang New York Times 23 Jun 2018
Throw out water The Chronicle of Higher Education 11 May 2018
Skip out (on) New York Times 09 May 2018
Pretrial payment Newsday 09 Apr 2018
Amount set by a judge USA Today 16 Feb 2018
Leave in a hurry The Washington Post 30 Jan 2018
Leave quickly, so to speak Newsday 14 Jan 2018
Get-out-of-jail money Premier Sunday 07 Jan 2018
Something an arrested person tries to 'make' New York Times 25 Dec 2017
Bondsman's offering USA Today 06 Nov 2017
Accused's bond Canadiana 09 Oct 2017
Rescue from trouble, with 'out' The Washington Post 13 Jun 2017
Rescue from trouble, with "out" LA Times Daily 13 Jun 2017
Free cash? Wall Street Journal 08 Jun 2017
Judge's setting The Washington Post 05 Apr 2017
It helps one avoid jail time Universal 28 Mar 2017
Stumps crosspiece The Times Concise 17 Mar 2017
Payment that's posted The Washington Post 17 Mar 2017
Leave unceremoniously Wall Street Journal 09 Mar 2017
Night court payment USA Today 01 Feb 2017
Something an arrested person tries to "make"
Absent oneself Newsday 01 Dec 2016
Take off Newsday 20 Nov 2016
Renegade (on) Jonesin 15 Nov 2016
Cost to get out of jail Premier Sunday 04 Sep 2016
Criminal charge? Wall Street Journal 18 Aug 2016
Night-court payment Newsday 03 Aug 2016
Leave, slangily The Washington Post 19 Mar 2016
Wooden bar one puts up then another jumps? The Times Cryptic 16 Feb 2016
Cost of leaving Newsday 14 Feb 2016
$50 payment in Monopoly The Washington Post 12 Feb 2016
Public defender's request USA Today 07 Feb 2016
Give up and go, slangily The Washington Post 28 Jan 2016
Kind of bond USA Today 23 Jan 2016
Get-out-of-jail fee The Washington Post 05 Jan 2016
Empty a boat, in a way USA Today 23 Jun 2015
$50, in 'Monopoly' Eugene Sheffer 28 May 2015
One way to pass water? USA Today 18 May 2015
Mention of Welsh footballer in security The Telegraph Toughie 03 Feb 2015
Pre-trial court payment Newsday 02 Feb 2015
Bucket in a boat Newsday 22 Jan 2015
Trust fund? New York Times 15 Jan 2015
Release funds?
Bondsman's concern
Bondsmen provide it
Bondsman's contribution
Use a pail, perhaps
Rescue, with "out"
Get-out-of-jail cash
Court setting
It's illegal to jump it
Eighth Amendment topic
Skip out on an obligation
It's set by a judge
What some bondsmen offer
Something it's against the law to jump
Certain cost of leaving
Cost of leaving, for some
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