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Word "BALL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a lavish dance requiring formal attire

Part of Speech:
United States comedienne best known as the star of a popular television program (1911-1989)
lucille ball

Part of Speech:
a solid projectile that is shot by a musket
musket ball
they had to carry a ramrod as well as powder and ball

Crossword Clues for BALL

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Clue Source Date
Cotillion’s kin Wall Street Journal 27 Apr 2021
Fancy dance Thomas Joseph 15 Apr 2021
World Cup-winner Alan's dance The Sun Two Speed 05 Apr 2021
Cricket delivery The Sun Two Speed 05 Apr 2021
Bouncer perhaps needed for dance The Sun Two Speed 10 Mar 2021
Ump's call Eugene Sheffer 19 Feb 2021
Sepak takraw item USA Today 15 Feb 2021
Twentieth-century chemist Alice USA Today 02 Feb 2021
Word after "screw" or "stick" Universal 19 Jan 2021
Word after "crystal" or "disco" Universal 01 Jan 2021
Off pitch? ... and a hint to the starred answers' starts Universal 27 Dec 2020
Ump’s call Wall Street Journal 08 Dec 2020
"Cinderella" dance Universal 28 Nov 2020
Event for Cinderella Eugene Sheffer 19 Oct 2020
& 17 Across Like scorer of try, one going round to keep things moving The Telegraph Toughie 08 Oct 2020
Formal dance The Sun Two Speed 20 Sep 2020
Delivery at first bemused everyone The Sun Two Speed 20 Sep 2020
Michael --, English actor, singer, and broadcaster The Telegraph General Knowledge 17 Aug 2020
Need in many outdoor games The Washington Post 24 Jul 2020
By all means, dump yes-man from The Globe Irish Times Crosaire 11 Jul 2020
Soccer need Wall Street Journal 30 Jun 2020
"Cinderella" event Universal 25 May 2020
Taken in by manual labourer turning up for a fancy dance Irish Times Crosaire 18 Nov 2019
Part of a Cinderella story New York Times 16 Nov 2019
Cricket need USA Today 18 Sep 2019
Super time USA Today 27 Aug 2019
''Cinderella'' setting Newsday 18 Aug 2019
Umpire's call Premier Sunday 04 Aug 2019
Gets a kicking for having no ties to Bastille Irish Times Crosaire 02 Aug 2019
Field hockey need USA Today 20 Jul 2019
Sphere; dance The Times Concise 28 May 2019
Everything comes after second-class delivery The Sun Two Speed 25 May 2019
*Kind of pen New York Times 23 May 2019
33-Down need USA Today 21 May 2019
High pitch, maybe New York Times 19 May 2019
Low pitch, perhaps Wall Street Journal 17 Dec 2018
Dance needs bouncer, possibly The Telegraph Cryptic 17 Nov 2018
Where Cinderella lost her slipper New York Times 13 Nov 2018
Bouncer maybe needed for dance The Sun Two Speed 31 Oct 2018
Delivery bowled everybody The Sun Two Speed 06 Jul 2018
Part 3 of quote Newsday 29 Jun 2018
Part of foot that may be painful in dance The Telegraph Cryptic 20 May 2018
Labrador's playtime quarry Wall Street Journal 17 May 2018
Squash need Wall Street Journal 12 May 2018
Dance; sphere The Times Concise 16 Apr 2018
Cinderella's dance Family Time 19 Mar 2018
Tennis racket's target Newsday 12 Mar 2018
Spalding or Voit product New York Times 10 Jan 2018
Gala affair The Washington Post 28 Nov 2017
Sphere The Times Concise 22 Nov 2017
Dance event Universal 11 Nov 2017
Orb The Telegraph Quick 09 Oct 2017
Tennis racket target Newsday 19 Sep 2017
Shagger's collectible Jonesin 12 Sep 2017
Redhead of classic TV Universal 27 Aug 2017
Sphere for sport The Telegraph Quick 11 Aug 2017
Strike's counterpart Wall Street Journal 11 Jul 2017
Type of dance that Cinderella attended Family Time 13 Mar 2017
Social function for dancing The Guardian Quick 18 Feb 2017
High and outside pitch, say USA Today 03 Dec 2016
Society event Wall Street Journal 02 Nov 2016
Object in many sports The Chronicle of Higher Education 30 Sep 2016
A good time you'd expect to roll? The Telegraph Toughie 28 Sep 2016
Formal affair LA Times Daily 05 Sep 2016
Pigskin or horsehide USA Today 03 Aug 2016
Soccer sphere LA Times Daily 01 Aug 2016
Strike's opposite LA Times Daily 18 Jul 2016
Chain partner Universal 06 May 2016
Catch requirement Wall Street Journal 25 Apr 2016
Soiree Canadiana 11 Jan 2016
*Event in 'Cinderella' New York Times 04 Nov 2015
One's round for the dance The Sun Two Speed 31 Oct 2015
Grand dance The Sun Two Speed 31 Oct 2015
Good time Wall Street Journal 23 Oct 2015
Blast New York Times 14 Aug 2015
See 10 Down Newsday 11 Jul 2015
Dance where you have to shout to be heard The Times Cryptic 10 Jul 2015
See 12-Down ... and a word that can follow the ends of the answers to starred clues LA Times Daily 01 Jul 2015
Event where Austen readers first 'see' Mr. Darcy The Chronicle of Higher Education 01 May 2015
Event attended by Cinderella USA Today 22 Mar 2015
*Event in "Cinderella"
Pitch that's low and inside
Fun time
Event where Austen readers first "see" Mr. Darcy
High pitch?
Cinderella attended it
___ and chain
One blowing up a lottery machine?
Bouncing toy
See 36-Across
Playground bouncer
Hard or soft sphere
Elaborate dance
*Rocking good time
Great time
Screen redhead
Bad thing to drop in business
Arnaz's collaborator in comedy
Annual Times Square dropper
'69 Iron Butterfly album
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.