Word "BARRIE" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
Scottish dramatist and novelist; created Peter Pan (1860-1937)
j. m. barrie, james barrie, james matthew barrie, sir james matthew barrie

Crossword Clues for BARRIE

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Clue Source Date
“Peter Pan” writer Wall Street Journal 12 Sep 2022
Cheese sandwiches are cut for author The Guardian Cryptic 18 Aug 2022
"Peter Pan" author Eugene Sheffer 01 Jul 2022
Peter Pan's creator New York Times 19 Jun 2022
City on Kempenfelt Bay, Canada The Telegraph General Knowledge 02 Aug 2021
"Peter Pan" playwright LA Times Daily 20 May 2021
'Peter Pan' playwright The Washington Post 20 May 2021
"Peter Pan" author Eugene Sheffer 13 Feb 2021
Captain Hook's creator J.M. __ The Washington Post 21 Oct 2018
Captain Hook's creator J.M. __ LA Times Daily 21 Oct 2018
Peter Pan's creator Thomas Joseph 16 Mar 2018
Captain Hook's creator J.M. __
Author with obstacle, not finishing The Telegraph Cryptic 06 Oct 2017
Playwright pulling back from boundary The Times Cryptic 22 Mar 2017
Tinker Bell's creator The Washington Post 05 Mar 2017
Tinker Bell's creator LA Times Daily 05 Mar 2017
Writer's block finally disappeared The Times Cryptic 02 Nov 2016
"Peter Pan" author Universal 25 May 2016
Peter Pan's creator The Times Concise 12 Jan 2016
"Peter Pan" author
'Peter Pan' penner Premier Sunday 04 Oct 2015
Darlings' creator LA Times Daily 24 May 2015
Neverland creator LA Times Daily 12 Apr 2015
Scottish dramatist in Welsh port, reportedly The Telegraph Cryptic 03 Mar 2015
Pan creator LA Times Daily 25 Jan 2015
Author inspired to give his stories a Hook? The Chronicle of Higher Education 16 Jan 2015
Writer's block finally disappearing The Telegraph Toughie 07 Jan 2015
Darlings' creator
Neverland creator
'Peter Pan' penner
Author inspired to give his stories a Hook?
Neverland creator
Pan creator
Pan man
Hook's creator
"Finding Neverland" subject
"Finding Neverland" subject
Peter Pan creator J.M.
"Peter Pan" writer
Peter Pan creator
Captain Hook creator
"Peter Pan" penner
"Peter Pan" playwright
"Peter Pan" playwright
"Peter Pan" playwright
Pan's creator
Pan's creator
"Peter Pan" playwright
Actress Wendy
"The Admirable Crichton" playwright
"Peter Pan" penner
Peter Pan penner
Peter Pan author
"Peter Pan" author
"Peeter Pan" authori
Peter Pan's creator
"The Little Minister" author
Pan inventor
"Quality Street" playwright
Peter Pan's creator
Pan's creator
Creator of Captain Hook
"Peter Pan" author
Capt. Hook's creator
Creator of Lady Babbie.
Scottish master of whimsy.
Creator of the Darling family.
Creator of the Darlings.
Maggie Wylie's creator.
Creator of Capt. Hook.
Creator of Maggie Wylie.
Creator of Rev. Gavin Dishart.
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