Word "BARS" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
gymnastic apparatus consisting of two parallel wooden rods supported on uprights
parallel bars

Crossword Clues for BARS

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Clue Source Date
Paddy's Pub and Cheers, e.g Universal 02 Nov 2022
Cell signal symbols USA Today 11 Sep 2022
Units of butter or soap USA Today 04 Sep 2022
Cell feature Wall Street Journal 31 Aug 2022
Sex on the Beach destinations Universal 14 Aug 2022
Watering holes USA Today 30 Jul 2022
Taverns Eugene Sheffer 29 Jul 2022
Part of a cell’s structure? Wall Street Journal 28 Jul 2022
Stops supporters being upset inside The Telegraph Cryptic 07 Jul 2022
Places to order drinks USA Today 03 Jun 2022
Things for gymnasts to grasp Family Time 24 Apr 2022
Bans the gymnastic apparatus from the pubs? Irish Times Simplex 13 Apr 2022
Hopping targets? The Washington Post 10 Apr 2022
Hopping targets? LA Times Daily 10 Apr 2022
Measures of cellular strength New York Times 03 Mar 2022
Forbids public houses serving drink Irish Times Crosaire 28 Feb 2022
Signal-strength display LA Times Daily 13 Feb 2022
Signal-strength display The Washington Post 13 Feb 2022
Taverns Eugene Sheffer 31 Jan 2022
No limit to tribalism in some watering holes Irish Times Crosaire 10 Jan 2022
Counters leaders of Blue and Red States Irish Times Crosaire 27 Dec 2021
Pubs The Telegraph Quick 23 Dec 2021
Blocks The Telegraph Quick 01 Dec 2021
Manhattan venues? Universal 03 Nov 2021
Measures, in music New York Times 24 Oct 2021
Watering holes for both sides at Battle of Poitiers Irish Times Crosaire 18 Oct 2021
Chewy breakfast choices Universal 17 Oct 2021
Friday night destinations Universal 27 Sep 2021
No limit to tribalism in some public houses Irish Times Crosaire 13 Sep 2021
Pubs The Telegraph Quick 02 Sep 2021
Cell feature Thomas Joseph 29 Jul 2021
Cell feature Wall Street Journal 15 Jul 2021
Features of the cells found in sandbar sharks Irish Times Crosaire 02 Jul 2021
Signal signals? Universal 15 Jun 2021
Places to do shots Universal 12 Jun 2021
Cell reception indicators Universal 11 Jun 2021
Rap lyrics, in slang New York Times 02 May 2021
Cell features Thomas Joseph 28 Apr 2021
Drinking places The Times Concise 11 Mar 2021
Candy units Family Time 15 Feb 2021
Signal quality symbols Universal 14 Feb 2021
Measures of cell reception LA Times Daily 01 Feb 2021
Measures of cell reception The Washington Post 01 Feb 2021
Taverns Eugene Sheffer 05 Jan 2021
Saloons; excludes The Telegraph Quick 20 Nov 2020
Poles on both sides of baseball players Irish Times Crosaire 30 Oct 2020
Limbo equipment USA Today 29 Sep 2020
Happy hour places LA Times Daily 21 Sep 2020
Happy hour places The Washington Post 21 Sep 2020
Nanaimo _____ Canadiana 17 Aug 2020
UPC code features Universal 12 Aug 2020
Breakfast snacks The Washington Post 12 Jun 2020
Breakfast snacks LA Times Daily 12 Jun 2020
Pen holders? Wall Street Journal 30 May 2020
Word after monkey or handle New York Times 25 May 2020
Fort Knox has gold ones Universal 15 Apr 2020
Cell feature Thomas Joseph 10 Apr 2020
Cell phone signal measures Wall Street Journal 10 Feb 2020
Poles in both sides of baseball players Irish Times Crosaire 18 Dec 2019
Forbids public houses serving drink Irish Times Crosaire 30 Nov 2019
Drinking holes; prohibits The Times Concise 25 Sep 2019
Shafts most of 10 across from society Irish Times Crosaire 11 Sep 2019
Saloons Newsday 01 Jul 2019
Forbids public houses serving pints Irish Times Crosaire 07 Jun 2019
'Uneven' gym apparatus USA Today 24 May 2019
Obstacles The Telegraph Quick 25 Apr 2019
Lockup feature Thomas Joseph 03 Apr 2019
Cellphone display USA Today 05 Mar 2019
Happy hour venues USA Today 18 Feb 2019
Excludes heartily upset supporters The Telegraph Cryptic 31 Jan 2019
Excludes The Sun Two Speed 05 Jan 2019
Banishes from pubs The Sun Two Speed 05 Jan 2019
Happy hour venues
"Uneven" gym apparatus
Cellphone display
Pen holders?
Businesses 'rescued' by Jon Taffer on Paramount Network The Washington Post Sunday 16 Dec 2018
Taverns Newsday 26 Nov 2018
Soap units The Washington Post 18 Sep 2018
Soap units LA Times Daily 18 Sep 2018
Keeps out Newsday 09 Sep 2018
Welcome display after emerging from a dead zone The Chronicle of Higher Education 03 Aug 2018
Cakes of soap Newsday 31 Jul 2018
Saloons Thomas Joseph 30 Jul 2018
Cell feature Wall Street Journal 23 Jun 2018
You may hum a few LA Times Daily 13 May 2018
You may hum a few The Washington Post 13 May 2018
Soap units USA Today 20 Mar 2018
Forbids one of those in 1 down similarly at school Irish Times Crosaire 14 Mar 2018
Pubs supporters getting stood up inside The Telegraph Toughie 01 Feb 2018
You may hum a few
Tender spots?
Soap units
Happy hour places
Welcome display after emerging from a dead zone
Cell feature
Taverns Canadiana 11 Dec 2017
Prohibits; pubs The Times Concise 30 Aug 2017
Prohibits Universal 21 Aug 2017
Basic cell structure? Wall Street Journal 17 Aug 2017
Taverns, and the theme of the puzzle Newsday 22 May 2017
Prison staples Universal 15 Apr 2017
Pub crawl stops LA Times Daily 28 Mar 2017
Pub crawl stops The Washington Post 28 Mar 2017
Candy shapes Newsday 05 Mar 2017
They prevent prison escapes Universal 03 Mar 2017
Stars and ___ (Confederate flag) New York Times 14 Feb 2017
Spots for shots The Washington Post 19 Jan 2017
Prison staples
Stars and ___ (Confederate flag)
Pub crawl stops
Cellphone signal strength indicators Wall Street Journal 27 Dec 2016
Keeps out USA Today 11 Nov 2016
Watering holes Wall Street Journal 08 Nov 2016
Pubs Canadiana 10 Oct 2016
Candy purchases USA Today 07 Sep 2016
Some candy purchases Universal 26 Aug 2016
Chocolate units USA Today 13 Aug 2016
Taverns New York Times 18 Jul 2016
Excludes The Telegraph Quick 13 Jul 2016
Criminals may be behind them New York Times 17 May 2016
What jailbirds are behind Premier Sunday 15 May 2016
Watering holes Universal 04 May 2016
Excludes New York Times 02 Apr 2016
1-5 on a cellphone screen New York Times 27 Mar 2016
Monkey ___ New York Times 11 Feb 2016
See 35-Across New York Times 21 Jan 2016
UPC elements The Chronicle of Higher Education 15 Jan 2016
Chocolate units Eugene Sheffer 08 Jan 2016
Candy purchases
UPC elements
Chocolate units
Some candy purchases
Monkey ___
See 35-Across
In a way, prohibits Universal 25 Dec 2015
Parts of jail cells Family Time 15 Nov 2015
Types of chocolate houses for the public Irish Times Crosaire 07 Nov 2015
They keep cons in cans USA Today 15 Sep 2015
Prevents from entering USA Today 02 Sep 2015
What all of the theme answers have Wall Street Journal 08 Jun 2015
Pubs Newsday 18 May 2015
Gold ingots, e.g Newsday 18 Mar 2015
Prohibits Eugene Sheffer 24 Feb 2015
They keep convicts in place? USA Today 20 Jan 2015
Jail window obstructions USA Today 16 Jan 2015
Keeps out
They keep convicts in place?
They keep cons in cans
Prevents from entering
Jail window obstructions
Cakes of soap
Gold ingots, e.g.
Candy units
Pubcrawl destinations
In a way, prohibits
Jail features
Signs of cell service ... or a word that can follow both parts of 18-, 23-, 36-, 52- and 58-Across
Set on a cellphone
Chocolate shapes
Soap units
They're not good to be behind
They're frequented at night
Happy hour sites
Cell signal signs
"Cheers," et al.
UPC elements
Places where screwdrivers are sold
Twix units
Places for shots
Prevents entry to
Denies access to
Places to see a lot of spirits
Gin mills
Cell features
Cellphone display
They're not good to be behind
Denies access
Candy purchases
Candy purchases
Cell signal strength indicators
Cell signal strength indicators
Spots for shots
Captain's insignia
They need tending
Forms of chocolate
Settings of many jokes
Carrie Nation's targets
They need tending
Gig spots for starter bands
Places to get screwdrivers
Sex On The Beach locales
Rules out
Sots' spots
Granola servings
Zoo keepers?
Universal product code elements
Shots are administered there
Cell-phone stat
Some restaurant waiting areas
Hershey treats
Watering holes
Beer places
Where spirits run freely?
Happy hour stops
Candy purchases
Ivory units?
Structures near cell walls
Ivory units?
It's bad to be behind them
Places where free spirits aren't found?
It's bad to be behind them
Bad things to be behind
Butter units
Places to watch the game
Where spirits run freely?
Behind ___ (incarcerated)
Candy units
Soap cakes
Slot machine symbols
Tender places?
Keeps out
Happy hour stops
Candy shapes
Blocks off
They may be from Mars
UPC elements
Happy hour stops
A lot of Tijuana
Places for happy hours
Bad things to be behind
Places to spend happy hours?
Sots' spots
Cellphone strength indicators
Graph components
Reception strength units
Places for happy hours
They may be parallel or uneven
Measures of cell-phone signal strength
Tap rooms
Restaurant waiting areas
Bad things to be behind
Jail cell parts
Components of some codes
Stars and __ (Confederate flag)
Musical measures
Chocolate units
Cage features
Word with monkey or parallel
Tap rooms
Bad things to be behind
Sots' spots
Musical units
Locks out
Cell wall, perhaps
Milky Way and others
Candy-shop display
Where some screwdrivers are sold
Mars et al.
Part of the Confederate flag
Denies access to
Jail feature
They're not fun to be behind
3 Musketeers units
Burglar deterrent
Pickup places, maybe
Mars et al.
Cheers and the like
Refuses to admit
Soap cakes
Keeps from
Musical units
Soap units
Places where screwdrivers are found?
Hershey portions
Tijuana attractions
Prison door parts
Dan'l's prey
Bullion units
Candy buys
Prevents from entering
Won't allow in
See 99 Across
Stops for drinks
Places for spirits
Part of cell structure?
Sots' spots
Word with monkey or handle
Con's view
Con's constraints
Places for spirits
Con's constraints
Stops for drinks
Insignia of rank
Behind ___
Cheers and others
Mars and Milky Way
They're not good to be behind
Places to spend happy hours?
Music measures
Candy shapes
Candy units
Buds may be produced in them
Happy hour stops
Synecdochical prison
Jail window obstructions
Milky Way and 3 Musketeers
Monkey _____
Cell divisions?
Confederate flag items
Pieces of music?
Score divisions
Places for ordering screwdrivers
Stands in the way of
They may be parallel or uneven
Soap packets
Denies access to
Musical measures
Universal product code elements
Butter units
Prisoner confinement
Lush settings?
Captain's insignia
Freedom fighters at Sing Sing?
Jail features
Lieutenants' insignia
"Watering holes"
Shoals; reefs
Places to tend
Jail-window "décor"
Challenges for Retton
Candy units
What lushes hop?
Stars and ___
What high-jumpers clear
Captains' insignia
"Nor iron ___ a cage"
Certain counters
Keeps out
Lieutenant's insignia
Sometime partners of stars
Measures on a staff
"Stars" partner
Gym items
Sand and candy
Confederate-flag features
Stars' associates
Drink emporiums
Liquor locales
Confederate flag units
Musical lines
Ballet practice spots
Candy purchases.
Stars' partner.
Stars' partners.
4 Down and ___, historic flag.
"Stars and ___," C. S. A. flag.
Stars and ___.
Davy Crockett's ursine targets.
Measures, in music.
Stars and ___, Confederate flag.
Army insignia.
They denote military rank.
Objects to.
Captains wear them.
Captain's insignia.
Browning automatics.
Silver insignia of Army captains.
Behind which Little Dorrit was born.
Fence rails.
Rules out.
Shoulder insignia.
Crawl locations
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