Word "BASIL" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
leaves of the common basil; used fresh or dried
sweet basil

Part of Speech:
(Roman Catholic Church) the bishop of Caesarea who defended the Roman Catholic Church against the heresies of the 4th century; a saint and Doctor of the Church (329-379)
basil of caesarea, basil the great, st. basil, st. basil the great

Part of Speech:
any of several Old World tropical aromatic annual or perennial herbs of the genus Ocimum

Crossword Clues for BASIL

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Clue Source Date
A growing boy
Cook may get sweet on him! (5)
He's apt to get into the salad, etc. (5)
Isabella, Or The Pot Of _, 1818 narrative poem by John Keats (5)
Herb used in caprese salad
John Cleese played mad hotelier ... Fawlty in the classic series first screened more than 25 years ago
Would he bail out a skinhead? (5)
Pesto herb Thomas Joseph 02 Apr 2024
Herb or a boy's name (5)
Herb makes graduates ill, almost (5) Puzzler Cryptic 27 Mar 2024
A growing boy, possibly in the kitchen (5)
Don followed him to a new town (5)
Soup herb Newsday 17 Mar 2024
Fresh herb in a Margherita pizza
Graduates took the Italian man (5)
Fictional hotelier married to Sybil (5)
Partially climb a silver plant (5)
Culinary herb of the family Lamiaceae (5)
Herb used in spaghetti sauce
Graduates the Italian aromatic plant (5)
Actor ... Rathbone played Sir Guy in The Adventures of Robin Hood
Fawlty Towers hotel owner Mirror Tea Time 21 Feb 2024
Herb is basically bawling like a lady (S) 60""
Herb is basically bawling like a lady (5)
Sherlock Holmes portrayer ___ Rathbone (5)
Herb type Mirror Classic 11 Feb 2024
Graduate is back - large chap (5)
Like Herb, he has his roots in the soil (5)
Filmdom's Rathbone
"From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. ___ E. Frankweiler"
Wild --, European plant with dense clusters of small pink or whitish flowers (5)
Pesto herb LA Times Daily 12 Dec 2023
Pho garnish LA Times Daily 10 Dec 2023
Leafy herb (5)
Thai cuisine herb LA Times Daily 06 Dec 2023
Culinary herb The Telegraph Quick 10 Nov 2023
Herb used in pesto The Guardian Quick 01 Nov 2023
Culinary herb The Sun Two Speed 29 Oct 2023
Man from lab is strange The Sun Two Speed 29 Oct 2023
Herb succeeded to breach security The Telegraph Toughie 11 Oct 2023
Herb in pesto The Times Concise 07 Sep 2023
Fellow arts graduates I left The Times Cryptic 14 Jul 2023
Herb in pesto
Pesto herb Eugene Sheffer 27 Apr 2023
Herb on a caprese sandwich USA Today 25 Apr 2023
Pesto herb LA Times Daily 29 Mar 2023
Herb on a margherita pizza USA Today 19 Mar 2023
Sybil's other half The Telegraph Quick 08 Mar 2023
Leafy green herb used to make pizza sauce
___ Rathbone, "Romeo and Juliet" actor who shares a name with a green pasta herb
Pesto herb Eugene Sheffer 02 Feb 2023
Leaves in the kitchen? New York Times 26 Jan 2023
Pesto ingredient Wall Street Journal 24 Jan 2023
___ Brush, a fictional red fox The Guardian Quick 19 Jan 2023
Pesto herb Universal 06 Dec 2022
Soup seasoning Newsday 02 Dec 2022
Italian mojito garnish New York Times 14 Nov 2022
Culinary herb The Guardian Speedy 02 Oct 2022
Pesto herb Thomas Joseph 27 Sep 2022
Pesto herb Universal 17 Aug 2022
Herb on bruschetta USA Today 15 Aug 2022
Cook's herb Thomas Joseph 05 Jul 2022
Leafy fresh herb in a caprese salad New York Times 20 Jun 2022
Found up in Ullapool is a bitter herb The Telegraph Cryptic 13 Jun 2022
Holy ___, medicinal plant native to the Indian subcontinent that's used to reduce pain and swelling
Herb in pesto sauce Newsday 11 May 2022
Herb associated with Don in Essex town The Times Cryptic 09 May 2022
Pesto herb Thomas Joseph 11 Apr 2022
Caprese salad ingredient Wall Street Journal 02 Mar 2022
Herb in pesto Premier Sunday 19 Dec 2021
Rabelais hasn't got ear of Herb Irish Times Crosaire 04 Dec 2021
Pesto herb Eugene Sheffer 19 Nov 2021
Margherita pizza herb LA Times Daily 18 Nov 2021
Herb in starter of bream like dill oddly absent
Herb of the mint family The Guardian Quick 03 Nov 2021
Pizzeria herb Wall Street Journal 30 Oct 2021
Herb with Genovese and Thai varieties USA Today 03 Aug 2021
Herb in tomato soup, sometimes USA Today 17 Jul 2021
Aromatic herb The Times Concise 19 May 2021
Buy and sell iceberg lettuce originally used in Caprese salad
Herb in pesto sauce Newsday 21 Apr 2021
Culinary herb The Sun Two Speed 26 Mar 2021
Man in lab is suspect The Sun Two Speed 26 Mar 2021
Herb, one about to be cut from church building
Thai cuisine herb The Washington Post 09 Mar 2021
Pesto sauce herb Newsday 09 Mar 2021
Thai cuisine herb LA Times Daily 09 Mar 2021
Herb The Telegraph Quick 19 Feb 2021
Pungent herb Wall Street Journal 30 Jan 2021
Culinary herb The Washington Post 28 Jan 2021
Culinary herb LA Times Daily 28 Jan 2021
Main ingredient in pesto Universal 13 Jan 2021
Pesto ingredient The Times Concise 20 Dec 2020
Herb's lab is vandalised The Telegraph Cryptic 05 Dec 2020
Pesto herb Eugene Sheffer 12 Nov 2020
Herb from the east of Brazil is abundant
Herb on caprese pizza The Washington Post Sunday 01 Nov 2020
Herb in pesto USA Today 31 Oct 2020
Herb in caprese salad Universal 06 Oct 2020
Pesto herb USA Today 02 Oct 2020
Pasta sauce flavoring Newsday 20 Sep 2020
Pesto herb Thomas Joseph 29 Aug 2020
Pho garnish The Washington Post 27 Aug 2020
Pho garnish LA Times Daily 27 Aug 2020
Pesto ingredient Universal 18 Aug 2020
Herb with a Thai variety Universal 01 Aug 2020
Rabelais hasn't got ear of Herb Irish Times Crosaire 28 Jul 2020
Pasta sauce herb LA Times Daily 27 Jul 2020
Pasta sauce herb The Washington Post 27 Jul 2020
Seasoning lamb, as illustration shows The Telegraph Toughie 24 Jul 2020
Graduate's with the Italian guy
Herb common in Thai food USA Today 05 Jun 2020
Security required around Saint, Russian Saint
Herb for pesto sauce
Taste of soup in ladle requiring herb
Pesto ingredient The Washington Post 11 Apr 2020
Pesto ingredient LA Times Daily 11 Apr 2020
Name for boy, son protected by security
Man in lab is dishevelled The Sun Two Speed 23 Feb 2020
Herb Alpert's debut, one regularly covered by British Sign Language
Bloke in pub as ill-starred The Sun Two Speed 16 Dec 2019
Pizza margherita herb USA Today 23 Nov 2019
Man in pub as illustrated The Sun Two Speed 19 Nov 2019
Pesto herb The Washington Post 16 Oct 2019
Pesto herb LA Times Daily 16 Oct 2019
Man in lab is bonkers The Sun Two Speed 06 Oct 2019
Thai cuisine herb
Cooking herb Wall Street Journal 24 Aug 2019
Pesto ingredient USA Today 20 Aug 2019
Cook's herb Thomas Joseph 15 Aug 2019
Man in lab is working The Sun Two Speed 01 Aug 2019
Herb in pasta sauce USA Today 08 Jul 2019
So-called 'royal herb' The Guardian Speedy 30 Jun 2019
  Culinary plant from Mali's absolutely revolutionary
Pesto herb The Telegraph Quick 09 Jun 2019
Pesto herb
Pesto herb Newsday 02 Apr 2019
Man from lab is crazy The Sun Two Speed 31 Mar 2019
Thai cuisine herb Newsday 15 Mar 2019
Pesto herb Universal 14 Mar 2019
Fragrant herb LA Times Daily 19 Feb 2019
Fragrant herb The Washington Post 19 Feb 2019
Scoop on a boat contains small plant
Pesto herb
Herb in pasta sauce
Pesto herb
Pesto ingredient
Cooking herb
Fragrant herb
Pesto herb
Caprese salad component Wall Street Journal 08 Dec 2018
Pesto base Family Time 02 Dec 2018
Small bar contains small plant used by cooks
Herb with 'sweet' and 'holy' varieties New York Times 04 Oct 2018
Pesto sauce seasoning Newsday 08 Aug 2018
Mediterranean herb The Telegraph Quick 05 Aug 2018
Herb; forename The Telegraph Quick 16 Jul 2018
Mint family herb Wall Street Journal 29 May 2018
Pizza margherita herb Wall Street Journal 22 May 2018
Plant from stall is about to be returned
Kitchen garden herb Wall Street Journal 14 Apr 2018
Mint alternative Newsday 24 Mar 2018
Pesto ingredient Wall Street Journal 10 Mar 2018
Herb with some lamb as illustrated
Kitchen garden herb
Caprese salad component
Mint family herb
Pizza margherita herb
Herb with "sweet" and "holy" varieties
Herb pronounced differently in the U.S. and U.K New York Times 29 Oct 2017
Pesto herb Wall Street Journal 12 Sep 2017
Lime cooler garnish New York Times 26 Aug 2017
Bails out Herb, say
Herb in pesto Newsday 16 Apr 2017
Soup seasoning Newsday 17 Mar 2017
Herb The Times Concise 15 Mar 2017
___ Fawlty (John Cleese character) USA Today 08 Mar 2017
Trendy gimlet garnish Newsday 25 Feb 2017
Chef's herb Wall Street Journal 04 Feb 2017
Pasta sauce herb
Herb pronounced differently in the U.S. and U.K.
___ Fawlty (John Cleese character)
Lime cooler garnish
Spaghetti sauce herb USA Today 15 Dec 2016
Security surrounds special culinary herb
Ristorante herb LA Times Daily 29 Oct 2016
Pesto ingredient The Guardian Quick 14 Oct 2016
Boy Lisa bowled over
Spaghetti sauce herb Universal 27 May 2016
Pizza sauce herb LA Times Daily 27 May 2016
Herb in pesto LA Times Daily 24 Apr 2016
Pasta sauce flavoring LA Times Daily 25 Mar 2016
Mint family member USA Today 23 Feb 2016
Male graduate says ichthyosaurs lacked heads
Common bruschetta ingredient Wall Street Journal 09 Jan 2016
Trattoria herb The Washington Post 03 Jan 2016
Spaghetti sauce herb
Common bruschetta ingredient
Pizza sauce herb
Ristorante herb
Bails out green type associated with the Mint Irish Times Crosaire 14 Dec 2015
Herb used in cooking Family Time 16 Nov 2015
Mint family herb Family Time 08 Nov 2015
Pesto ingredient Eugene Sheffer 10 Aug 2015
Pasta-sauce seasoning Newsday 12 Jul 2015
Sherlock, in '40s films Newsday 29 May 2015
Herb in pesto sauce Jonesin 03 Mar 2015
Pho soup garnish LA Times Daily 01 Mar 2015
___ St. John (eye-patch sporter in 'Brenda Starr') The Chronicle of Higher Education 23 Jan 2015
Pesto herb
Herb in pesto sauce
___ St. John (eye-patch sporter in "Brenda Starr")
Pasta-sauce seasoning
Pho soup garnish
Sherlock, in '40s films
Pesto ingredient
Pesto base
Herb of the mint family
Pasta seasoner
Pasta-sauce ingredient
Pesto herb
Pizza topping
Herb in pesto
Pizza sauce herb
Leaves used in Mediterranean cuisine
Fawlty Towers owner
Stew seasoning
Staple of Italian cuisine
Pesto ingredient
"Fawlty Towers" character
Pesto ingredient
Trattoria staple
Pesto part
Spaghetti sauce seasoning
Common herb in Italian cooking
Spaghetti sauce herb
Common herb in Italian cooking
Spaghetti sauce herb
Pesto herb
Rathbone of Sherlock Holmes films
Pesto ingredient
Pesto base
Actor Rathbone
Pasta sauce herb
Red curry seasoning
Pasta sauce herb
Holy ___ (herb of Thai cuisine)
Pesto seasoning
Pesto herb
Name that means "king"
Staple of Italian cuisine
Herb garden herb
Spaghetti sauce flavoring
Herb garden staple
Pesto ingredient
Cooking herb
Herb garden herb
Sherlock Holmes portrayer Rathbone
Pesto ingredient
Herb garden staple
Pesto need
Pesto necessity
Pesto herb
So-called "king of herbs"
Pesto herb
Spaghetti sauce herb
Pesto herb
TV hotel owner Fawlty
Mint family herb
Aromatic herb
Pesto ingredient
Kitchen herb
Green stuff
Spice rack item
Pesto base
Spaghetti sauce seasoning, sometimes
Kitchen spice
Pesto base
Pesto herb
So-called "royal herb"
Rathbone of film
Spaghetti sauce seasoning
Frantic Fawlty
Spice rack item
Pesto flavoring
Pesto base
Mint family herb
Pesto ingredient
Herb used in pesto
Spaghetti sauce herb
Soup herb
Spaghetti sauce herb
Stew flavorer
___ Rathbone
Aromatic spice
Fragrant plant
Pesto base
Pesto herb
Pesto herb
Pasta herb
"Sweet" herb
Rathbone of Sherlock Holmes films
"Sweet" herb
"Brenda Starr" mystery man
Byzantine emperor
Aromatic herb
Sherlock Holmes portrayer Rathbone
Spaghetti sauce ingredient
Actor Rathbone
Pesto herb
Pesto flavoring
Actor Rathbone
Mint family member
Rathbone of film
"Sweet" herb
Spaghetti sauce ingredient
Spice rack choice
Spaghetti sauce seasoning
Aromatic herb
Stew seasoning
Sherlock portrayer
Mr. Rathbone
Spice-rack item
Mountain mint
Sherlock portrayer, often
Herb used in cooking
Garden herb
Mint plant
Nigel's acting partner
Aromatic plant
Nigel's screen partner
Sweet herb
Cooking herb
Red Square cathedral name
Red Square name
Flavoring leaf
Mountain mint.
Plant of the mint family.
Turtle soup flavoring.
Cooking herb.
Fragrant herb.
Fragrant plant.
Fragrant plant of the mint family.
Herb or man's name.
Mr. Rathbone.
Mr. Rathbone of the screen.
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