Crossword Clues for BATES

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Clue Source Date
'Misery' Oscar winner The Washington Post 08 May 2022
"Misery" Oscar winner LA Times Daily 08 May 2022
''Psycho'' surname Newsday 12 Sep 2021
Creepy film motel The Washington Post 18 Apr 2021
Creepy film motel LA Times Daily 18 Apr 2021
Memorable movie motel name Wall Street Journal 01 Apr 2021
Kathy of "Fried Green Tomatoes" Universal 09 Nov 2020
Kathy of "Richard Jewell" Universal 18 Jul 2020
Actress, Kathy Canadiana 13 Jan 2020
Oscar winner for "Misery" The New Yorker 09 Sep 2019
Notorious motel name Wall Street Journal 24 Aug 2019
"Psycho" motel Universal 23 Aug 2019
Kathy of 'Misery' Thomas Joseph 18 Jul 2019
Kathy of 'Misery' Eugene Sheffer 28 May 2019
Hitchcock antagonist LA Times Daily 11 May 2019
Hitchcock antagonist The Washington Post 11 May 2019
Kathy of "Misery" Universal 26 Apr 2019
"Psycho" motel
Kathy of "Misery"
Maine college
Notorious motel name
Hitchcock antagonist
Norman the psycho Universal 20 Apr 2018
Kathy of Hollywood Universal 19 Feb 2018
Norman the psycho
Kathy of Hollywood
'___ Motel' (TV series based on 'Psycho') The Washington Post Sunday 03 Dec 2017
'Disjointed' star Kathy Jonesin 14 Nov 2017
Infamous fictional motel LA Times Daily 05 Nov 2017
Infamous fictional motel The Washington Post 05 Nov 2017
Norman in 'Psycho' Premier Sunday 06 Aug 2017
Psycho Norman Universal 29 Jul 2017
Infamous motel name Thomas Joseph 23 May 2017
Norman you don't want near your shower Universal 23 Apr 2017
College in Lewiston, Me New York Times 19 Feb 2017
Psycho Norman
Norman you don't want near your shower
College in Lewiston, Me.
Infamous fictional motel
Maine college Wall Street Journal 25 Nov 2016
"Psycho" motel name Universal 10 May 2016
Motel in 'Psycho' Wall Street Journal 07 Mar 2016
'Psycho' motel Eugene Sheffer 03 Dec 2015
Motel in a Hitchcock classic LA Times Daily 06 Oct 2015
Motel for a psycho? USA Today 19 Sep 2015
"America the Beautiful" lyricist Katharine Lee __ LA Times Daily 13 Sep 2015
'Downton Abbey' valet Wall Street Journal 04 Sep 2015
'Downton Abbey' valet Thomas Joseph 14 May 2015
Kathy of 'American Horror Story' Thomas Joseph 12 Feb 2015
"Downton Abbey" valet
Motel for a psycho?
Hitchcockian motel
Motel in a Hitchcock classic
"Psycho" motel
"America the Beautiful" lyricist Katharine Lee __
Maine college
"Psycho" psycho
Katharine Lee ___, "America the Beautiful" lyricist
"Psycho" motel
Classic movie motel
Norman's creepy motel
Worst motel ever
Big name in motels
"Harry's Law" star
"Psycho" motel name
"Psycho" antihero
Creepy motel of film
"Psycho" motel owner
Katharine Lee ___, writer of "America the Beautiful"
"Psycho" surname
Infamous motel of film
Kathy of "Titanic"
___ Motel
Cinematic slayer Norman
___ Motel ("Psycho" setting)
Maine college
Notorious movie motel
"Misery" Oscar winner
"Psycho" psycho
"America the Beautiful" poet Katharine Lee ___
"Misery" Oscar winner
"America the Beautiful" writer
Hitchcock motel
Infamous innkeeper
"Psycho" character
Notorious movie motel
Perkins part
"Psycho" Norman
Notorious movie motel
Famous film motel
Creepy motel of filmdom
___ Motel ("Psycho" setting)
Psycho psycho
Perkins role
"About Schmidt" actress
Creepy "Psycho" motel
Alan or Kathy
"About Schmidt" actress
"Misery" star
"Psycho" villain
She was in "Misery"
Kathy of "About Schmidt"
Kathy of 'About Schmidt'
Notorious movie motel
"America the Beautiful" lyricist
1960 Hitchcock role
Norman in "Psycho"
"Psycho" motel
___ Motel, in "Psycho"
Best Actress of 1990
"Psycho" motel
"Psycho" motel owner
Lewiston, ME, campus
"Psycho" psycho
Perkins portrayal
Motel for a "psycho"
He was "Psycho"
Infamous motel owner
Motel owner of the screen
Norman's motel
Killer of a role for Perkins
Motel Marion Crane stopped at
"Psycho" motel name
Lewiston, Maine campus
"Psycho" role
Oscar-winning Kathy
Kathy of "Titanic"
Infamous motel name
Name of the "Psycho" motel
Perkins part
Cordiant-owned ad agency
Cordiant ad agency
Motel owner with an Oedipus complex
Perkins's killer role
Psycho motel
With 28 Down, setting of 23 Across
1990 Best Actress
Norman's motel
Lewiston campus
"Psycho" psycho
Actor Alan from Allestree
Name of the "Psycho" motel
College, author or actor
College in Maine
College or actor
Actor Alan's college?
Author of "Fair Stood the Wind for France"
Author of "America the Beautiful"
Writer of "America the Beautiful"
Dickens pickpocket
Alan ___, British actor
U.S. poet
Maine college.
Author of "America the Beautiful."
College in Lewiston, Maine.
College in Maine.
Mrs. Oswald ___ Lord, new U. N. representative.
She wrote "America the Beautiful."
College at Lewiston, Me.
Maine college of the "Bobcats."
Katharine Lee ___.
Lewiston, Maine, college
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