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Crossword Clues for BATTER

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Clue Source Date
Pancake makeup? Eugene Sheffer 17 Nov 2020
Pancake mixture The Sun Two Speed 21 Oct 2020
Cricketer hit repeatedly The Sun Two Speed 21 Oct 2020
Mixture for cooking The Telegraph Quick 04 Jun 2020
Player in a box LA Times Daily 30 Apr 2020
Turns up retweet about drugs bill for smack Irish Times Crosaire 29 Feb 2020
Baker's mixture USA Today 25 Oct 2019
Pummel The Telegraph Quick 12 Apr 2018
Strike hard repeatedly Irish Times Simplex 30 Mar 2018
Fritter coating The Times Concise 05 Mar 2018
Thin mixture of flour and liquid Irish Times Simplex 02 Mar 2018
Strike repeatedly The Times Concise 29 Aug 2017
What covers some fish Newsday 13 May 2017
Frying preparation The Washington Post 14 Apr 2017
Pancake mix The Telegraph Quick 22 Jan 2017
Future cake Thomas Joseph 07 Dec 2016
Clobber The Telegraph Quick 22 Jun 2016
One who's up in baseball USA Today 26 Dec 2015
One swinging in a box LA Times Daily 20 Dec 2015
Precursor to pancakes Newsday 13 Sep 2015
Betty Crocker bowlful New York Times 18 Feb 2015
Cake mix
Baker's preparation
One facing the pitcher
One working at home
One making a sacrifice, maybe
Makings of a cake
Baker's creation
One at home
Man in the box?
Home body?
Unbaked caked mixture
One up
Pitch hitter
One who's up
Player facing John Rocker
Coat, of sorts
Hit-and-run participant
Pitcher's adversary
Man in a box
Swinger at the plate
Plate protector
Pitcher's opponent
Plate figure
Swinger in Fenway Park
Rod Carew is a good one
Man at the plate
Man with a club
"___ up!"
Diamond figure
Cake base
Lead-off, for one
Man in a box.
Cook's mixture.
Cake mixture.
Cake makings.
Ball player.
Kitchen mix.
Waffle mixture.
Relative of dough.
The makings of fritters.
Pancake mix.
Man at the plate.
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.