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Word "BAZAAR" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
a shop where a variety of goods are sold

Part of Speech:
a street of small shops (especially in Orient)

Part of Speech:
a sale of miscellany; often for charity
the church bazaar

Crossword Clues for BAZAAR

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Clue Source Date
Church fundraising event Universal 20 Mar 2021
Flea market Canadiana 15 Mar 2021
Eastern market-place Irish Times Simplex 08 Mar 2021
Market The Telegraph Quick 19 Oct 2020
Church fete The Telegraph Quick 23 Sep 2020
Middle Eastern marketplace Universal 07 Jul 2020
Marketplace Wall Street Journal 01 Jun 2020
Rummage sale New York Times 08 May 2020
Holiday fundraising event Universal 11 Apr 2020
Middle Eastern market The Times Concise 14 Nov 2019
Istanbul's Grand ___ New York Times 15 Sep 2019
Fundraiser on the radio? Mystifying! Irish Times Crosaire 12 Sep 2019
Fair The Telegraph Quick 09 Aug 2019
Fundraiser in very strange state Irish Times Crosaire 30 Jul 2019
Exotic marketplace Eugene Sheffer 13 Jul 2019
Market place Irish Times Simplex 14 Mar 2019
Exotic market Thomas Joseph 20 Nov 2018
Church sale Newsday 16 Apr 2018
Extreme characters are initially seen in pub in market The Sun Two Speed 10 Feb 2018
Charity fair The Sun Two Speed 10 Feb 2018
Barry Island in appearance changed to a fair The Telegraph Toughie 20 Oct 2017
Fundraising sale The Times Concise 18 Oct 2017
Fete The Telegraph Quick 21 Aug 2017
Exotic shopping site Thomas Joseph 13 Jun 2017
Eastern market The Telegraph Quick 22 Apr 2017
Public house entertains zone facilitating non-drinkers market Irish Times Crosaire 24 Feb 2017
Charity sale? The Telegraph Quick 03 Feb 2017
Oriental market-place Irish Times Simplex 09 Jul 2016
Charity event of a sort Newsday 10 Mar 2016
Charity sale Universal 10 Feb 2016
Place to buy a Persian rug New York Times 16 Nov 2015
Fund-raising event Family Time 28 Jun 2015
Marrakesh marketplace The Chronicle of Higher Education 24 Apr 2015
Haggling locale Universal 13 Feb 2015
Fund-raising sale The Times Concise 06 Feb 2015
Fair prohibition restricts extremist characters beginning to agitate The Telegraph Cryptic 23 Jan 2015
Haggling site
Middle East marketplace
Cairo market
Street market
Haggler's heaven
Overseas market
Harper's __
Mideast market
Selling point
Place to buy a hookah
Istanbul tourist draw
Charity event, maybe
Church fair
Street fair
Middle East market
Sale for charity, maybe
Mideastern mall?
Mideast marketplace
Shopping area
Charity event
Oriental marketplace
Market place.
A Persian market.
Church sale.
Oriental marketplace.
Exotic shop
Refine the search results by specifying the filter for clues.