Crossword Clues for BEANS

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Clue Source Date
Succotash half Thomas Joseph 20 Apr 2022
2020 Tracey Deer film USA Today 12 Apr 2022
Hot dog side dish Eugene Sheffer 22 Feb 2022
Pintos, e.g Eugene Sheffer 29 Jan 2022
Magical legumes in "Into the Woods" Universal 16 Jan 2022
Pintos, e.g Premier Sunday 10 Oct 2021
Burrito filling USA Today 23 Aug 2021
Legumes in burritos USA Today 31 Jul 2021
Vegan sources of protein LA Times Daily 26 Jul 2021
Vegan sources of protein The Washington Post 26 Jul 2021
Legumes in burritos USA Today 10 Jul 2021
Coffee grinder inputs Universal 25 Feb 2021
Partner of rice New York Times 22 Nov 2020
Jack traded for them in a fairy tale Universal 22 Oct 2020
Pulses The Telegraph Quick 15 Sep 2020
Major component of chili New York Times 09 Sep 2020
Rice accompaniment USA Today 05 Jul 2020
Hot dog side dish Eugene Sheffer 26 Jun 2020
Chili need Thomas Joseph 15 Jun 2020
''Refried'' fare Newsday 07 Jun 2020
Cassoulet base Thomas Joseph 13 Mar 2020
Noggins Wall Street Journal 02 Nov 2019
Taqueria legumes Universal 24 Oct 2019
Kidney-shaped seeds Irish Times Simplex 28 Sep 2019
They may be paired with franks Wall Street Journal 26 Aug 2019
Coffee harvest Wall Street Journal 26 Feb 2019
Vegetable plants The Sun Two Speed 09 Feb 2019
Wobbling base accommodates new food The Sun Two Speed 09 Feb 2019
Hits on the noggin Premier Sunday 13 Jan 2019
Coffee harvest
Taqueria legumes
They may be paired with franks
Base mixture to coat new food The Sun Two Speed 07 Dec 2018
Vegetables The Sun Two Speed 07 Dec 2018
Legumes Canadiana 24 Sep 2018
Haricots, e.g. The Telegraph Quick 07 Jul 2018
"Refried" fare USA Today 19 Mar 2018
Chuck wagon staple Wall Street Journal 27 Dec 2017
Burrito ingredients Newsday 29 Nov 2017
Spilled the __: told all LA Times Daily 23 Oct 2017
Spilled the __: told all The Washington Post 23 Oct 2017
They may be eaten, counted or spilled Universal 29 Apr 2017
Door shape: Abbr New York Times 13 Apr 2017
They make the coffee Wall Street Journal 11 Feb 2017
Protein source for a vegan
They may be eaten, counted or spilled
Spilled the __: told all
They may be refried Universal 01 Sep 2016
Lima and green Universal 03 Aug 2016
Pork go-with Universal 21 May 2016
Campfire chow Wall Street Journal 20 Feb 2016
'You don't know ___' New York Times 17 Jan 2016
Slightest amount Newsday 03 Jan 2016
They may be refried
Frijoles The Washington Post 01 Jan 2016
"You don't know ___"
Lima and green
Hunt's or Bush's product New York Times 27 Oct 2015
Nothin' New York Times 10 Sep 2015
Vegetables The Telegraph Quick 24 Jul 2015
Green and string USA Today 07 Jul 2015
Fava and green Universal 03 May 2015
Edible kidney-shaped seeds Irish Times Simplex 12 Mar 2015
Things counted or spilled USA Today 12 Jan 2015
Fava and green
Hunt's or Bush's product
They're spilled by big mouths
"The musical fruit," per a schoolyard song
Green and string
Things counted or spilled
Judge Roy and L.L.
"Refried" Mexican food
Taquería side dish
Pintos, e.g.
Garbanzos, e.g.
Navy and lima
Unground coffee
Garbanzos and limas
Chili ingredients
"The musical fruit"
Vegan protein source
Food often spilled?
Contents of some bags
Food often spilled?
Coffee grinder input
Jack's purchase in a children's story
Next to nothing, so to speak
Heinz canful
The slightest amount
Snitches spill them
Coffee harvest
Weezer: "Pork and ___"
Lima and garbanzo
Trivial amount
Coffee sources
62-Across and ___
Baked ___
They may be refried
Spill the --
Baked __
Baked __
Tex-Mex side
Pintos, e.g.
They go with franks
"The musical fruit"
Cowboy food
Coffee-grinder input
Interjection of annoyance
"You don't know ___!"
Snitches' spillage
Pasta fagioli ingredients
Worldwide food staple
Next to nothing
The slightest amount
Heinz canful
The slightest amount
They make the coffee
Navy and coffee
Coffee and string
Hill of __: trifle
Trivial amount, slangily
Cannellini, e.g.
They're in control of their faculties
Lima and pole
Coffee source
Hill of __: trifle
Chili ingredients
Coffee source
Coffee source
Slightest amount, informally
Nothing, slangily
Kidney and pinto
Virtually nothing
Coffee harvest
Hardly anything, so to speak
They may be coffee or jelly
Trifling amount
Hill components?
Hits in the head
Snitches spill them
Navy and lima
Hits with a pitch
They're counted or spilled
Blabbermouths spill them
Side dish for a hot dog
What canaries spill
Snitches spill them
Virtually nothing
Navy and green
Word after jelly or coffee
Sanka start
Baked or green
The slightest amount
Lima and pinto
Vegetarian's staple
The slightest amount, informally
Some are spilled
Small amount
Franks' accompaniment
Boston ___
Insignificant amount
Boston comestibles
Roy and soy
Calabar and urd
String and snap
Pork's companion
Full of ___
Contents of some bags
A hill of ___
Coffee units
Boston and snap
String or snap.
Snap and lima.
Popular dish
Small amount: Colloq.
Things often spilled.
Navy ___.
Baked dish.
High protein dishes.
Spill the ___.
Nutritious food.
Plant seeds.
Companion to frankfurters.
Baked ___.
A hearty meal.
Jack's payment for the cow.
"There will be no ___ in the Almost Perfect State.”—Don Marquis.
Money: Slang.
Part of Capt. Jinks' horse's diet.
Burrito filling
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