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Word "BELAY" Definitions:

Part of Speech:
fasten a boat to a bitt, pin, or cleat

Part of Speech:
something to which a mountain climber's rope can be secured

Part of Speech:
turn a rope round an object or person in order to secure it or him

Crossword Clues for BELAY

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Clue Source Date
Secure, as a climbing rope Thomas Joseph 08 Jan 2021
"Stop," at sea Family Time 29 Mar 2020
'___ that order!' ('Star Trek' command) New York Times 13 Feb 2020
"___ that order!" ("Star Trek" command)
Secure with rope The Guardian Speedy 28 Jul 2019
Hold, at sea Thomas Joseph 17 Jul 2019
"Stop that!" at sea Family Time 13 Aug 2018
Stop, at sea New York Times 11 Jan 2018
Seaman's "Stop!" USA Today 29 Dec 2017
Secure, as a ship's line The Washington Post 11 Aug 2017
Fasten, at sea The Washington Post 19 May 2017
Secure not to have a clerical role? The Telegraph Toughie 31 Mar 2017
Secure, as a sailor's rope Universal 18 Nov 2015
Hold fast at sea New York Times 12 Jun 2015
Fasten, as a ship's rope
Fasten, as a rope
Make fast, at sea
Ignore, as a nautical order
Secure, in a way
Fasten, as a ship's line
Anchor, as a nautical rope
Secure, as a nautical rope
Ignore, imperatively
Sailor's "Stop!"
"Stop!" to Captain Bligh
Secure a rope
Secure, to sailors
Cease, imperatively
Cease, asea
Climbing aid
Mountain climber's aid
Fasten a rope to a cleat
Secure a line
Make fast nautically
Fasten down
Secure ropes
Secure by tying down
Secure a rope, in climbing
Make fast, as a rope
Kin of avast
Secure a mountain climber
Hold fast, a-sea
Skipper's "Stop!"
Relative of "Avast!"
Hold fast, to a mariner
Make fast a rope
Fasten a rope.
Nautical term.
Stop: Colloq.
Hold fast: Naut.
Hold fast, at sea.
Anchor for a mountain-climber's rope.
Nautical warning.
Nautical command.
Make fast: Naut.
Make fast with a rope: Naut.
Make (a rope) secure: Naut.
Fasten a nautical rope.
Secure with rope: Naut.
Stop!: Naut.
Sailor's cry meaning "Stop!"
Fasten a rope by winding around a pin.
Stop: Nautical imperative.
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